What Does Walt Disney World Look Like During the Holidays?

What Does Walt Disney World Look Like During the Holidays?

(upbeat Halloween style music)– Tonight, here at
the Magic Kingdom,we’re removing all the fall
and Halloween decorationsand replacing it with
Christmas decorations.(upbeat brass music)We have just a few nightsto do a huge decor package
here at the Magic Kingdom.There’re six trailers
worth of decor.Each night we come in, we
have less than seven hoursto get up before the guests
come in the next morning.– Well, tonight
we’ll be installingthe Magic Kingdom
icon Christmas tree,which is a tree that
is 65 feet tall,weighs approximately
30,000 pounds,comes in several sections,and we’ll be putting
it in it with a crane.– We have a goal every night.We have schedules by the hour.Everyone knows what
they need to do.– So many different
moving piecesand so much coordination
goes into it.It’s all happening in such
a short, tight window.– Working the holiday services
is probably the best jobthat you could have.I mean, who gets to do
Christmas 365 days a year?– We’re asked sometimes:What do you do between
Christmas and Christmas?Christmas.– This is my favorite.When it’s completed, it’s up,there’s a little
bit of quiet left,and you can stand back,and the team does this
as well, and go, wow!(sleigh bells jingling)(people laughing)– It’s so tall and big.
– The tree is gorgeous.– The tree’s amazing.The kids asked if we
could take it home.– It was an awesome surprise
when we walked in this morning.We didn’t know it would be
decorated for Christmas yet.– Magic Kingdom’s my all-time
favorite, favorite, favorite,and Christmas is my favorite.

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  1. Went there today – hell on earth – didn't see one happy person just thousands of people in 90 minute lines. Stayed 1 hour and then went to sea world.

  2. Super heróis da alegria, obrigado por esse trabalho incrível de vocês para tantas histórias de vida serem mais felizes, que Jesus ilumine sempre a vocês e esse lugar tão especial!Helô ???????

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