we quit our jobs to travel block around the world and that’s how our life looks like [Music] so here we are we started with journey two months ago to finally be free and share with you that you can live your life the way that you always wanted and in this video we will explain you why and how we quit our jobs and left everything behind to travel the world so a really quick introduction about who we are I’m Fernando I’m 27 years old I’m from Brazil I’m Vanessa I’m 22 years old I’m originally from Germany we always thought that living in Australia is our dream we always admired and loved it to travel but always believed that to be able to travel you have to have another job and work for someone else in a nine-to-five job travel together the east coast of Australia ven and backpack around South America for two months which was the best time we had together we lived in a beautiful apartment together five minutes from the beach both working for someone 45 hours a week someone else deciding when you will wake up when your free time is going to be and when you will finish work not thinking that the whole time we work for someone we could have used that time to build something ourselves work for us and finally be able to decide our own schedule one day so we started to visualize our journey and how do you wanna make this happen if you keep focusing on a passion doing that with love there is no way you can ever lose if we focus on our goals for the next years and it doesn’t work it out we can always go back to the normal life we can always go back to the system [Music] our family was worried when we talked them we want to leave Australia suddenly we had visa issues because the place that Fernando was working for a closed-down we had two options either find another employer and work another five years for the same company hoping to finally get that visa or work our butts off for our dreams save as much money as we can and step out of the matrix give away all our belongings our apartment and just risk everything but then again what are we risking if we are not happy the problem that we all have is we grow up thinking we have time but actually we don’t we are always planning towards the future which actually doesn’t exist future will be the present moment at some point if you’re not happy right now and you are not planning on changing something you will not be happy in 10 years from now either [Music] [Applause] [Music] so we decided for the second option we risked everything we worked for the last two years in Australia our friends and family thought that we were crazy leaving our comfortable life and safe income behind as we did the first time we moved to Australia years ago but this time we stepped into an unknown path the only thing that we both know is what we want is freedom and doesn’t matter how much it will cost we are willing to work nights through if we can at least decide when we want to do it and we can do it together we want to take you on our journey to inspire you and show you that everyone can do it yes it takes a lot of courage yes it will feel scary at the first moment and yes it will take a lot of work and self focus but the most important question is it worth it yes all the time that you will lose all the chances and opportunities to grow and learn on your own if you rather stay in your comfort zone of course is comfortable of course it’s easy but that’s easy makes you happy [Music] and on the first of January of 2019 we quit our jobs to travel the world and teach ourselves everything [Music] [Music] the money that we saved in Australia we bought ourselves a certain equipment and a one-way ticket to Bali we learned through doing and YouTube tutorials and friends how to edit videos how to use the camera or the drone you don’t need to be rich you need to focus and believe in yourself and after two months of traveling here we are looking back to those days that we thought that having a nice apartment and a well-paid job wouldn’t make us happy but now I look to everything that we grow and learn and experience and I think if we never had left our comfort zone this would never happen we are sharing this with you not because we want to show off we want to inspire you to live your life the way that you always wanted to leave trust us it’s so worth it we hope this video could inspire your just a little bit and maybe change something in your mindset and if you like this and if you like this video and if you want to help us to keep living our dream and sharing everything with you just make sure you subscribe in our Channel and share with your friends and family and everybody that you love maybe your grandma she’s gonna like it too you were really welcoming our small community of happiness crossing welcome to our Channel [Music] [Music]

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