What An Average American Vacation Is Like

What An Average American Vacation Is Like

Well, hello, ladies and gentlemen and everyone watching I’m your host to the report of the week and thank you for tuning in to this random video Yes, this isn’t a food review or any sort of review though. I kind of do give a little bit of a critique of Certain things but this isn’t like a full-blown, you know, excessively Formal structured review so recently about a week ago I went over to the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania and I embarked on my annual journey to the NASCAR race and this year I went over to a New hotel, it’s not like a you know, brand new hotels the first time I’ve ever been there This hotel was opened in 2015 and it is the Kalahari resort Which actually is a chain of hotels, I think there’s one in Ohio and then there might be one in, Michigan I think they’re building one in Texas. Then there’s this one in Pennsylvania here and I thought I’m right. Well, I’ve never been there before, you know before that. I had been to the Mount Airy Casino Resort, then I was at some motel which Yeah, it wasn’t very good. I’m not going to get into there, but it was not a good experience and Then there’s some other decrepit place. That was falling apart and I was there like ten years ago And that’s another place. I didn’t even want to get into but there is this place I always would see it on the side of the interstate there this large hotel the Kalahari resort so finally Fly or something flying around there The Kalahari resort. I would always see it. I thought to myself. Alright maze. We’ll try it out See what they’re all about and to see what kind of hotel this is So well without further ado, let’s see what this was all about So the first thing I need to say about this hotel, I knew it was a big hotel But as we were pulling up to it I still cannot get over how massive a structure this is it easily has a capacity for several thousand easily I mean it is a massive hotel and You know, you will get your exercise Walking around that place the hallways are immense. I think I even took a picture of it and you will easily get your exercise, and our room is on the third floor Go in there, you know check it out It’s a pretty basic hotel room, you know, not any sort of Presidential Suite or anything like that But it was a yeah for what it is. It was a pretty standard hotel room one thing that I want to address Immediately and this was my biggest Biggest issue with the room and there was a stain on the bed. It wasn’t a big one but I noticed it and That just made me question the overall cleanliness of the room and you can see on the top there from the first picture What do you really see? You don’t really see anything, but they needed to zoom in and on the comforter out of the bed Looks like I don’t know what the heck that was. I wasn’t gonna touch that at all It looks like it was some I don’t know someone’s some pink Slime I have no idea of what it was some dried sugar or something But if that was there, I mean what else what else is there? Who knows? I’m usually not You know I try to overlook certain things, but that’s just one thing that I couldn’t so needless to say did not use that Comforter at all. I didn’t I didn’t sleep with that and That’s where that stands. All right anyway, I know I took a little video inside the room to give a more thorough rundown of the Situation while I was there. So take a look at it. And here we go All right, so there we are Looks like we have a shoe sighting confirmed shoe sighting getting up we’re going with the the first-person view point so you can pretend that you’re kindly You’re kind of mindlessly rolling around in there like a zombie and There’s the couch couch shot Kind of some outlets At first I thought when I was opening up those curtains there I thought that it was like some sick joke and there was this the wall behind it, but it’s outside could unlock the door Good venturing out Good view. Tommy can see the water parks Road. I Going out again around Lane thermostat 71 degrees watching some TV Checking that out Come to the usual, you know, mini fridge microwave some stuff There is a sink right over there. I guess that’s used for the bathroom Also, it’s that’s one thing I think would be in the bathroom, but it’s not is what it is But it’s basic. Everything is functional. There is there is running water so fear not warm and cold You have these precious collectibles right over here have the kalahari body lotions and shampoo Conditioner got the soap bar I’m kind of more like a little bit of a thin rectangle, but it is what it is and They were there I am I am There’s a bathroom All right Did we get the lights? Alright, there we go with good percent bathtub shower and Again, it’s basic. You know, you’re getting it took a basic hotel room Door closing it. Here’s the curtain I’m just kind of looking around right now. There’s the toilet here comes the best part Flushed and overall the bathroom was basic, you know, it did its job The hotel room door comes up a selection of locks as always and then in the closet there is the you know we can hang up your jackets or clothes some extra blankets and pillows and a Little bit of a secret safe as well And that was the hotel room now overall, I mean the one other thing to mention was at the bed itself I mean really I think most of the problems that I have seemed to stem from the bedding Now, of course, I am an insomniac I have my issues sleeping So I wasn’t really able to get the best sleep, you know, I was up until I don’t know maybe 4:35 a.m. I was trying to get to sleep for like five hours. I’m I just couldn’t fall asleep once I did fall asleep I stayed asleep, but I only got my three hours of sleep But I had a way the one thing is this goes for every hotel. I can’t be too critical there The pillows are just so squishy You know, I like a little bit more firmness in my pillows, but that’s you know comes into personal preference some people just like it as soft as possible are the people like it harder so It comes down to whatever it is that you like in your pillows. I just have the personal preference It didn’t work with me, but that’s where that stands. All right So now that you saw that absolutely fascinating video of the hotel room itself there were some dining options in the facility and we decided to go with one of them because there’s a couple things there is a Like an Italian restaurant, you know, you can get like pasta and more formal Italian food Then you kind of have just like a pizza place You have a fast-food Cafeteria type of thing and then you have a formal steakhouse and that’s what I went to it’s called the double cut steakhouse So the menu is like a typical steak house, you can see right there to have a variety of different types of cuts some certain signs One thing that is worth mentioning when you take a look at the menu Is that the sides that they have that you can kind of get with your steak? Because that’s what I would recommend It’s a steakhouse, you know get the steaks see whether they’re all about They are very very large portion sizes. Alright so if you get like Let’s say a baked potato with your steak The way they do it. Is that the side Is for the table? Okay. It’s not like You just got the page potato on the side of your plate This thing is massive and it is enough to like feed an entire table of people be aware that the portion size is With besides are very large. Don’t taste good I can’t complain but that’s one thing. I should I should mention first and foremost. So like if your eyes are Significantly bigger than your stomach and you just want to get one of everything Be aware that you’re probably not going to be able to eat all of that, but just getting it out there All right as an appetizer. I tried out the oysters. Don’t get me wrong. They were good. They were extremely light extremely Extremely life very tasty those small which is good. I always like the smaller portion sizes. That’s uh, I think the West Coast oysters Because sometimes you get the oysters and they’re just so so massive and I like the smaller ones That’s just my preference and they were good though comes with a little bit of lemon it can squeeze on it I think that’s really an excellent touch too. It gives it a lot of flavor there. So the oysters as the appetizer We’re quite good. Of course, there was a little piece of bread that they handed out, which was good, too I think it was kind of like a sourdough bread, but it was fresh It was warm the top of it was a little crunchy, but it was good overall I can’t now I can’t complain and then food wise I went with the standard filet mignon That’s what I always go with when I get a yeah when I go to a steak house I’m you know, there were times when I was feeling adventurous that I would go ahead and get the New York Strip steak and I can’t think of a single time. I was actually impressed by one. I remember the first steak I ever tried in my entire life. I had it this one Steakhouse over at Disney and I had the New York strip steak. And I remember I was told of it And I kind of laughed just thinking about this. I was told that it would taste like a hamburger and Needless to say it was not it was absolutely terribly cooked Extremely chewy. It was just disgusting And you know, I’ve tried New York strip steaks and more reputable Establishments and I was never impressed. So the filet mignon is my cut of choice. I usually get it medium-rare You can see in the video here It was so it was tasty it was on it was on the tender side. It was seasoned a little bit. I Put I they had this it was this interesting sauce I wasn’t really sure how it was gonna go so I didn’t put a lot on but they had this peppercorn sauce That was good, but it is very strong. It’s like yeah, just like of it Well, like the name implies peppercorn it works well But use it in very small doses best way to put it could get very overwhelming very quickly Overall, it was good though. I really can’t complain. You know, it’s on the pricier side. But any Steakhouse really does come at a price Because if you want something that’s quality, you may very well have to pay a little bit extra for it But if it’s good, you will be getting what you pay for. So I was satisfied with it I’m not gonna sit here and say that it was the world’s best steak And then it was the best thing I ever ate, but for what it is. I mean we can’t complain about it at all Just again be aware of the portion size. But if you you know for something there, it’s probably the most upscale Sit-down restaurant that you will get at that place. I enjoyed it though Later on. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the chance to take any video of it. I did y’all go to the one pizza pub I tried it out. I had a slice there. It was fine. No, no issues. No Worries and all was good. So the next day we headed out went over to the racetrack and went to the NASCAR event the the NASCAR race over there at a Pocono Raceway And it was a good race you know the weather at the beginning of the day was a bit iffy because I always check the National Weather Service and They were saying that there is an you know a slight risk of severe thunderstorms that there’s a chance that the race could get rained out and you know, there was some rain in the morning and as a result of the ground was a bit muddy, but otherwise I mean it ended up being quite clear There’s a good overcast so I didn’t get sunburned or anything. Nice So yeah, I played it safe, you know, the long sleeves and wore a hat and all that stuff. But otherwise It worked out there was a fun race. There was a yeah, there was some action there and it was just enjoyable It’s a long-standing tradition It’s something that I’ve been doing for close to 15 years now and there was a good experience overall. That’s a lot of fun and The only disappointing thing was that when I would usually go to this NASCAR event nathan’s would be doing their regional qualifier for the July 4th hotdogs gluttony feast and The hot dog eating contest and I usually I’ll go over there and I’ll try and record it Unfortunately, they were hosting it over in, Lancaster, Pennsylvania this year, so I didn’t have the chance to witness that magnificent event but if you ever have the opportunity make sure you go see it because it’s uh, It’s something that you should that. Everyone should see at least once in their life But otherwise, it was fun a lot of fun and a good trip overall. That’s all that I have for you Ladies and gentlemen, do stay tuned coming up in the next few days is going to be a food-related video We’ll see what happens. So just stay tuned there another review coming your way Thank you for watching. I’m your host the report of the week. Good. Take care

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