Week of Summer Lunches 🍎 Bunches of Lunches

Week of Summer Lunches 🍎 Bunches of Lunches

100 thoughts on “Week of Summer Lunches 🍎 Bunches of Lunches

  1. Can you make this lunch please: nutalla sandwich and cucumbers and carts and for the fruit penapl and some cookies and apple juice and you are guys awesome I love your ideas and l always make them and my name is Jana from Jordan and I am 12years old

  2. You are guys so cute I love you so much and so awesome and can you do my lunch and leave never have ashout up please

  3. You could do a week of different country styles for foods! 😁 your vids are always so cute haha

    -Zoey T. 8yrs. From Illinois

  4. I love your vids!I've been here since you first started your channel ,I wish you were my mom!!!!Can I please have a shoutout?Love the vid!!!!!!

  5. I love your vids!I've been here since you first started your channel ,I wish you were my mom!!!!Can I please have a shoutout?Love the vid!!!!!!

  6. Loved the video! I definitely had a donut on National Donut Day, I work for a police department it’s the only day we are expected to have some!!

  7. Teddy grams. In the UK we have Barnys and lemme explain what they are:
    They are a vanilla sponge cake in the shape of a bear with either strawberry jam or chocolate sauce in.
    Ok back to teddy grams.
    The packaging of them. The bear is the same bear on Barnys aswell.


  8. can you make my lunch
    peanut butter and marshmello fluff sandwich
    carrots RANCH!!!!!!!
    unicorn bark
    strawberry lemonade
    I'm Sophia im 11 in 5 grade I live in new york plzzz do mine

  9. Peanut butter and strawberry jam salad with lemon pepper chicken and spinach drink lemonade cucumbers and ranch dressing frut black berry's or raspberrys

  10. Caitlyn 8 indana.

    Main course. Velveta shell s and cheese.

    Snack.chedder Jack cheesets

    Treat vanilla macorni

    Drink cream soda

    Vegtable crinkle cut carotes

    Fruit orange

    Please do mine love your videos me and my friends make fun snacks cause my mom buys a bunch of lunch box supplies

  11. Hey family fudge! I'm following you on Instagram @ixoahyt please follow me back? I LOVE your vids so so much! ———

  12. How can your videos ever have any dislikes? You are one of my favorite you-tubers for sure!!!!

  13. Griffin be like: anduoiijfsjj hshaja naamaamidjhgidi krkdjufne amdisi i kleiemdn kk iusoidhfhure vjeifioeiuyejdueuh No vegtebels siudggipsa9 uiusufd

  14. Can u pls do gluten free lunch ideas that also vegetarian i try to eat healthy so i only eat vegan gluten free and diary free foods

  15. Me and my cousin whant to give you one
    We are named Presley and Lucy

    Starbucks drink unicorn drink

    Unicorn ice cream

    Straberrys and grapes and watermelon

    Pizza cheese and peperrony

  16. my name is Madisyn im 13 and im form Ireland

    my favorite lunch idea is:
    -chips and guacamole
    – smoothies


  17. I think you should do a decendents lunch theme in memory in Cameron Boyce! I love how your lunches are so cute yet very healthy I lovveeee all of them👍

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