What do I need to know in order to understand tourism legislation?

What do I need to know in order to understand tourism  legislation?

What is Tourism legislation?
A set of legal rules governing all professional activities in the tourism industry.
Public Law Public tourism organization
Tourism Companies Private Law
Tourism contracts private legal relationships Legislation: What to take into account
At the time of creating…: Analysis of Permits and Requirements: Urban
Requirements; Opening License; Infrastructure Requirements; Insurance; Environmental Requirements;
Food Safety Requirements During the development…:
Regular checks (e.g. health in the restaurant); Modification of requirements for business
creation; Be up to date with changes in legislation Levels of Legislation
Local: these stem from local entities or councils. They usually deals to matters that are legislated
at a national or regional level, but require more specific legislation according to the
specific characteristics of the local destination. Regional: in many EU countries there is a
legislative level just below the national level, which is limited to a specific region
within the country. National: this is the legislation that happens
at a national level and is applicable throughout the country.
European: there are legislative acts that stem from European Union Institutions. Here
we find: Regulations, Directives, Decisions, Recommendations and Opinions.
Changes in legislation are common. How can I stay informed?
Follow up: tourism legislation database; Specialised journals; Organization Information services.

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