We Went Camping with a $140 Kit from Walmart | Outside

We Went Camping with a $140 Kit from Walmart | Outside

– Getting outside shouldn’t
cost a whole paycheck. So, I’m doing a little experiment. I went to Walmart and I got a full kit for everything I would need to spend a night under the stars. And this weekend we’re gonna go camping. (upbeat music) This is seven bucks! (upbeat music) Okay. Here’s our receipt. Hundred and forty-three bucks. Let’s go campin’! Okay, so this whole set cost $143. Here’s what I got. A four-person dome tent, a
30-degree synthetic sleeping bag, a four-person mess kit, a
headlamp and flashlight set, and egg holder, a frying pan,
a twin size air mattress, a camp stove, and fuel. (upbeat music) All right, so, I just got back from two nights in El Rito, New Mexico and the weather was kind of touch and go. It was cold, really windy, and I needed gear that
was gonna keep me warm. (grunts) (pants) I’m out of breath. Woo! All right, so, the four-person tent was a little hard to set up, but it was really roomy on the inside, and it has this really
nice shoe and gear garage. I thought that was a really cool feature. Especially for a pretty
inexpensive tent to have. I would be worried if the
weather got really windy. It wasn’t super windy this weekend, but the poles don’t feel
that structurally sound. All right, up next I have the 30-degree synthetic sleeping bag. This is a hard one for me ’cause
I love down sleeping bags. So, it was a challenge to sleep in this. And I say that because down
has always kept me warm and never failed me. I was a little chilly this weekend so I had to grab my backup
sleeping bag from my truck. But if you’re in a pinch, this is a really inexpensive sleeping bag. But, again, just like the tent, if you’re going out more
than five nights a year, I would definitely
upgrade to a down option. I was really impressed
with this air mattress. It was seven dollars, it
held air all night long. At one point I had three
of my other friends and we were just kinda like
playing around on the mattress jumping up and down a little bit. I wouldn’t recommend that, but
it did hold air through it. So, my favorite thing of all of what I got was the frying pan. It was like seven dollars. It was super non-stick. I was able to throw
eggs, anything on there and it just came right off. I also really love the bowl and plate set. They’re just super useful,
really easy to clean, and packed up really nicely. The headlamp and light
set from Ozark Trail was definitely my least
favorite thing I got. It was really hard to
use, it felt really cheap, and the headlamp kept falling
down my head like this. It was really hard to get
batteries in and out of, as well. Light is really essential for camping, and this is one of those instances where I got what I paid for. And I would definitely recommend upgrading to something more reliable. So, overall, I was really impressed with this $143 set from Walmart. I am concerned about
the long-term durability of a lot of these pieces, but if you’re on a budget you can definitely just go in
there, get what you need and spend a night under the stars. But if you’re planning on camping for more than five nights a week, I would definitely recommend upgrading your tent and your sleep system and getting a more
reliable lighting system. If you have any questions,
drop them in the comment below and if you enjoyed this video
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13 thoughts on “We Went Camping with a $140 Kit from Walmart | Outside


  2. How about you not shop at this anti-union behemoth? Also, if possible, let's avoid the automated checkouts.

  3. LOL at the comments. Emily is trying to get a point across to anyone willing. I would be careful with using the self checkouts as Walmart in Kentucky and Arkansas have found skimmers attached to the ones in those aisles.

  4. Excellent video Emily…! Very informative. Nice easy casual camping – not backpacking or bushcrafting or surviving the apocalypse – doesn’t need to be expensive. The items you chose will serve the average fair-weather camper very well and let them upgrade over time if they want to. Great job, Emily! Very well done.

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