We got kicked out of the camping! | First day of Camino del Norte

We got kicked out of the camping! | First day of Camino del Norte

Hi! Good morning! Today is our first day of Camino de Santiago. Yesterday it was a very hard day for us, extremely
hard. Because when we left you we were about to
enter the camping and we entered it and afterwards we got kicked out of it. So the security guy said that without reservation
it’s impossible to sleep there. And we had no reservation because we weren’t
sure where we’ll stay, where the bus will leave us. So yeah it was an unseen event, we were shocked
and already tired from 9 hours non-stop bus experience. And then we were searching another camping
until 4am. We had to walk kind of far, several kms untill
we found some camping and it was open. So fortunately we found one camping that was
open so we were able to get some sleep. And we slept 5 hours only today so you can
imagine our state right now physical and mental. So we are not able to walk many kms today
so we think of doing around 10, no more. Because we are exhausted completely. And it’s the start of our Camino and we really
really hope that it’s just the start and it will be the only negative experience we’ll
have. Because we have really high expectations because
of the beauty of the places and we are really excited to do it. But it’s just discouraging, it’s just life,
what you can do. Other time we will do the reservation and
do more research about the places because now we are like lost in the space. You have to plan your trip in advance, this
is very important, so that’s the lesson. We start our Camino from Bidart because yesterday we found camping close to it after our nightmare experience. We don’t start from Bayonne how planned but
it’s not a lot of distance actually. And we will film most of the coast anyway. So we think it’s not a big deal. We hope for that. As we can guess from seeing the double names
on some things like villages and restaurants. We guess that the basque country extends on
the French territory as well. So it starts somewhere here. We are not sure about it but if you know more
information leave us a comment with the exact facts because we are interested in it. We thought that the basque country is only
on the Spanish territory but it turns out that here maybe as well. Just buying some fruit, look so yummy but
the prices are kind of high compared to the normal supermarkets. It think that there are no big storms here
because houses are very close to the coast. All the buildings are literally on the beach
so this is our assumption but maybe it’s true. And it’s considered to be the Cantabrian Sea,
that is insane, for us it was the Atlantic Ocean but actually it’s a Cantabrian Sea,
that’s a discovery. Today the weather is so nice, very warm like
in the high summer season, doesn’t feel like we’re in the North of Spain, feels really
great. Finally we got out on the mountain paths. Feels so nice. It is said that there’s lots of pavement routes
during this way but we are willing to escape it as much as possible. So we will be really trying hard. If the Camino will go always on the pavement
or even worse on the highways, we will always try to escape it and go over it, even though
we will do more kms. But we want to film the beautiful places and
not the highways. But this is definetely going to be a challenge
here with lots of buildings right at the edge of the coast. But we will work it out someway. We found our camping spot and all we need
now is to eat, sleep, rest and repeat. Hope the tomorrow will be more interesting
day with more kms and filming more way because today was just us complaining. And if today will be something interesting
we will film it, if not then see you tomorrow. Now it’s time to take a nap. Thank you so much for watching! If you enjoyed our video don’t forget to give
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