We Made Paper… OUT OF POOP!: Poo Poo Paper Park, Chiang Mai

We Made Paper… OUT OF POOP!: Poo Poo Paper Park, Chiang Mai

What if I told you that all of this was
made from poo?! And not just any poo… elephant poo! We are here just outside of Chiang Mai
in this beautiful area and they’ve thought of a really incredible way to
help with deforestation here. Elephant poop! You see elephants poop every two
hours and there are actually a lot of elephants in this Chiang Mai region. So the
people at poo poo park have thought to use elephant poop instead of tree fibres
to save the trees and create a more eco-friendly paper. And yes that is poop
that you see in the background! As soon as you arrive here you get a
little poo poop paper elephant to show that you paid and then you can start a
free tour. They explain the entire process and go into great detail about
why elephant poo is the best poo to use. They even show the difference between
elephant poo, horse poo, and cow poo. The paper made here is made from 80%
elephant poop which is highly fibrous and the other 20% is made from other
natural fibers like coconut fibers and fibers from the banana trees here which
are incredibly strong. Even in its raw form we were really surprised to notice
that the elephant poop really didn’t smell. First, the poop is collected and it is
treated in five different big vats of water. So in the first tub of water, it
sits for overnight usually 12 plus hours to really let everything bad sink down
to the bottom and everything good and fibrous float up to the top. And then it
moves through the rest of the barrels being cleaned. Now that process alone
doesn’t truly clean anything, so they start a boiling process. The poop is
boiled for about six hours (sometimes more) and this kills the bacteria and
cleans the fibers. That water, that the poop is boiled in, is not wasted though
because that water is no longer clean or usable, they use it to fertilize all the
plants in this area and in composts. So nothing is wasted. After its boiled, the
poo is left out in the sun to dry. The poo balls can then be put into this
machine. It’s going this way, in the back until it becomes like this. And colored
using powdered food coloring which creates these really vibrant and
beautiful colors. It’s completely all-natural so any runoff from this
production is completely safe for the environment. I am amazed by how
eco-friendly this is. We got to get really hands-on here and so did the kids.
It was really exciting seeing them so thrilled and enthused about this poo.
They take the colored fibers and create varying sized spheres with them in
preparation for the paper making process. One of these larger size balls makes one
large piece of paper. We also got to make our own poo paper.
They show you a demonstration of the process and then you pick the color
you’d like to make and start. Bring the ball and break it up. This ball
is natural color. This one hasn’t been dyed. No. No smell, right? Top and bottom. After
that make your hand like this. Make your hand, like this like a tiger. And just spread it out. Just shake it up, shake it up Sonnie’s making PooPooPaper. Making PooPooPaper!
Doo doo paper! “You trowin doo doo paper?!”
Ok so wait… You’re supposed to… Let it float!
Oh yeah. Lock it in place! What does it feel like?
It feel really soft. Like cotton. Like PooPooPaper?
Apparently. S- Think it’s ok?
J- Looks really good. S- Yeah? Joe- I don’t know. I see holes.
S- Do you see holes? J- Yeah. You gotta smack, smack, smack, smack. smack smack smack smack smack! S- Everyone’s leaving! We took too long!
J- Smack, smack, smack, smack, smack! J- OK Lift PooPooPaper! Sonnie’s PooPooPaper
S- My PooPooPaper! S- Think it’s good?! J- I think it’s beautiful! Wow!
S- These screens dry out in the sun for between three and six hours. The process of making paper like
this, handmade using the screens, it definitely creates a rougher textured
paper than one might use to write on it. So they can use this same paper and pulp
in a factory which makes much smoother, finer textured paper. You can also make
it a smoother texture by boiling it longer and sifting it before you screen it. And now we’re going to peel it out. Audience- Oo0o0o0o0o!
Anyone want to pull it? Pull it together. Slowly, slowly! ::Everyone claps and cheers:: They check that the paper has a basic,
even thinness throughout and if it’s too thin in certain spots, instead of being
thrown away or wasted, it’s just cut up, put into water again, and can be remade
into paper. So really nothing’s wasted here! At the very end of the tour, you’re
able to create custom gifts using the poopoopaper for a small fee. Joe and I chose to make these two
miniature notebooks for two people back home. This one’s for a kid. This one’s for
an adult. We think both of them will love them. PooPooPaper!
S- PooPooPaper! J- Do you want a little, “o”?
S- Yeah. It’ll be better for his English. J- Delicate…gentle…. depth perception fail… J- AHA! Flawless placement I might say.
S- You might say that. J- And you tap it down and then doo-doo pay-pa! S- I can arts and crafts! J- Brilliant.
S- Thanks. In the gift shop, they had a t-shirt (it
was only available in children’s size, I wish it was available in adult size), but
it said, “Anything’s Poo-ssible” and I really love that because like they made
a change using poop. They made the world better by
using poop! So like anything is possible! I really want that t-shirt! Damn it! I
love it! Paper has been being made for about 2000 years
and I agree with the people here at PooPoo Park that it should get a makeover. I
hope you liked this video. I personally love this place! I would work here! I
would move here! I would work here! I absolutely adore it and it’s so
beautiful. The air smells fresh! I can’t get enough. I could spend all day here.
And I would love to make paper and teach kids and even collect the poo from the
elephants! Yeah! What do you think of this innovation and
idea? Do you like it? Would you come here? Comment below and let me know! But if you
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Thank you so much for watching. I’ll see you next time! Bye! The paper here is made from 80% elephant
poop and… oh there’s a giant lizard right next to me! Behind me is the organic farm.
They use a lot of the fruits and vegetables that they grow here in their
cafe .Which is really cool!

17 thoughts on “We Made Paper… OUT OF POOP!: Poo Poo Paper Park, Chiang Mai

  1. Hi, everyone! I was planning on going in chronological order with my travel videos, but I was SO excited to share this awesome place with you guys that it skipped the queue haha What do you think of PooPooPaper Park?! Would you go?

  2. I wondered if this would be early… poopoopark is an original name if i ever heard one. Elephants poop lots. Elephant. Is that a keepsake? Cow poo smells bad and is patted too much. Oh bananana tree and cocofruit lol. Not smelly!! Special poop indeed. Joe the Poop Chef!!! Very eco. :). Like bath bomb colours. Very fiberous indeed. Could you make brown poo paper? Gah i recognise the reference but can't name it oof. Sonnie the poopoopapa mastaaaah. The paper in raw form looks like sewage slurry. Is the rough paper like Sketch paper or something? Oooo custom poopoopaper gifts. Joe i know how you feel. Depth perception always fail without glasses on. Woah amazing decoration on the notebooks. Oh Yusuke gets book yey. But were the t-shirts made of poop? Ooh WWF sponsored. Accidentally pooped on? Oh yeah Happy New Year. Yeeeet. Homegrown food.

  3. Oh wow that's so cool! When I was younger, maybe around aged 10, I was given a rhino poop notebook, I thought it was brilliant. Now as an adult I think it's even more amazing! It would be incredible to have this become more mainstream just globally – maybe even with other animals too just so we're not relying on elephants in places where elephants are… scarce. That being said lots of conservation zoos have elephants and they must poop as much as wild ones!
    The actual place is incredible too, all the stuff they do that means nothing goes to waste is truly inspiring. The closest place I've been was a Kibbutz in Israel – all the buildings were made with plastic bottles/plastic bags as bricks, then coated in mud from the area and they had a human waste compost and water recycling system. We weren't there for long but it was still really interesting. If I ever end up in Chiang Mai I will make sure to go! Do they have an online store? I have friends who would love that sort of thing!
    Sadly I do not get the reference 😛

  4. This is a great video I love what they're doing their I love that they're doing things that are healthy for the environment is completely known ways for I would love to visit the poo poo Paper Factory

  5. Never thought of elephants being a paper source – go figure! I wonder how many poops it would take to make a Harry Potter (Pooper?) book… 😉

  6. That was really fun to see. Awesome idea using the poo for paper. And what a great texture that screen made paper has. That screen technique is old tech being reborn btw. Not so long ago I saw a documentary about recreating the Gutenberg press. And it needed paper of course. Same screen technique was used back then in 1450s more or less but with cotton fibers instead.

  7. This is such a good idea, really interesting to see how it’s made! Also, were you quoting Forgetting Sarah Marshall (“You’re throwing doo-doo paper!”) 🙂 ?

  8. This was so cool to see. Although, I now question some old notebooks I bought that had paper that looked really similar to that ?? Definitely as eco friendly as you can get!

  9. This was so awesome to see! I would definitely be up for giving this a go if I were ever lucky enough to visit. It also made me wonder what kind of souvenirs (if any) you and Joe bring back from your travels, maybe you could make a video about that sometime?

    Also see someone else beat me to it but loved the Sarah Marshall ref, I love that film <3

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