”Welcome to Japan” Sightseeing famous spots with Siro!「いらっしゃいませ!」

”Welcome to Japan” Sightseeing famous spots with Siro!「いらっしゃいませ!」

Hi guys! My name is Cyber-girl Siro. I post videos daily on Youtube from the virtual world. Today’s video I made is for someone Who are interested in Japan, Who wants to go to Japan But have no idea where to visit. To show the most recommended places That i looked up! Let me take you! Let’s go!! Ah! Oh my goodness!!! Let’s go inside! Aaaah! I barely see the end of this road. Really open and beautiful!! Aaaah! Hey, is there something outside? Let’s go check it out!! Oh my goodness!! It’s a torii gate on the sea!!! Such mysterious sight… Miyajima is one of the three great views of Japan, Which has Itsukushima Shrine, Toyokuni Shrine, Gojunoto, and more other famous sightseeing spots. Close from Hiroshima station and Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park it’s easy to enjoy Japanese cultures, entertainment, and local specialties. It gives you a different feeling depending on the tidal zone. So i recommend you to visit there anytime you want! Hey, we’re about to get there! What are you waiting for? Let’s go inside!!! Wow!! It’s amazing!!! From several of Great Buddhas in Japan, This Great Buddha of Todai-ji Temple in Nara Prefecture is the most famous one for this powerful and goddess presence. Hey!! Guess!! Where is Siro?! Can you see me? Hey! I’m here! Ah! It’s so beautiful, don’t you think? You know, i’m really happy we are able to see this view together. Kiyomizu Temple is one of the famous sightseeing spots in Kyoto. Which popular for packed with a lot of whispers always. I highly recommend to see the views of “Stage of Kiyomizu” on the mountain side. You can enjoy the difference of each season. Like these views! Come over here… Look, it’s foxes! Yup Yup, haha! Bawa! Fushimi Inari Shrine Which got a number one famous sightseeing spot in Japan to foreigners in 2018 is the head shrine of every Inari Shrines in Japan as known as Onari-san.” Those famous thousand torii gates are really photographic, and every foreigner and even Japanese feel mysterious charms of them. So! How was it? Only a few places I could show you, but… Hope you enjoyed a little sightseeing with me! And I’ll be happy if you find them interesting! Come visit Japan! Thank you for watching! See you next time! Bye bye!

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  1. I am very very English wakaru man.Today is shirochan no video ha tameninaruna!!!(:▷)

  2. These looks like really interesting places to visit. I would love to go to Japan one day! These look like REALLY great spots to visit. Thanks for sharing this, Siro!

  3. A merda com o inglês ! Você é Japonesa então fale como tal! Sigo o canal dela por ser Japonesa, e esta doida vem falar em inglês.

  4. Adorable. Maximum adorable. Adorable is overflowing!

    Shiro being tour guide and speaking in English is just… Heart melting lol

  5. But be careful, Kiyomizu temple is under construction untill March 2020.


  6. サムネの着物がめっちゃかわいいんじゃ~

  7. Siro's videos are so helpful. aren't they? I learned a lot and saw a lot of beautiful sights! Siro was the most beautiful sight though!

  8. ほんと聞いてて心地いい発音……

  9. I visited the Fushimi Inari shrine and got cursed. The next day, after taking a bullet train to Hiroshima, my JR Rail Pass vanished and I had to pay out-of-pocket for the return trip.

  10. これは言ってはいけないことなんだけどw

  11. I've only been to one of the places in this video. It looks like I have more Japan exploring to do!~
    What if everyone commented places for Siro to visit from their own homeland?
    If I had to recommend somewhere in the USA, it would be the Grand Canyon!

    Thanks for the video, Siro!~ Your videos are helpful as usual~

  12. so any one brave enough to jump down the stage? (Ace Ventura would not have survived this one even if he would have been caught!)

  13. シロちゃんイズ誰が見てもかわいい

  14. I love your English voice!
    I have visited all of these locations multiple times, and would also highly recommend them! Pro tip: if you have a JR pass while visiting japan, the train pass also lets you ride the ferry boat to itsukushima to see the floating torii.

  15. 改めてシロちゃんすごいと思う動画でした。

  16. 英語わからないけど、日本観光の動画としてホントに為になる回でしたね!

  17. 発音や抑揚がきれいなのはもちろん、感嘆の言葉や動物の鳴き真似に本当に流暢な英語だなぁって思います。

  18. 観光名所の英語ガイドとってもお上手!シロちゃんはガイドの仕事も出来そう!

  19. So many temples! Thanks Shiro, those are great sightseeing places! I hope i can visit Japan someday soon ^^

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