Weekend Update: Travel Expert Carrie Krum – SNL

Weekend Update: Travel Expert Carrie Krum – SNL

100 thoughts on “Weekend Update: Travel Expert Carrie Krum – SNL

  1. Everyone needs to chill about Stefon. He'll be back. Bill Hader isn't a regular cast member anymore and Aidy Bryant is. Bill Hader will host and when he hosts, they'll have Stefon on 😂

  2. Dumb. Not going to be the next "Drunk Uncle", "Stefon" or "Girl You Wish You Hadn't Started a Conversation With At a Party". Mediocre try, though. Next.

  3. WEEEEEAK. I typically enjoy most SNL sketches, but this was clearly one of their "filler skits"… Better luck next time, folks!

  4. Aidy Bryant's great, but I hate these WU correspondents who make the same joke four times in a row, then they bring them back to make the same joke four more times. It's just like Vanessa's bar mitzvah kid.

    The only person who could pull off making the same joke over and over was Bill Hader, imho.

  5. Holy shit I just watched the weekend update skit on Tushy and searched the company and now I got an ad from that company immediately after when I clicked on this vid.

  6. This really did not work at all, looks like they finally let her play something other than a mom or a school teacher. Not the most versatile cast member.

  7. Has no one at SNL been around a 7th grader in the past few years?? She is way to immature. Also only middle aged women from the Midwest still rock those bangs.

  8. Hey I'm no lover of some SNL stuff so my opinion may not count;
    What is this? People could say "if you don't like it don't watch". I used to like SNL alot. This stuff seems purpose driven or there is some current cultural nuance I'm missing? Was the point of this sketch to make the point that wierd families make wierd kids? Is the choice to make the wierd kid a female supposed to tell us something? All I know is that this is very sad and not funny. So was there a lesson? Is it really just brain candy? This show is a definitely interesting……

  9. Aidy fucking rules. EVEN if you don't think she's funny, girl can carry herself. She's got that natural timing necessary if you wanna be a comedian.

  10. Okay first off, if shes from Michigan she doesn't talk to her Ohio family. Duh. Dont need that kinda negativity in yo life.

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