We Style Each Other For The Holiday Party • Ladylike

We Style Each Other For The Holiday Party • Ladylike

[Music] it’s the holidays you know what that means holiday cheer with you and your beloved spreading mirth and good times to everyone in the world and flexing in front of your co-workers if ladylike and this is the Secret Santa style swap situation [Music] first of all I love the holidays I love them very much when I think of the holidays I tend to think of fireplaces I think of spices I think candles lights I love cookies I love chocolate oranges I have three Christmas aprons I kind of actually think of surprises because the whole gift-giving experience is about surprising your loved ones with how thoughtful you are even though I didn’t grow up celebrating Christmas I really enjoy Christmas parties like it’s a chance for everyone to get together in cute outfits and have tasty drinks the BuzzFeed holiday parties are always really fun it’s always like a nice way to kind of like get into a little bit of trouble with your coworkers that’s still HR sanctioned a lot of people here are very much into fashion so the holiday party I think is just a good excuse for people to drink eat and look hot I do actually have like a suit that I’d already bought but I need accessories so we are styling each other’s holiday party outfits but we’re putting a twist on it we are doing Secret Santa style holiday party styling what does that mean you might ask everyone’s gonna be pulling a name out of a Santa hat and it’s gonna be someone on the team that’s the person that they have to style and then we’re going to spin the holiday roulette wheel so I’m providing a little bit of framework for everybody on this wheel I’ve put all the characters from holiday movies that we know and love except I just realized there aren’t a lot of like strong female leads and holiday movies so I had to make up a character her name is Missy mistletoe the screenplay pending but I have the ghost of Christmas past from a Muppet Christmas Carol the Mean Girls girls from that part of the movie Rudolph who I heard is actually a woman Twitter told me so this may be false we have Jack Skellington not hope woman but also an awesome movie this said the Grinch and then my finger touched it [Music] it’s nondenominational receptacle I’m going to reach my hand and I got Devon oh man I hope she doesn’t find out god damn it I knew I was gonna get Kristen she’s the most fashion-forward out of everyone in this video Jenn oh um he would be so mad if I just dressed him up in a Santa suit so Fred already had her own outfit planned for this so she’s not gonna be participating in the Secret Santa part but she will be around to give commentary on her outfits it’s spinning the real time we have a wheel we have a tree whoa I’m scared to spin the wheel I’ve never spun the wheel ever before I guess so I mean it’s almost the end of 2018 like what are we waiting for [Music] yes Joseph Christmas past this thing you made up [Music] saved by the knotch the Mean Girls foursome so basically sexy Santa she wanted to look hot she wanted that very badly yes I can do this all right I have two hours to shop for a look for someone I’m realizing that I know nothing about an oxford shirt or an Oxford comma for that matter so I’m shopping for Chantelle I think I’m gonna get this tuxedo dress with a cape the thing is it’s a little boobie I texted Kristin to ask her advice I was just like is this cute cuz I don’t know she’s recommending and try to find something a little more preppy chic for Jen I don’t know what that means I still have to order my outfits for Devin I’ve just been browsing the ASOS website so I’m just gonna like look and find some stuff I want to do something white or silver or shimmery it feels like a soz really likes the color black this is the dress we are gonna go with just look at all those fine details it looks really nice on this model so I think that’s a good sign so I found Kristin’s dress but the thing is I want to make some slight alterations to it I’m about to go head out to jo-ann’s to see about a fabric cape the target I’m focusing on right now is finding her a tie because I feel like the color of the tie can really be what brings this into its theme so super excited about getting him a shiny red blazer situation it’s not in a size the websites they’re not being kind to me today so today is the fitting day each person will be blindfolded and do a blind fitting trying on the outfits making sure they feel comfortable making sure it fits and making sure that you know they generally feel happy in it even without saying it I’m waiting to give Chantelle her dress I just got it it’s like a little bit flimsy so I’m won’t concerned she’s not gonna like it in fact I started shopping for new addresses like 20 minutes ago I don’t think I’m gonna be super shocked by anything I Kristin once said that I look dressed like a butch nun and I think that’s the best way to describe it so I’m not super out there but you know I do like color so I haven’t anticipated a little bit of color I actually already know a dress that I have because it was a dress that was taken from dresses I already own but it’s gonna be judged up apparently so I’m a little bit confused as is just the mechanics of how this is gonna work no I just do this Brahe on my clothes I’m a nervous Nancy because someone tell me what clothes are coming close to me I don’t like this I’m gonna go put on my shirt and my jacket and then I’ll be ready to try on some accessories which my Secret Santa has so graciously oh god provided okay oh that’s fun Kristen is trying on her dress right now I’m a little bit nervous about it okay really this is where the breasteses will go is that right this is there’s no bottoms are there bottoms oh I’m gonna be frozen okay let me know if you need any assistance I’m here for you jen is about to try on the outfit that I got for her for the holiday party there’s two different shoes options so there’s kind of like the red velvety ones I got that – sighs it’s just in case mmm these are gloves I think you saw there oh I’m already like no feeder dependencies hi how it feeling oh yeah oh you kind of put it on like a like a jacket what but what about the Lovings there’s no like what it’s a dress it felt like a blouse my vagina’s gonna be a and then there’s it’s a men’s shoe but it looks very nice it has a little ornate gold and pattern and they’re black these are comfortable shoes they kind of feel like slippers a little bit which I like what oh my god [Laughter] this is very cute I think I know what this is this is a skinny tie which is my favorite type of tie and I think we’re going to have a really fun time I feel like I know who did this to me so Kristen take a look at your creations so here’s my vagina and here are my nipples are you happy [Music] whatever happened to me fit really well it seems like a lot of thought went into this I couldn’t tell you what the silhouette is because there’s a stuff happening all over the place but we’ll see what sort of adjustments happened to my frock by Wednesday Kristen has her work cut out for her because she’s only got less than two days to get this all going so the dress actually fits worse than I thought it would yes a little thing to do is go shopping right now because the holiday parties in two days oh my god so I just went to Zara and bought a fourth thing hopefully it works because if it doesn’t naked time I don’t know today’s today the holiday party which means we are trying on our outfits and revealing ourselves for Secret Santas this has been a wild ride to say the least the dress I initially got for Chantal did not cover her boobs did not cover her vagina that was even the bigger size something has to work because our time is up there’s nothing else left to do I’m for sure gonna go with whatever tie they picked out I had to tell Chantal that I was receiving because the problem is is that once you get into like time crunch fit issues it’s like alright we can dispense of the the unpleasantries I’m very excited to meet my Secret Santa and give a little hug okay I did find out who my secret set is but that’s okay so it was Kristen even though I know it was Jenn and even though I know her theme I don’t know what she was looking at I have zero ideas I am a little nervous oh this is what my secret santa has picked out for me oh so pretty whoo oh hell yeah what oh my god am I gonna cry I know I’m really jet lag so that makes me super emotional but like this is so pretty we got a nice little tie and we got a little pocket toy which I wish my blazer had a pocket it does not but I can wear it right now look at this jacket I don’t know anything like this I hope it fits but like as its holding my hand I love this hopefully we’re gonna flip it look at this I love this this is dope this jacket it’s like I like that it’s sparkly but not magician but that’s a hard line to walk and this one treads it perfectly I am dead which is great because I’m the ghost of Christmas past this is absolutely stunning I feel like a Hollywood tiara movie star I feel like a crown jewel what up everybody this is me and my little outfit thank you yeah it’s just it’s just a very basic blaze their pants combo white shirt this is actually a shirt I meant for it’s from JCPenney boys section Wow Devon I am obsessed with this jacket I’ve never owned a tie that has this kind of texture to it this really soft felt texture it’s just so fun it’s so festive a beautiful little capelet has been sewn to one arm this was juiced up juiced up by your seat I was very worried about it being too much together no I think it’s like yeah because I was like the dress is already it’s making a statement on its own and then I was like the Cape since I had to go along with the theme because normally it probably would have just done a solid color yeah I found this and thought that it was really pretty and I was like it looks like a lot to the eye but I feel like it’ll photograph really well no it’s gonna photograph I mean here’s a man I wanted an extra holiday break yes and this is what I got I love Blazers and it’s supposed to be cold tonight I mean you’re not exactly covered up so you’re gonna be protected against the cold at Lee solders I work well maybe your shoulders can compensate Furby I would not have expected a Janis Ian take on Mean Girls versus like a Lindsay Lohan or any of the quote mean girl so that looks kind of like it’s like skirts and like crop tops and like high boots and like femininity yeah and like I feel like it’s not really your sexy go to what yeah and so I was like how can I adapt this I like the deep V aesthetic but I think that we need to get this up a little bit and we need to get this a little bit more I love the jacket the pants fit great oh yeah you’re showing me your butt okay hi hi oh wow it’s perfect I love it who is my Secret Santa what up everybody I’m Zanna Stan is hot now so I just like went to ASOS looked for like dresses that I thought were like appropriately flashy but also like kind of elegant – right I know you don’t like things that are like super super like boobie so I figured this was just like a little bit of like a V but not super deep not going to make you uncomfortable and in the cut I just feel like it’s like really fun it’s like a short dress but it’s also a long dress I kind of wondered if you knew it was me when you’re blindfolded the other day and I was I got it I mean here’s the thing I recognize everybody on lady likes laughs I’m strung out the world I know I was like little bursts of air but I was still kind of like I got this tie on Amazon it’s not exactly mistletoe but it is plants I love it I feel like Missy mistletoe is an elegant lady so I just wanted a little floral touch to something that’s not overly feminine but just like a little bit of royalty almost which it’s your tie for you Devin actually tied my tie Frank you try to would you mind if I okay all right yeah yeah who’s ready to go ready to see who your Secret Santa is who’s my Secret Santa Devin Oh hahaha she did it your time at New England Christmas and this just felt like New England Christmas I feel like I’m at my newport mansion yeah yeah I’m just like really posh and then this this I’m a little antler tie clip and also never wanted to tie clip before so and you couldn’t see this before by just my shadow wolf there’s red oh that’s where that oh that was just really the finish on top now it’s time we all gotta get glammed up and get ready for pictures cuz it’s almost time it’s our big night on a Wednesday yes Megan made a point that we start to come to work tomorrow yeah well be great I just had my session with glam squad I’m loving this so I got my hair judged I got some makeup put on basically what I told them was to make me look less dead it actually looks like I’ve gotten some sleep it looks like I don’t have a cold so they’re magical I’m doing a very small shimmy so that I don’t disturb my it’s very small Thank You clam squad haha [Music] after a full day of glamming up we did it we’ve been it did it it is now for 19 and the holiday party doesn’t start til struggle so see in three hours boys how’s it going working your fancy out is doing business work even though I’m a queen it’s a weird situation look at a problem there’s some time to kill before the party so that’s what I’m doing and then it’s gonna get lit yeah you look hot that will make that thank you [Music]

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  1. I can’t be the only one who went back in the video to search for the name of devins dress . . . I went to te website they didn’t have it in my size!!! ???

  2. for future: if the video is about fashion and outfits, make sure you get the whole outfit in one frame. and the whoele outfit includes shoes because 1. they all worked very hard on finding the right shoes 2. some of us kept waiting to see how the shoes looked with the whole outfit but never got to cause the camera person never took any shots with the whole outfit in one frame!


  4. YASSSSS KRISTINNNNNN I LIVEEEEEE.. she looksss greattt!!! The mix of material in Mike’s outfit is dope too, it’s a good look, he also chose great accessories

  5. ACTING LIKE LOS ANGELES WINTER IS SOOOOO COLD…Smh “bish I’m from Chicago” no no really I’m not but I’m on the east coast and fuck a duck -5 with a -15 windchill factor sucks a crusty tit

  6. As a New Hampshirite, I can confidently say that is not New England Christmas. New England Christmas you stay home and do whatever you can to stay sane while you wait for the three feet of snow to melt so you don't have to shovel for the eighth time that week. There is no Christmas party to dress up for. Also you probably wouldn't be in a Newport mansion on Christmas, just saying XD

  7. Isn’t the whole part of the secret Santa to not know who each other got? Why did they reveal the names with half the group in the room ?

  8. I wish I had Kristin's suit, the one she had before blindfolded trying her party outfit, or at least knew where she bought it because that was SO good

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