– All right, so I got
something special for you guys. I’m meeting up with my
friends, Lindsey and Alex, and they have quit their
jobs to travel the world for the next 18 months. We’re gonna go a little behind the scenes of what their decision
was to make this happen, and ask them some questions
about the whole process, ’cause they are leaving everything behind. Let’s go find them. Hey! – What’s up? – What’s up Debbie? – [Debbie] Are you ready to go? – We’re trying to, yeah. – We’re getting there. – [Debbie] Look at this. – I’m just trying to
pull my life together. I don’t know what’s happening. (laughs) (lively techno music) – Alright, so we’ve got Lindsey. Say Hello. – Hey guys what’s happening? – And we got Alex. – What’s up you guys? We are packing up everything we have and we are quitting our jobs, and we’re going to travel
for 18 months straight. – Honestly, we’re so amped. I’m so freaking excited, but
it’s a little nerve wracking (laughs) to be going for that long, but we’re doing it man. Living the dream. Right babe? – That’s right. Top. (clap) – Alright so, I know a lot of
you are probably wondering. How do you make this happen? Why did you decide to just quit? – One of our good friends, You gotta check him out, actually. Their name is Roamaroo. They gave us the idea ’cause
my best friend Collette and I used to work at the same company, and then she quit and started traveling. We were following them on instagram, and I’m sitting at my desk job wondering, “What the heck am I thinking?” Working such long hours and
being so stressed all the time, and she’s like on the
Caribbean, going cliff jumping, and parasailing, and wine tasting. Every day is something new, and here I am, and I’m just like, “I’m stressed out of my mind. Why am I doing this to myself?” – And a big part of why we left, besides seeing our friends
have this amazing life, is also because, Lindsey hated her job. Hated it. – I don’t deal with stress well. I don’t. – It’s a good job. I had a great job, but it’s not, is this what I want to be doing for the next 30 years
straight, not really. I want to see the world, ’cause I’ve do I’ve done some traveling. I’ve done some traveling
on my own and I’d really want to share that with my beautiful wife. – [Debbie] How long ago
did you guys get married? – Two years ago. – [Alex] Two years. – Yay! (clap) – Two years, two years. – [Debbie] Two years? – I always get the date wrong. – Aw, they’re such a cute couple, right? – We are. – They’re pretty cute. So, you guys are married,
last couple years. You’re not, like 20 and
taking your gap here. How old are you guys? – I’m 28. – I feel like I’m 26 (laughter) is what matters. – She’s a cougar. – No, I just turned 32, yeah. – You always hear about
people taking their gap years. So, the first year out of high school, between college and they go,
and they travel the world. Lindsey and Alex are,
they’ve been working. They’ve had careers, and now they’ve decided to
walk away from everything. What’s you guys biggest fear on that? – It’s a little scary,
and slightly terrifying. – It’s terrifying. – You know ’cause for me, although I feel like I look
like I’m 21, I just turned 32, and a lot of my friends are settling down, and having kids right now, buying houses, getting the white-picket fence, and I’m like, “Nah, I’m good.” I’m just peacing out,
giving up my perfect, I mean, what I thought
was the perfect job, perfect career, perfect apartment, to kinda take this big risk
and to give all of that up, and put it aside, and then go on this once
in a lifetime experience. Which is scary, it’s really
scary to leave for that long, but at the same time like,
whoever leaves to travel the world and comes back and says, “I wish I hadn’t done that.” No one, no one says that. – At first, we were kind of nervous about telling our parents,
because, you know. They want grandkids. They want their kids to have good lives, and we’re like, “Hey, all
your hopes and dreams, we’re just gonna go and travel instead.” But my parents came out of the woodwork, and were like, “You know
what? That’s amazing! We love it. We’ll clear out our garage and you can put everything in there. We’ll take your car. We’ll help you out.” So, big shout out to mom and dad. – We’re going to take a
little walk go to the beach, go check out this area one
last time before their gone. – We lived here for two
years and we’re like, “Ah, the marina’s nice.” Now that we’re leaving, we’re like, “Maybe let’s check out the local park, check out this coffee shop!” It’s amazing here. – Have you been doing a lot of the local stuff now
that you’re leaving? – Yes. We’re finally doing the
local touristy stuff, and we’re like, “Ah, we should’ve
done this two years ago.” – Being a tourist in your own city? – Yeah, but it’s a huge lesson
for while we’re traveling, to focus on the local stuff
more than the big stuff as well. – Wherever you’re at. Even if you’re not traveling the world, be a tourist in your own city. There is a lot that you
probably don’t know about, and you haven’t done, and go do it. (tropical island music) – It’s up to you if you
wanna walk down this. – I don’t think I’ve actually walked around down here before. We are actually in Marina Del Ray. This is just south of Santa
Monica and Venice beach. It’s the marina. I mean, there’s boats and stuff here. (tropical island music) – Okay, tell me about
where you guys are going. You have 18 months. Where are you traveling
in these next 18 months? – Alright, I will try
not to get carried away, and give you every single
country, but I want to. – I’m very type A. I’ve got it down to the city. I know the dates– – Gotcha. So you have a plan for 18 months. You’re going to this region, this city. – Yep. – You’re going for this many days. – The way we do it is. We plan big chunks at a time, for example, we booked the
first six months of flights, and then we planned the
things we want to hit. Like, we want to go see
Rainbow Mountain and Peru, and that kind of thing. Then we don’t plan every day, ’cause then every day
would become a nightmare. While we are there,
we’re going to do this, and then everything else
is kind of in a flux. So then, this girl, who’s
amazing at planning, plans all the logistics
and then we figure it out as we go, which gives us
a little more flexibility. – Experience while you’re there. So it’s a fixable. – Exactly. – A big part of exploring
a city, in our experiences, is that you go to a small restaurant where someone recommended it, or you go talk to some people, or you end up at someone’s house
having a wine at three a.m. Things get weird, – Which sounds awesome. but that’s the fun part of traveling, is you meet new people, and you do things you weren’t expecting. – When you meet locals, you
definitely figure things out, that you would never know existed. For me, when we’ve traveled that’s been the best experiences for us, is when it’s like, completely
not sure what’s gonna happen, and then you meet a local and
then you go on this journey. – Oh yeah, anybody can take
a photo from trip advisor. Cool, you have the same
photo as everybody else. That time you went and
you ended up scuba diving, with some random locals, that’s unique. That’s your experience. – But not scuba diving,
’cause I can’t swim. (laughing) – She hates scuba. – You’re not gonna scuba? – There’s probably a zero
percent chance that I’ll scuba, because the water terrifies me. Even large waves, do you see
the large waves over here? Yeah, those are scary. – That’s the flattest
water I’ve ever seen. (laughing) – Absolutely terrifying. – Okay, so of course social
media plays a role in traveling. I would love to hear what you guys are doing with social media. In kind of what your plans are. – Honestly for us, when
we first set up the brand. This was two years ago. We basically set it up
as a means of hopefully getting hotels to comp us, so that our stays could
be a little bit cheaper, ’cause really we were hoping
to travel for quite a while, but that gets really, really
expensive, as people know. So, this was kind of an
idea to help us make this a little bit more feasible
to travel for so long, but the brand was never
meant to be something that, like drives everything and be
the driving force of our trip. We wanted to do this together. – It’s the means to an end. Brand follows the travelworks. Traveling for the sake of it and the brand alongside with it, and we’re sharing what we’re doing, and we’re excited about doing that, because we do enjoy creating content, and sharing with people,
while having a good time, but the number one priority
at the end of the day, is for us to get to travel together, and experience the world. – What is your brand? Explain it. What’s your brand? It’s aforeigner.abroad – Babe, tell them. It’s so good. It’s a pun, it’s a pun. – I’m a big fan of puns. – He loves puns. – So I’m a foreigner because
I’m originally from France. – And I’m a broad because I’m a female. – When you’re traveling,
you’re always a foreigner wherever you end up. – And you’re foreigners going abroad. – We’ve killed this pun a little bit. – It’s fantastic. – Go follow them ’cause you’re
gonna wanna see what happens over the next 18 months. We’re definitely gonna do
another one of these interviews in 18 months when this
is all said and done. – Maybe poor, I don’t know. – Definitely gonna be poor, 100%. Rich in experiences. – A lot tanner though. (Smooth music) – Alright, we’re back in their apartment that they’re only in for what, two more days, three more days? – Two more days. – Yeah two. – Wow. – You make this sound so real. – It’s real, it’s happening,
it is about to happen. How do you guys pack for 18 months? I’m sure a lot of people are wondering, because you’re doing
hot, you’re doing cold, you’re doing beach,
you’re doing mountains. – Show him your bag. – I need to see your bags. – So I have work out shoes. I have cold clothes, shorts. I advise to anyone who wants
to pack for a long time, honestly, is one, roll your stuff, which you’ve heard a thousand times, and two, try to find clothes
that serve multiple purposes. For example, I have a pair of shorts that look like fancy shorts,
but they’re board shorts. That’s one less thing to pack. I have these cool pants
that look like jeans, but they’re not, they are active pants. That’s my biggest tip. Just minimize and condense
as much as possible. – We’re pretty organized here, but we’ve kinda broken up
everything into compartments. – One thing that I’ve
learned traveling a lot, and just with camera gear and everything is using this method of packing
little bags inside your bag makes it so easy to grab
the things that you need. – And then this I call Pharmacy de Lindsey (laughs) This is every drug you could possible need to help you feel better of
a year and a half of travel. So, I basically had to plan ahead for every single way I
could get really sick and then counteract that with these drugs. – [Alex] A year of contacts. – This is a year of contacts. (laughs) – So we are bringing a camera,
we’re bringing a Sony camera, and then take the tripod off. – [Debbie] Got this PolarPro bag. – [Alex] PolarPro bag, thank you PolarPro. – [Debbie] Tada. – [Alex] Tada, a drone, a camera, a gimbal for a GoPro, a
GoPro, a bunch of mounts, the accessories that come with it, so cables, adapters, connectors. A lot of velcro, get a lot
of velcro, it really helps. – It’s crazy when you start putting all your camera gear into a bag, how much you end up bringing. I feel this whenever I travel, I have a bag that’s just full of stuff. Alright, I think they’re
getting ready to go here, but I got one more question for you guys. I guess the last thing before we go, what is your biggest fear
over the next 18 months? – Real talk? (laughs) – Real talk. – Well for me personally,
it’s quite irrational, but I hate spiders, (laughing) and they are going to ruin my time. – I’m gonna forget
something, and I know I am. We’re gonna show up. We’re gonna land in Peru and be like, “Alright we’re ready.” And, we don’t have phone
chargers or something else. – Or the drone. – As long as you have a credit card and your passport, you’ll be fine. That’s kinda my way to do it. – And travel insurance,
everyone get travel insurance. (laughs) – Alright guys, that is it. I think we’re gonna sign off here. Thank you so much for
hanging out with me today. – Thanks to you Debbie baby. – Thanks dude. – I’m gonna miss you guys. – You’re gonna see us in Bali, right? – You’re gonna come see us. – We’re gonna come find them somewhere on the road when they’re out traveling. Guys make sure you go to Instagram, follow them @aforeigner.abroad, I’ll put the link down below as well. You’re gonna wanna see what
they do over the next 18 months, and, like I said, we’re
gonna have to do this again in 18 months and see what traveling, quitting your job and doing all
that actually ends up being, because obviously everyone
you see on YouTube, Instagram, they glamorize it and travel’s
actually not that glamorous. But, it is a lot of fun,
so alright guys that’s it. See ya. – Later, peace. (smooth music)

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