“We’re going camping!” | The Riveras | Universo

“We’re going camping!” | The Riveras | Universo

hi guys load up you’re taking this yeah that’s right this big thing yes how long is this camping trip I have set for us for all everyone the kids okay Friday we’re going camping probably about a quarter of this is meditating we’re gonna kumbaya you know the whole idea of camping is to be you know like to really go out there and just like kind of detach yourself from everything all the things are usually comfortable so you got a pack light you know you gotta take only things that you really need and of course chi-chi’s doesn’t understand this concept oh I’m scared the dark hello it’s battery-operated I’m gonna make sure that I’m very comfortable that’s all thank you pretty that go camping know that everything I do is pretty you’re gonna burn down the tent this is this is my camp it’s my where I’m gonna sleep we’re literally going out here for like a day and a half and she uses like she’s going on looks like she’s going on a month-long trip oh hold on we have to go lightly is the whole point of camping is getting out of all your comforter we’re in the 20th step 21st century you did not have damn tree I’m a modernized Buddhist no one should be surprised this is me it’s always been me I can say it I’m a little extra when it comes to things but then again they’re gonna thank me later watch I have baby wives I have this is a baby camping trip where you’re only gonna sleep there one night we’re gonna hike a little bit you need oh we’re going hiking what do you mean it’s not real sit around the campfire and sing lullabies imagine your cowboy boots doing some check sighs it’s hot you need something to keep you warm you need somewhere to sleep flashlights knives food but you definitely don’t need decorations for the camp this rug is not going on my car well it defeats the whole purpose of what we’re doing this camping trip even be together you don’t have to be around maybe we could just separate and so that she could take it y-yeah you know what yeah separate okay but you can’t use my stuff I can’t use yourself in my awesome camping site okay okay cool fine girls you’re gonna ride with me what you are going to win because of my because I guess she’s fooling herself with bringing all their stuff thinking that this means that she’s prepared and now she wants to have a cap off with me I don’t know why every time we go and try and do something fun it always turns into a damn competition I have a question yeah is it safe for women that are on their period to camp because of bears do they smell it I read somewhere that bears can smell like when girls are you know just on their period there’s no demonstration okay sharks bears like the Sharks in the forest oh we got it maybe it’s like when they smell the blood they come and eat you that’s probably what it is okay girls let’s get in the truck all right guys Parsa space seatbelts okay this okay the Eagles taking flight I repeat the eagle of sticking flags over the great thing about being the guy is that you just take what you need and you can go because for sure we once we leave we still have a good 30 minutes before they even take off even if they if the car has already started does anyone Roger this I Roger it and bat minute oh that’s Robin right just kidding ten-four let’s fight maybe been doing it some thing about our family and competing and racing it’s just I just wish they weren’t so competitive and we could just enjoy each other’s presence are we gonna beat the boys girls club not boys club I wonder what the girls are talking about right now till we get lost where did you put in long hello does anybody copy [Music] oh really uh no service up here huh dang alright we I have one that says seven miles away okay try that one I was in charge of having the directions and I just put the name of the campsite and it just took me to the forest I put chili and what is it called oh look a oh that’s not a good start oh shut it we’re not on the good start I mean we’re losing already can’t hear you okay I do gangsters medicine gangsters medicine I don’t know we’re already off to a good start we already won the first challenge to get in here got this boys and we’re gonna prove that they need us more than we need them and all their luxuries hi babe hi mr. onion it’s okay baby don’t you need help with he’s my man it’s girls versus boys not like girls versus boys and you can still help your girlfriend that’s not how this works you’re one of the guys now okay fine I’m an independent woman anyway it sucks as I was so excited about Lorenzo coming with us camping and now I’ve lost him because she’s a boy we’ll figure it out hi everyone is there a Johnny could use a sadist Emilio porque como me machine okay and a la cuenta circus cos campus are

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  1. The Rivera's kick ass!👊👌😉…I love this family, Jenny must be very proud to see her kid's always together as one United family.❤🥰

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