We tried camping and barely survived | Going Garcia w/ Karina Garcia EP 3

We tried camping and barely survived | Going Garcia w/ Karina Garcia EP 3

– [Karina] And then I see David, he trips over and he eats mad (bleep). At this point it’s like
war breaking loose. – [Peter] Honestly I’m not
surprised that he tripped, it’s karma. – Today we are camping outside. I think this was Luis’s idea. – We’ve never been camping. – We’ve never. Who, I dunno how he even
came up with this idea. – So we’ve never been camping before, and I feel like this would
be a great opportunity for all of us to try it, especially now that we’re all so busy and caught up with life. – I have actually camped a lot, before, with my family. And this is all Luis’s idea, somehow, some way he
wants to start camping, and I’m like, “All right, let’s rough it.” Camping’s all fun and games
’til it actually begins. – We’re gonna take everyone’s phones away, we’re gonna have no
technology, no WiFi, nothing. – [Mayra] I thought this was glamping. – Why, we’re in the backyard bro, what do you mean? – I came up with the idea of
taking everybody’s phone away just to actually live
the whole experience. I have a feeling Mayra and
Karina are gonna go crazy, just ’cause they’re always on their phone. So let’s see how that goes. Give me your phone. – (mumbling) no (bleep) way. – Where’s your phone? Give me your phone. – No. – When Luis is taking away my
phone, I’m not really caring. My phone’s already kinda
dry as it is, so go off. – I feel like Luis is always on his phone, I don’t know what he’s talking about, like, give me your phones or go. – It’s not gonna last. – I think right when he took it he was still using his phone. And we were all like– – [Raul] He was using it the whole time. – Yeah, I’m like, dude, like, you never let go of your phone. – No technology.
– Just to make it fair I’m gonna add my phone into the pile. – What the (bleep), you have to. – So Luis has a wedding business, I thought he was gonna
be the least to wanna get his phone taken, but there he is, offering
to take his phone. – [Bryan] Oh, oh right here. – [Luis] Someone’s calling,
whose phone is this? – Can I answer? – It’s probably one of our
clients, so yeah, answer. – Whoa whoa whoa whoa. – [Lupita] It’s my
client, it’s our client. – I don’t know why Luis would
think this is a good idea. It’s in the backyard, first of all. Why, like? – I don’t wanna do this. (upbeat music) – Why do you guys get that tent? – Wait, what is that? – That’s the bubble they have. – No, they can’t use it. We said no technology. – [Karina] Okay, this is my tent. – [Peter] We’re (bleep). – I decided, well Raul and I decided, we’re gonna use our clear bubble tent. – [Mayra] That defeats the
purpose of camping outside. – Oh shut up. – So I can tell you now, Bryan’s definitely gonna be
the one contributing the most. I’m gonna be the one
contributing the least. – [Peter] We set this tent up
before, in a YouTube video, and I actually know how to do it. I know all the tricks and gizmos. – We’re actually gonna be
lucky if we even get it up, sister. I’m like, I’ve never done this before. – [Peter] (bleep) that,
we need one two three. – Okay Peter, mister I’ve
been (bleep) camping before. Get to it, sister. – I build in the piles, (bleep). Don’t give me attitude, period. – Horrible, horrible. – So we’re out here struggling, tryin’ to build this damn tent, and I see Karina just
turn on a little button. Within seconds her bubble is up. How the hell is this even fair? – Oh my god, ours is almost done already. Charles, come on, let’s get inside. Hey, stop turning it
off, let’s get in here. – [Peter] Oh (bleep), oh no. Is this a (bleep) kite? – He chose the wrong day to do this. There’s a full blown tornado outside. It’s so windy.
– [Karina] It’s so windy. (laughing) – This wind is not helping. This wind is literally
my worst enemy right now. It is blowing away like a fricking kite, Mayra’s trapped inside of it, I can’t even breathe in this tent. I thought I was gonna
die of hyperventilation. Is that the word? I don’t know if that’s even the word. – It’s fun watching this (bleep) go down. One, it took us forever to actually
try to see what was what. – You guys are makin’ this
so complicated on yourselves. I have my bubble tent, I just had to press a
button and watch it inflate. I’m having fun. That airflow in there, too,
there’s an a/c up in there. Peter is the only one
that has been camping, and I doubt he’s ever put a tent up. – But Bryan and Raul actually
know what they’re doing. – First of all, your tent’s falling apart. It’s hella windy, I’ve seen
that tent fall 10 times already. – Isn’t your bubble blowing away? (screaming) – [Bryan] Runaway tent. – Oh my god, Raul we
need to nail this down. – [Luis] Oh (bleep). – [Mayra] What the (bleep)? Oh my god. – Luis was pointing out that
the little air vent thing had flipped over, and it just sucked in a bunch of dirt
– Sucked in the dirt. – It was a hot mess. – Are you kidding me? There’s (bleep) dirt it now. – Oh no, there’s dirt inside. – [Peter] Have fun sleeping
in your freaking bubble tent, (bleep). – Karina, can I join you
in your tent, please? Lupita, Peter, I’m just gonna join Karina. – [Karina] No you’re not. – [Raul] You guys suck. – [Peter] Okay, (bleep), get in there. – As soon as Luis quits and
turns his back against us, I knew it. I called it. I shoulda put $20 on it, I
woulda got some money back. I knew he was gonna trade
us for the good and the new. – It seemed like just blowing
up a bubble was easier, so that’s why I did it. I mean, I can’t deny it. (mumbles) – [Lupita] Look at Luis
trying to get in that tent. – I can’t even go there. – [Bryan] He’s having a
massive (bleep) (mumbles). – [Peter] No don’t come
back into our tent, you (bleep). Luis, I’m aware that this was your idea, but you’re switching sides. Oh (bleep). (screaming) Oh (bleep), oh my god. – This was Luis’s idea,
and what is he doing? Sitting his fat (bleep)
in the freakin’ bubble not doing anything. I’m pissed, nobody’s following the rules . – Mayra, unplug that (bleep),
unplug that (bleep) right now. – [Mayra] Just do it. – [Lupita] (bleep) no no no, you should probably not do that. – [Karina] Who turned this off? – Mayra. – Mayra, turn it on. The only thing that
sucks about this bubble is that it can easily just be deflated by disconnecting it or turning it off. – Can we come up with
something that Luis has to do later on? I dunno, something that’s
(bleep) impossible. – Lose weight. – Karina was inside the bubble, tellin’ everyone go get this, go get that. – Luis was just in the chair.
– Yeah, literally. – Like, not moving. – He wasn’t, whatsoever. (hammering) – So what do we do? Just watch him? – Yeah. – All right. – Actually, I need to build a fire. They want a fire? I’ll
give ’em a (bleep) fire. I’ll give ’em the biggest fire
they could (bleep) ask for. So I actually done fire with
stones before in the past. – There’s no way Peter could light a fire. He could barely wipe his (bleep). There is no way. – He said he saw it on Flintstones and that’s why he thought he can do it. – What? – I thought you meant
like, flint, like, come on, no one’s really gonna rub rocks together and a fire’s gonna appear, like, come on. The Amazon is gonna be truly shaking. – Peter never got that damn fire on. – Right, yeah. He didn’t try wood. – I cut up the wood
and everything for him, and he said, “Oh no, I
could do it, blah blah,” but, straight up disappointment, Peter. – [Karina] You guys, Luis
has his phone on him. – [Luis] No I don’t. – Why is he on his phone? Wasn’t this you plan? To go out in the wilderness
and screw the WiFi, screw the phones, screw the electricity? – So, it’s really hard. (group talking) – Give us your phone now. – [Karina] Peter, no. This (bleep) expensive. – We were trying to order pizza. – Why? – Lupita. – Oh we’re enemies aren’t we? I can’t talk to you. – Then order, like, two large pizzas. – Can you bring the wings? – [Karina] Oh (bleep). – Air’s gonna come out when you close it. – No technology sounds fun and all, but we can’t rely on Peter
on making food with his fire, so I need my phone. Should I go out and get my phone? – [Bryan] Where’re the phones? – They’re in the diaper bag. – How you guys doing? – I don’t think we’re
allowed to talk to you. – Huh? – [Peter] Get outta here, (bleep). – L, ain’t ya gonna give
us pizza? (baby noises) – I’m just gonna go back in my bubble. – [Peter] Oh (bleep), I found it. – Guys, they took all the phones. – No, I need them– – They have all of our phones. – [Peter] We have the internet, someone go get a (bleep) (mumbles). – [Karina] Why, Luis is in here. – [Hugh] Siri, call 9-1-1. (laughing) – Y’all are doing this so wrong, y’all are stressing me out. This is not supposed to, this is not how y’all supposed to do this. – [Luis] I’m not giving
you nothing back, (bleep). – You know what, we’re
gonna do our thing and, we’re gonna make it even more fun. And you’re gonna regret it. – Okay. – So at that point, I kinda just through Pinterest in my head, and I was like, they’re gonna play with
the lavish and the luxury, I’m gonna go ahead and make this tent the best tent that’s
ever came to this family. (laughing) Hey, that’s my mattress! – [Karina] Can somebody
bring this up from here? – That’s my mattress. As soon as I see them
running with my air mattress that I blew up personally, I am so upset, I am so pissed. I knew they were gonna
try to steal the stuff that I’m trying to make my tent cute. – I didn’t know it was yours, I just saw an inflated
mattress and I said, Raul, go get me that mattress. – Yeah we brought in the mattress, and were like, I don’t
know how we did that, but. – I didn’t think that was gonna fit, to be honest.
– Me neither. (laughing) – No way. – [Peter] (mumbles) mattress. – [Luis] No, I was gonna grab that. He took our (bleep) carpet. Let me go get my stuff,
let me go get my stuff. I don’t know who remembered
that we had a whole bunch of furniture inside the storage container. They took all the pillows, carpet, everything I had in there. – We’re like bougouis on a
budget type of situation here. There they are, trying to steal our stuff that we’re getting. Come on, make up your mind, are you A or B here? Are you the winning
team or the losing team? Which one are you? (screaming) – I was getting mad at Peter the most, because Peter, every time I got something, he would run to me and take it. (laughing) – Oh my god, whatever they (bleep). – I’m sitting in my bubble, chillin’, and then I see David. He trips over and he eats mad (bleep). Like I feel like I
heard him hit the floor. – Honestly, I’m not
surprised that he tripped. It’s karma. – What’re you doing? – I want my carpet. – So what, get outta here.
– That was our mattress. – Go. Go to your bubble. – I feel like Luis started
it, but then, like– – Seriously, it just became like war. – So we’re like, all right,
we gotta get ’em back. We can’t just let them push us around. Get on out. – Can’t pass through. Those are (bleep). – [Mayra] Y’all could have this. (group chatting) – Grab it, I don’t want it. – Come on David, I feel
like it’s time for revenge. We’re gonna take the stakes out and we’re gonna try to
tear down their tent. – [Mayra] Hold on, David. – [Peter] Hey, get outta here! – [Karina] What the (bleep) is going on? Not taking that (bleep). Oh my god, Ryan, you guys. – Like they were kicking
our little nails that we had down for the tent, so part of it was falling down, so I would go unplug theirs and it would just go all the way down. – That was (laughs), every
time you unplugged it, it got real hot in there real fast. – I bet. – [Raul] Careful, careful. – [Karina] Raul! Close it. – We’re trying to get this
place nice and furnished because we have a whole
lotta space in there. It’s pretty much a little home. Peter gives me the idea of
bringing in a whole (bleep) couch so I was like, let’s do it. My brother also brings
in a Christmas tree, we even bring in a carpet. It is so– – Eh eh, can we talk about– – We got a DJ, we got the
lights, we got everything. And what did y’all have? Air. – It was amazing for us. You guys coulda helped us out,
we woulda been done faster. – We shoulda combined both tents. – Somethin’, but no. – I think it was Luis. (laughing) – And it still looks
better than your bubble. – But, no no– – Ah. Ah.
– Actually- (laughing) – What the (bleep)? Oh hell no, that’s not fair! – It was Mayra’s idea to
turn that little teepee pole into a stripper pole, and here we are, dancing
around it and having a blast. (upbeat music) – It’s typical of Peter. It is so typical of Peter
to throw his (bleep) back, and I’m living for it. I’m spanking it, I’m like go off, we love a freaking stripper. – I am so jealous right now, because while we’re sitting in the bubble, David’s farting, we’re having to run out ’cause it smells like complete (bleep), and at this point, I’m
kinda ready to give up. I wanna actually, oh (bleep) (baby cries) – You know what’s funny? Everything they have in there it’s mine. (bleep) thieves. – I know, you wanted to
go sit the (bleep) down, and that’s what happened. – What about it now? – Shut the (bleep) up. – They were talking all this
(bleep) in the beginning, but then here we are,
like 30 minutes later, with a whole (bleep) house. Well anyways, I peek through the window, and what do I see? No one in the bubble, it is dark. Literally, where were you? – The difference between our
nice little bourgeois tent that we have, and their sad, alone
tent with no electricity, no lights, no DJ setup, it’s so sad. They thought they were gonna
win at this game, but honey, you tried it. You tried it and here you are. We are laughing. – I was down to give up, but Luis and David were so
competitive in that moment, and they were just so mad. – I decided to make it rain, literally. – [Bryan] Oh no! (upbeat music) – No, no, stop, no. No, no, wait, please stop. The corner of my eye, I see Luis with the hose
coming up towards us, so I immediately just drop whatever I did and then tried to rush ‘im. – [Raul] I saw that. – [Bryan] And we were
both just getting soaked. – As soon as Luis is throwing water around trying to make it rain, I think, lemme grab a bucket
and get karma back at him, ’cause karma’s my middle name. I couldn’t find Luis as I’m
trying to run with this bucket, and I just see David holding the hose, so, I’m sorry David, but, and I oop. (laughing) – [Luis] Get him, David! – Peter comes in with a bucket, a really big bucket, and splashes me. – At this point it’s
like war breaking loose. – [Raul] Get him, David, no that’s it. (screaming) – As soon as I see them,
alone, wet in the dark, with their little haystacks outside, we love the decor, but
it’s karma at it’s finest. I’m sorry. (group talking) – [Peter] David is mad. – I ended up wet, cold, with pretty much nothing. I should’ve just stayed in
the tent team, honestly, at this point. – It’s poppin’ in there. Y’all can’t deny it,
it is a party in there, and they’re mad, they’re jealous, because we won. – You guys took my bottle. – We’re over here drinking,
we’re serving up drinks, there’s live music going on. It’s fun, it’s all fun. Look at this (bleep) tent, (bleep). This is iconic. – Somehow you guys put
together a whole nor-, like it looked like the
North Pole in there, in like, minutes. I can’t believe we went from
having so much advantage to looking so basic. I think at this point, it’s over. I mean it’s getting dark,
coyotes are coming out, I wanna be in a cool environment. – [Peter] Hey Karina, how you doin’ sis? – [Karina] I’m getting more decor. – [Peter] Are you having fun? I love the whole bubble. – When I told Luis and
David, you know what, I’m going to the tent. I don’t care. And what’d they do? They follow right along. – Don’t you guys love that
we’re in Karina’s tent, taunting her with her own tent? – Definitely. – And all of Luis’s furniture? (laughs) – [Luis] Hey hey, what’re you guys doing? – At that point I was being petty. I was petty Nancy, and I did not want them
coming in this tent at all. – [Luis] We’re taking over. – [Peter] Are you ready to
surrender? No you are not. Get outta here. – [Karina] This is my tent, you get out. – We were actually like, aw, look at them in the corner, all sad. Let’s let them in. We welcomed you, (bleep). – First of all, I coulda been like, get the (bleep) outta my tent. – [Peter] What’s the password? – [Mayra] What’s the password? What’s the password? – You know, we say this word all the time, this is literally our daily lingo. For not one of them to get
it, I was kinda heartbroken. – [Lupita] Something we all are, sister. – [Karina] Skinny? – [Peter] Yes. (cheering) Come in the skinny tent. So she used to call all of us skinny. For some apparent reason,
she thinks that we’re thin, so then I turned that to
calling her Skinny Girl. So now we just call
each other Skinny Girl. (group chatting) – It smells like alcohol in here. – [Mayra] ‘Cause we’re
(bleep) drinking, (bleep). – We go in the tent,
it smells like (bleep). – No it does not. – It does. – It does not. – Mayra, it’s a lotta bodies in there. A lotta big bodies. – It was, we have windows. – Yeah, so at first Luis
and Karina tell me like, like go inside, get lights, get blankets, we’re gonna fix this. And I come back outside
with lights and blankets and pillows, and they’re already inside the tent like, they gave up so fast. (laughing) – I’m actually impressed. For the time that we had,
it turned out really nice. – There was kind of a
little war going on outside. – Where’s my phone? So the first Garcia camping
day was a (bleep) disaster for sure. I don’t think I’m ever
gonna go camping ever again. – It was fun. I feel like I went to a
nightclub, it was a great time. We did that. – We did do that. – We did that. Y’all just went in. – Shut up. – It was amazing, it was a party, it was a whole (bleep)
house, it was a blast. It was everything. Everything we could’ve
wished for, and more. – (burps) sorry. It was fun. – I definitely think this
camping trip was so much fun. If this was a
zombiepocalypse, I need a pet, find a new squad, because this
is the worst bucket of people to have around to try and
survive for this stuff. – I’m down to do it again, but– – [Raul] I love that
little party at the end. – You guys had to ditch your guys’s. – Oh definitely. – I guess this kinda makes you think about moving out full time, ’cause I would really really
miss out if I was gone. This family’s crazy, can’t live without them. – We can’t compliment each other, that does not exist in our family. – Love you sister. (squeals) – Bitch, get away, I can’t do that. (upbeat music) – Is anybody ready in this house? Anybody? – No one’s ever ready with anything. – I never really told Mayra
that I was using that stuff. – These are all my merchandise. You don’t have your own
(bleep) there or what? – Nothing really ever changes. – They’re lyin’. – You think I’m stupid? – I would’ve kicked him out weeks ago. – If I was a (bleep) I woulda been like, get the hell outta my house. – I’ll get my stuff and leave and I’ll return everything. – And now we’re like, oh my god, what do we do?

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