What a Japanese Summer BBQ is Like

What a Japanese Summer BBQ is Like

(AIKO) Hello, world! Where I’m from in Japan, this is what a summer barbecue is like. (GREG) OK, Aiko. What’s a Japanese summer barbecue like? (AIKO) Well, it’s different like as America and Canada, and, well, Canada has big meat, and Japan has smaller meat I can eat like in one bite, and there’s lots of vegetables. (SOUTA) Ah, It’s hot!!! (GREG) And where is your hot dog bun? (AIKO) Um… We just eat the hot dog. Well you put lots of fish and stuff that comes from the sea. (GREG) And you also cook on these things… Are those called “hibachi”?
(AIKO) No. (GREG) No. What are those called?
(AIKO) Grill. (GREG) On grills. OK.
(AIKO) Yeah. When they put the fire on, they put coal and newspaper and they burn it. (GREG) And what is this called?
(AIKO) Yakisoba. (GREG) And that’s pork and vegetables and… uh… soba noodles!
(AIKO) Yup. (SHIN) I’m swimming! It’s not deep. It’s just like this. But it’s still fun. It’s my super gun. Woooaaaaa!!! (GIRL) Stop it! (SHIN) I ate almost all of the grapes.
(GREG) I know. I saw you. You had a huge pile. (SHIN) And I ate it with no like munching. (GREG) No munching. You just swallowed it?
(SHIN) Yup. (GREG) And what is this?
(AIKO) “Nagashi somen”. (GREG) And what is “nagashi somen”? (AIKO) Um… There is a noodle called somen and then you put it in a machine and goes around. (MAN) How is it, Shin-chan? (AIKO) Thanks for wathching! See you next time. Bye! What’s a summer barbecue like where you’re from?

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  1. Lots of fun! Those rice noodles look delicious! I learnt something new: The Japanese eat their "hot-dogs" without the bun.

  2. A summer here in New Zealand, is the same time as Christmas, so we go to beaches or pools, cook them up there sometimes, opening presents and visiting friends and family! ? We mostly eat huge variations of salads, fish and chips, big meats and lollies all day long! ❤️

  3. My swedish summer barbeque is like you get these paper grills in the store with charcoal already in it and then you put meat and veggies on sticks and cook it and eat it and its SOOOOOOOOOOOOO good

  4. In America, we have burgers, hot dogs with buns, steak, ribs, chicken, potato salad, chips, fruit, and soda.

  5. We have streaks,hotdogs burgers avocados hot sausage and a lot more and with that we also have trampolines in México.But we live in nc

  6. Wow soooooopo different from American BBQ. SO LITTLE MEAT! Don't Japanese get tired of the fishy flavor???

  7. I don't usually see anyone from Japan commenting these videos, I've been watching the channel since a few days actually. Why is that so?! I mean if someone post a video about Indian food or something the comments will be flooding with indian comments.

  8. We call that dark green bitter melon "peria katak". Literally translated to "frog bitter melon". Well, the skin kinda look like one. ?

  9. Our summer bbq in the az reservation is we butcher a sheep and we take all the meat and liver , intestines , and it’s fat (almost the whole sheep) and we cook it then eat it

  10. This looks better than an Australian BBQ, and no mistake. Granted, we have usually 30kg of Steak for all the people, but I still prefer the look of the Japanese one. Also, it would be nice to have a summer that didn't have multiple days above 45 degrees (C); I'm moving to Japan ASAP!

  11. my mother makes yaksoba all the time which i find strange because we are english and have never been to japan and it isn’t a food i’ve seen in my country before.

  12. It's so strange to see a summer bbq without beer… and grilled ribs… lol
    But aside from the types of food…and the variety of it, it seems like bbq's are similar to anywhere else in the world I've seen.

  13. My girlfriends side of the family does Filipino BBQ and it's sooooooo good! But I love the Japanese summer BBQ too, looks so lovely! I love how you guys do the Yakisoba too!

  14. Her name is Aiko and her brother's name Shin… which is totally matching with Shinchan cartoon…oh I love it…????..and am a huge fan of ur channel..

  15. In India, Traditionally we don't have BBQs. Instead, we have Tandoori ovens/grills. But we do have it in restaurants only. Tandoori roti (bread), Tandoori chicken are the most popular dishes.

  16. summer bbq in italy are a bit different , we use to cook a 2.5kg slice of meat unlike the little pieces of meat that japanese eats xD

  17. Thank You! I loved watching your videos! I'm from Swaziland so this is so informative! Hope to visit Japan someday!

  18. Summer BBQ where I am from is we light a fire that is too big, and too hot. Some children get burned beyond recognition if they get too close, but it's okay because we eat them too. We don't like to waste.

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