Wellington Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

Wellington Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

Kia ora and welcome to Aotearoa, “The Land
of the Long White Cloud”, as the native Māori people call New Zealand. The country’s North and South Island are divided
by the Cook Strait. Overlooking the Strait is Wellington: the
world’s southernmost capital. Trendy Wellington is dubbed the Capital of
Cool. It’s as if the fresh ocean winds bring in
waves of creativity. Home to less than half a million people, Wellington isn’t New Zealand’s most populous
city but it is the country’s political, cultural
and culinary capital. Clinging to the forested mountain slopes that
spill out into the harbor is the compact city center. Imaginative street art, vintage shops, a hip
café culture incredible scenery, splendid museums, and
a touch of tradition make Wellington a breath of fresh air The locals are just as passionate about rugby
union as about drinking coffee or locally brewed
beer on the waterfront. Vital to the unique flavor of this eclectic
urban mix is the cultural heritage of the Māori people Te Papa, the beloved National Museum, shows
how these brave seafarers made their mark in this precious land between
the mountains and the sea. Telling the story of New Zealand is like turning the pages of a mystical book
about a faraway land It’s a tale about discovery, ocean currents
and starry heavens and wooden boats navigating along the Ring
of Fire… First came the fearless Māori people, who
cultivated the country, then the Dutch who gave it its current name, and eventually the British, who laid claim
to the land. Learn more about their navigational techniques
in the Carter Observatory See and hear how the rest of the story of
the capital unfolded in the Museum of Wellington City and Sea. Continue your journey back in time in the
historical city center: a jumble of architectural styles. Tour the neo-classical Parliament House and admire the city’s landmark Beehive building. From Lambton Quay, ride the historic Wellington
Cable Car to the top to visit its original Winding House Take in the panoramic views from outside and
then slowly make your way back down again along the scenic paths of
the Botanic Garden. When the Wellington Winds subside, the locals flock to the waterfront to warm
up in the sun. Join the crowds for a wine or a beer on the
wharf or stroll along the boulevard of Oriental
Bay Take the kids down to the beach or go fishing
or kayaking in the harbor. In central Cuba Street, poke your nose in
a book shop or coffee shop Make your way around the elegant Town Hall, which is now a concert hall and visitor center The building is part of Civic Square, which is full of surprising artworks that
appeal to the imagination. Thanks to their ability for storytelling, the creative locals have given their city
global fame when it comes to music, literature and film. “Wellywood” has been the set for blockbuster
movies, such as Avatar and Sir Peter Jackson’s King
Kong and Lord of the Rings Come face to face with some of the local villains in the mini museum of the Weta Workshop on
the Miramar peninsula. From the city, hop on a bus to Zealandia,
a conservation park. See if you can spot the endangered Takahē
and Kākā birds and learn more about the area’s special flora End your day with fine dining followed by a night out in a cozy downtown
bar or theater. Journey south to experience Wellington’s legendary
hospitality, clean air and quality of life. Whichever page you turn in New Zealand’s distant
capital, you’ll discover that magic and adventure is
just around the corner.

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  1. Well done Expedia. Keep it up.
    I am impressive about your videos.
    If you make video on Wollongong, Australia, we will happy about it.
    I hope you will make it.
    All the best.

  2. I went there about a month ago… it was on Saturday night when I arrived, I walked down to the Courtney's place and I was so shocked how dynamic and lively the city was, very funky and just "cool" !!! some awesome bars and clubs full of young people with really good vibe, music. Also every single cafe walked into served one of the best coffees I've ever had in my life and breakfast / food were just amazing everywhere as well.. Wellington people are super friendly too. If I ever get a chance to live in New Zealand, it's definitely gonna be Wellington..  

  3. I am so proud of Expedia videos because they r my favourite.Another informative and outstanding video they create. I did not know about Wellington before this.Thnx and Thnx creators

  4. Seriously one of the coolest cities ever. Spent a semester in New Zealand, based in Auckland. Wellington beats Auckland in my book. Did a solo trip to Wellington for 3 nights. Was the best part of my 5 months. A great place to just find your self in, relax, eat good food and chat it up with cool folks. My favorite place was the City Gallery. I bought a tote bag there and proudly use it to remember the good times in Wellington. A truly must visit gem. -Seattle, WA native

  5. I was in Wellington in February 2015 – it was spectacular! Started each day with breakfast at Bach Cafe, and then explored the city and nearly areas. New Zealand in general, and Wellington specifically, was the best holiday of my life. Middle Earth, indeed!

  6. i lived in wellington for a couple months and i can assure you its one of the most beautiful places you can visit.Everything is amazing, the only thing that sucks however is the wifi :p.

  7. Weird that all your NZ videos are focused on north part when the south is much more beautiful. Snow-capped mountains with crystal blue lakes and hardly any humans in sight.

  8. land of great white cloud
    new zealand
    you cannot see great white cloud anywhere on earth than this island country of new zealand

  9. My sister's moving from Vancouver, Canada to Wellington in October! I'm so excited for her. It looks fantastic!

  10. I want to travel abroad. . . at Iceland. . I'm from Kolkata (India). plzzz give me some info about that

  11. University of auckland or massey university, wellington? Gosh every part of nz is filled with compliments but i gotta choose one :/

  12. Yay! My country! I was so happy and ecstatic when you talked about my country and said Kia ora! I love Wellington because I live very close to it and I've been there million times in my life. Honestly, I love my whole country! (: Visitors from all around the world are welcome to our peaceful and safe country!

  13. Having visited Wellington during 1970, for $30 a taxi driver took me, my wife and 4 young children on a one hour tour around Wellington trhen dropped us back at rhe waiting passengar liner to concontiue our journey through th panama Canal, New york and thn on to South Hampton.

  14. Extra Fail

    "Capitol of cool", and shows a Cuban modern art piece with communist red star. Ouch!! I guess I can stay right here in Germany, then. Believe me, modern art junk which you call "imaginative" isn't worth a journey to the other side of the planet. That's what people in Europe and America would like to get away from. Rather NZ's nature and historic landmarks.

  15. Man, I miss Welly so much. I grew up in Wellington. I'm living in Germany now and this video brought back great memories living in this beautiful city. I would love to live there again!! Any Wellingtonians reading this don't take living in Wellington for granted, it is seriously the coolest place ever!!

  16. Honestly my favourite city! And I'm also lucky enough to call it home and have done so for 10 years and still absolutely love the place. Thanks for sharing!

  17. i love this city. lived there for 2 years as an international student. to this day it is still my fav city. full of memory

  18. i love this city. lived there for 2 years as an international student. to this day it is still my fav city. full of memory

  19. I live in NZ here is somethings to do
    Sky tower jump off or watch or get an a amazing view
    Te papa museum Wellington one of the biggest museums in the world
    Waipou caves walk through or a tour
    Cook strait ferry to Picton

  20. One of my friends died in the Christchurch earthquake one like means one pray for him 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  21. I'm about to be living there for 5 months while studying abroad. Leaving in less than a month now. I'm so excited that I don't know what to do with myself!!

  22. ''wellington isn't new zealand's most popewla ci-ci-dy''. I've never known there to be a stutter in one of these expedia's voiceovers. lol.

  23. “British lay claim to the land!” Nope, the land was already claimed/occupied. Don’t lie. British stole the land! WTF, worst lie ever!

  24. Do a travel guide for Christchurch the second largest city in NZ, and the largest on the South Island, please?

  25. i love wellington so much. but with my a week visit with this place … i just honestly stayed at my room in a hotel where i stayed… i was so afraid they might find out that i am a gay 🙁 there were a lot of good looking guys there in wnz. i was just not comfortable to show my true identity they might kick me off from their country.

  26. What a beautiful city, spent a few days here & loved it. Love everything about NZ. The culture & people are just the best in the world. Would love to visit NZ again someday.

  27. I am an Indian and i love New Zealand from the bottom of my heart i want to visit this country once in my life


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