Wendy’s Camping Trip

Wendy’s Camping Trip

I wanna shout out to my friends at the Walmart in a little known place called Elin, New York. (audience applauds) Oh I know, a town of maybe only 300 people, it’s very, very small in Upstate New York, very, very peaceful, the people are lovely, the biggest thing going is the Walmart, its 24 hours. (audience laughs) Listen to me, listen to me, let me tell you something. So I went camping this weekend, wait hold on, I’m gonna call for the pictures as I need them okay? Okay, I went camping this weekend. I used to camp when I was younger, I was a Girl Scout, every single summer, sleep away camp. I didn’t wanna camp, but these are the things that your parents make you do so you have a good resume so when you apply for college they think that you’re a well rounded good person, not just with grades, but you do stuff, you know what I mean? So Kevin and Kevin don’t care about camping, I cared about camping. And if I’m gonna go camping, I don’t wanna go glamping. I wanna get down with the real nitty-gritty, honey. (audience applauds) There were lions, tigers and bears, (audience laughs) there was no running water in this hood-trap that we slept in, (audience gasps) Well you know I’m in the sober house right? So the great thing about being in the sober house is that the house that I live in, the people that I live with, they’re all guys, not by design, it just so happens. But they’re guys, and we are people with functioning careers who just wanna check ourselves and get down with that 12 step, you know what I’m saying? There’s such a stigma to substance abuse, you know everybody thinks it’s gonna be the bum on the corner or what not and what not, and you who are watching, if it’s you, I’m the face of it, how ’bout you? So sometimes you just need to go someplace, you know what I’m saying, and get at one with your sobriety and your 12 steps. And when you go– (audience applauds) Hold on, I’m bringin’ it around, I’m bringin’ it around. So you know, I told you I’m in this place, it’s over in Queens and when we leave the house, well we don’t all leave together, ’cause I have to be here early, the doctor and the lawyer, I don’t know what time they, there are people in there with prestigious careers and degrees, you know. And you wouldn’t know us walking the street, but we are there right? And I don’t know what those boys do on the– they’re men. But I don’t know what those boys do on the weekend but I met some really great girls who have been sober for like 13 years, I think the longest one 34 years, but we’re all in the same age group right? So this weekend we decided to go camping. Well, ’cause I’m the newbie, I get to make the decision. So they said well you have to do something that you’re not comfortable with. Do you wanna jump out of a plane? And they’re serious about this. (audience laughs) Do you wanna jump out of a plane? Do you wanna swim with the sharks? I said, no, no, no, and then they said camping, I said alright, I’m thinking we’re going over to Ellis Island, (audience laughs) confidentially speaking to one of those glamp grounds where there’s a toilet inside and you know the caviar for a midnight snack, (audience laughs) and you get a butler to roast your marshmallows. (audience laughs) No honey, we went all the way up there. Okay, so I’m like alright, well here we go. We went up there and Walmart is a social place, so when I’m away from the show, sometimes I do take selfies, sometimes, but four o’clock in the morning, I’m sitting on a scooter, there were a lot of scooters, and the staff let me and my girls use the scooters ’cause, you know, there was nobody there. I mean there were people there, the townies, but not that many. The families in there an stuff. So I’m taking pictures with people and there some people I’m sayin’, you know, alright sir, I don’t necessarily get too close to you, but I don’t tell ’em that, I said take a picture and I’m gonna act like I’m shopping, so go ahead and take the picture, and here’s the picture he took. (audience laughs) Okay, okay, okay, okay, Okay, okay nope, nope, nope, freeze, freeze, because this became a blog sensation over the weekend, so I’m here to correct. Oh you’ve seen– clap if you know what I’m talking about. (audience applauds) You’ve seen it? Damn. One of the best things about being truthful to yourself and truthful to you and having your own show is that I can come and dispel my own rumors. The headline was poor lonely Wendy needs a hug. (audience laughs) Then it said she looked frail, she was by herself, By herself? In the Walmart in Elin, New York. Now for those of you who researched Elin, New York and I know you’re all probably like, damn what she doin’ up there, she needs a hug, (audience laughs) she’s by herself, you could believe that. Then, this is not the real picture, the other picture that they caught, now you know I have the Graves Disease where there’s pressure behind my eyes, I have a disease, and sometimes my eyes go like this, right? They caught me with an eye pop also. So they’re like, and she, you know, her eyes and this and that, she was wearing a robe, yup, a Wendy Show robe, underneath I had on leggings it was four o’clock in the morning in Elin, New York, what do you want me to wear a ball gown? (audience applauds) And I’m shoppin’ like you do, and what I like about Walmart, I’m bustin’ open, me and my girls bustin’ open chips and having a good time, and paying for everything of course, bras, panties, all kinda stuff. So this is the rest of my trip, show the first one, the next one, yup. (audience applauds) ATV-in. (audience applauds) We’re in the woods, like there’s no body there ATV-in and everything and then I stepped out of my comfort zone and had this picture taken right here, show the last one. (audience applauds) Now, I must say, I picked up those shorts in the girls department at Walmart, (audience laughs) and anybody here and the show, staff and crew, you know I love my denim shorts rolled up real high like panties. (audience laughs) look, but the thing I love about Walmart is in Walmart, a big girl can still wear a size 4 and feel good about herself. (audience laughs) Here’s the thing I discovered, by the way this is what I was sleeping in, this right here, this is the campfire, we were roasting marshmallows, other girls are there, but they’re around. I didn’t really shoot that gun. Like I can talk a good gun game, but I had it rested on my shoulder, it was a 22 by the way, a 22, God bless the animals, I didn’t shoot any, take the picture, let me put this down. (audience laughs) I’m not judging you if you like guns but I’m just sayin’ I’m not a part of that life, this is just a picture. Thank you Elin New York, and thank you blogs, do I look frail to you? (audience applauds) (audience applauds)

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  1. Wendy stated on her show yrs ago, that open relationships are NOT for her, but apparently its all good in hunterville. Wendy needs to stop acting like everyone is so dumb cause she keeps beating around the bush when it comes to the real hot topic! Then pretends that she is not scared to discuss herself in hot topics as the media has. But no one cares about a camping trip, we wanna know when she gonna leave that cheater. Im really loosing respect for Wendy bcuz she comes off so hypocritical & delusional. Dont know how much longer I can watch this show…

  2. I'm starting to think that Wendy is not in the Sober House at all…but she is just staying in some hotel to get away from her cheating husband!

  3. also, look at her how how she's nervously blinking her eyelids like … well, someone who's selling a lie. basically a blink on every syllable.

  4. Wendy…how's your relationship with mom and dad…sounds like you need some of their guidance.Youre looking really stupid by coming on air making lite of sobriety like its a one stop shopping thing.You are making it sound as if you are taking a refresher course in how to live a clean and sober life in a quick way.Get your own stuff straight before you try helping others.Your life is the Hotest Topic of life lately,more so than the people you're passing judgement on daily.

  5. Population 300.. small town.. so who linked that you were out there or who out the 300 "people in the town" knows the paparazzi? Watch your surroundings Wendy.

  6. Where did these girls come out that she went with. They are are all guys she said. As usual when she showed her picture I was not surprised. That wig really looks messy when you don't have a stylist. I am so bore with her. i keep watching to see if she puts out but none of her tea.

  7. I was addicted to opiates for eight years and never went to rehab or did the 12 steps and ive been clean for 7 years….I am a full time working mom with a mortgage to pay and a child to love and stress and anxiety and still haven't looked back.

  8. DAMN Y'ALL IT'S HARDER TO BE TRUTHFUL WITH YOURSELF THAN WITH OTHERS….. is it Hyprocrtical.. Yesss… But it's hard no matter what to come to terms with reality

  9. She was camping with Kevin and Kevin then it turned into a sober house trip. In the words of Wendy herself, "You's a lie."

  10. I wonder if she shared the tent with her husband and his girlfriend or did wendy have to sleep by herself in her own tent?

  11. Wendy must have some audacity to tell this bs story. Please kindly address the rumors about your husband, that’s all we want to know about.

  12. Ion want to hear huh she had time to make it right….she continues to run from her own debacle of a life…free ya’ mind W.W.

  13. this whole camping partial lie thing 😀 first she says she loves camping and does it proper. Then she says girls from that group asked her to do something she is not really comfortable with and THEY suggested camping to her and she goes thinking it is going to be a 5 star classy camping so she is okay with it. Wendy, I love you but don't add ridiculous details in that story. Just say in order to keep you off the drugs during that awful situation with the new baby you packed your bags and stayed in a safe environment. Everyone would have applauded you for saying this TRUTH.


  15. In the first Instance she says The Sober House she lives in are all guys. Then she says when she agrees to go camping with the guys in the sober house they stop at Walmart and the staff let her and her girls use the shopping scooters… Well which one is it if the house is nothing but men and you’re the only woman than how are you roaming around Walmart with your girls side eyes

  16. Wendy has to stay up cooking all these lies and fairytales. SO sad. Ok and also the drug thing is getting boring. There is no stigma to drug use. It's bad and you shouldn't be rewarded for it. Bye!

  17. You go Wendy!!! Take care of you, let those haters hate. Because you gf, may be dealing with a lot, but you are getting ahead of it all by taking care of yourself, and looking out for #1… YOU!! Many Blessings, Fran

  18. Oh puleeeez!! No one cares about the lies you tell about your Walmart adventure. We know you don't give selfies. If you're such a straight shooter (pow! pow!)then address the HOT TOPIC everyone is talking about. And that is your husband's baby and mistress! What's up with that?!

  19. Wendy is so dishonest, she really adding to this story like nobody’s business. When does it end? It’s crazy because she used to be my girl

  20. Wendy needs to make her street wig her home wig and come out looking like this in public not just for tv. Then haters would have less hate

  21. Wendy do you ever think of Kevin junior when you live your life like this. Are you teaching him it’s ok to cheat on your partner or are you teaching him that women should shut up and bear abuse and unfaithfulness? While addressing your “ own” rumours, kindly address this also

  22. Why would Wendy tell her friend to “take a picture, like I’m shopping”? Because she wanted to send it to the tabloids, then she could correct the story on her show. All this to distract from what’s really going on. Peace 💜

  23. Why is she now trying to back track on what she said 2 weeks ago?? Didn’t she call her sober house guys “ dirty and smelly” – or something to that effect? Take her off air!

  24. I wouldn't leave mi husband because of a trick getting pregnant…her marriage..her business….let the world judge u cause that's what they do..i wish her and hers well..

  25. Wendy's job is to report on others not herself she'll leave that to other reporters thank you. Love ya Wendy.

  26. I love that for you Wendy. Have fun, fire a gun, wear Walmart… chillax… collect good vibes with people that are like you and become stronger to fight back!

  27. She kinda said she wants to go real down and dirty with camping then she said she thought she was going glamping. Doesn't ring all the way true.

  28. 🛒
    My bf was hit by a drunk driver and will never properly walk right again and it hurts him to walk for a while. When we go grocery shopping I'm always hoping no kid or an adult who doesn't want to walk will use the electric scooter. For people who do this,Please don't. There are people who really need to use that and management doesn't want to lose a customer so they won't ask a kid or adult to return the scooter. That's just not cool.

  29. "We can't have this be a 'private matter' this is 'Hot Topics'" (*See video below)
    Exactly, Wendy. Big kev and co wife and new baby are "Hot Topics." We don't want to hear your Ellenville, Ny camping (detox) lies

    *Wendy Williams – ''NO, NOT AWW!!'' compilation (part 1) @5:50

  30. Windy pretty soon the lies will come to light! You keep lying you’re going to start to be confused and not remember all your lies and the truth will come out!

  31. Saw the sneak video. This was not a selfie she doesn't do pictures with fans. Looking all bugged out like Kelvin caused a relapse middle of the night at Walmart on a scooter looking for sweat pants. She's admitted she's a "functioning addict at work" this looks like a dummy mission after a late night bump cover up story… I just can't anymore with her. In everyone else's business but her own..

  32. Ffs, took 7 minutes to explain and didn't do a good job at all. Pretty sure the point of the controversy is you were using a scooter you didn't need, not that you're dressed down. Whatever you want to tell yourself and your borderline brain dead audience, that ewws at .22, though.

  33. Wendy, you are a brave and honest person. I wish for the best for you. I wanted to reach out to you as you are going through so much!! Prayers and best wishes. love.

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