welcome to Dublin this is Ireland’s
capital city known for its lively music renowned pubs history and literary scene
let’s go check it out Cool little street scene they are having a farmer’s market. first we walk down Henry Street a famous shopping street in
dublin. Dublin is a walkable city so today we’re gonna walk around and see
what picturesque thing is we can find our first stop is the 18th century st.
Mary’s Church of Ireland which has now been converted to a bar called the
church. This is a church that turned into a bar. This is Arthur Guinness the
founder of the Guinness brewery he was married here. the River Liffey flows through the
center of Dublin dividing the city from the north side to the south side this is
called the Essex bridge and that’s the canal now we head to an area known as
the Temple Bar this is a part of the city with cobblestone streets numerous
picturesque bars and art galleries so I’m here in Dublin
it’s February it’s pretty chilly outside it’s about 10 degrees Celsius for 40
degrees Fahrenheit got me this new jacket from my kids section at Zara. First
impression so far it looks a lot like Boston there’s tons of cool pubs a little chilly but we’re making it work here is the city hall and those opened
in 1852 this is the inside of the City Hall this
is Sir O’Connell so in the City Hall they have a little exhibit it’s free and
they tell you about the city’s architecture the georgian-style and they
have a thing here this is the Irish Republic declaration of independence
from 1916 so this is what the city look like they day the independence was granted. we’re heading to Trinity College right
now is the Trinity College Trinity College was founded in 1592 and
is home to the book of kells a glorious exhibit and a must-see old library here
were walking through the long room nearly 65 meters in length filled with
200,000 of the library’s oldest books and one of the most impressive libraries
in the world the Book of Kells is regarded as Ireland’s national treasure
in sacred manuscript with four Gospels of the New Testament it was made by
Celtic monks and 800 AD here we take the hop-on hop-off bus one
of the easiest ways to get around the city besides walking this monument is dedicated to the memory now time for some Ireland fun facts
number one Ireland is one of the only places where Romans never conquered
number two there’s never an industrial revolution in Ireland number three
Ireland has one of the youngest populations in Europe before the legal
drinking age is 18 and number five there are over 700 pubs in the city and the
Dublin City proper is quite small with a little over 500,000 people now for
Dublin Day – all right guys I’m staying at the Maldron hotel this is in Dublin
it’s right in the city centre this is my room I have like two beds
it’s nice if you’re sharing this with a family I can’t say I recommend it though
that noise it’s coming from the construction out here so it’s loud but
in terms of location it’s good all right on that note I’m getting out
of here let’s go see the city on day two I take the hop-on hop-off bus where I
check out some of the city’s highlights and art galleries followed by pubs at
night so I’m walking around the city check out
this church so walking around the city serious
Boston vibes looks like Charles River city has a biking program now it time to
head into the Dublin City Art Gallery where we find a free concert now when you go to Dublin or Belfast be
prepared to unless you want to ride one of those now you can’t come to Dublin
without checking out the pubs so let’s go Cheers! This is the five lamps beer This is the Guinness stew [Irish music] all right guys it’s been a long day
of touring Dublin and Belfast but I hope you enjoyed it like I always say any
country that has good food good beer and good people I’m there oh one more thing
so this modern hotel it’s 66 euros per night
you can fit one to theirs this is like a double bed three people in this room and
it comes with free breakfast which is like an awesome breakfast so sixty six
euros about 80 bucks us per night but I hope that you enjoyed this video of
Belfast and Dublin if you liked it hit the thumbs up button and subscribe for
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up next Dublin’s top attraction the Guinness

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