We Quit Our Jobs to Travel Full-Time

We Quit Our Jobs to Travel Full-Time

so in the end of 2018 we quit our
nine-to-five jobs and we moved to Cyprus from Sweden where we have been living
for the last three and a half months and now we are moving on to the next thing
which is travel full-time around the world you’re gonna be able to follow our
journey from learning how to make videos to flying a drone and try not to crash it, and
also when we’re trying to optimize our trip in order for us to be able to
afford this full-time travel lifestyle and we will be sharing everything that
we learn as we go to make our life easier and also to challenge ourselves
we’re actually gonna travel carry-on only that means one bag per person when
you travel don’t bring too much stuff so our first destination is going to be
Bali because that is so unique right yeah nobody does that right nobody does
that like the first couple there yes and
after that we are going to and it’s going to be so awesome looking at it
eating food and also going to big malls yeah
I’m really looking forward for that yeah It’s gonna be awesome but I don’t really
think that they got that because I kind of muted that out so oh but I guess in
order for you to find out we’re going next I think you have to subscribe to
this channel and hit the notification bell in order for you to get notified
once we release the next video on our travels we have some packing to do see you
in the next video she’s having some packing to do she’s doing my bag as well see you in the next video

11 thoughts on “We Quit Our Jobs to Travel Full-Time

  1. Good on you for escaping the 9 to 5 rat race. 🙂 I look forward to your videos of travel across the subcontinent.

  2. Congratz for this new channel and it will be so fun to follow your journey! WISH YOU GOOD LUCK!! ❤💋

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