Weird Waves Season 2: Time Travel (Nigeria) | Surf | VANS

Weird Waves Season 2: Time Travel (Nigeria) | Surf | VANS

100 thoughts on “Weird Waves Season 2: Time Travel (Nigeria) | Surf | VANS

  1. I really enjoyed this episode. Smiled the whole time. Love the energy and full send attitude of these kids. If Vans or someone else well known would like to organize a GoFundMe, I'd definitely chip in a few bucks to help get these kids some boards and wax to share.

  2. Can definitely afford to give a couple boards (good boards) but posting them is a killer. If there was some kind of collective I think there would be massive support. I’m down if there could be something organised.

  3. These Nigerians have this style about them. A couple bottom turns and top tunes Reminded me of Donovan Frankenreter or whatever his name is.

  4. Wow that was a really awesome video. I wish I was a millionaire I would love to go there and surf with them and get each one of them a proper board. The talent is amazing. The joy and smiles they have is infectious. Much love Nigeria from Florida.

  5. That wave is the perfect fun session experiencce. What a great local vibe. With a small influx of quality equipment those kids an that community will flourish. I hope some company or organization see's the potential and donates some time an money into the growth of a new surfing culture

  6. I learnt to surf at this spot and at Lighthouse Beach around the corner. Hello Samuel, u didn't surf but u were the man at Tarkwa back in 92 😀

  7. Awesome episode. I've got 3 old boards in my garage that these kids would RIP on. Post link to where I can ship them please.

  8. Yes give them boards. Get some shapers to teach them how to make one as well. Another heart-warming adventure ensues.

  9. I loved the vídeo, there is a lot of potential in Africa. I was disappointed that you guys didn’t leave the boards to those groms.

  10. Made me emotional when i saw how much the kids enjoying themselves. With what little they have out there havin fun. Reminded me when i was a fresh lil grom. Keep pushing the limits you groms.

  11. Key to making surfing accessible in these developing countries is decent boards that they can afford. That means finding economical materials and tools and teaching them how to use them.

  12. No Nigerian surfers in the upcoming Olympics? The committee needs to give them a wild card! Good for Africa. Good for the ocean. Good for the planet. Let’s start a petition!

  13. Usually when I read comments about surfing there is always someone speaking negative. Not this time! You guys hit a home run on this episode!

  14. Wax, what's that…nah we just ride slippery boards lol
    I just started surfing so i wish i could have half the skill of these 7, 9, 11, 15 year old

  15. Awesome video…It is sooo coool to see young kids get into surfing. They definitely need some better equipment for sure and maybe a case of board wax…

  16. i'm sure the good people at Vans and Channel Islands can afford to flow a few boards? Have fun kids keep an eye out for the wealthy imperialists coming to clog your surf spot.

  17. What a difference some old boards from the pro's would do.. Great to see everyone excited for each other and the smiles.

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