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  1. I am from US. I lived in the Philippines for 5 years. A Beautiful place, but what I did not like is trash all over the place. One day I seen someone throw trash on the ground. I ask her if I came to your house and threw trash down in your house how would you feel. She said not to well. I then said why throw trash in Gods house. She smile and pick it up. Philippines is a very Beautiful place, so please keep it that way. If only parents and government would enforce laws and if the Government would make business pay there employee more a hour and stop the contract work, then ones could earn more. This 6 month contract work is no good. No one really learn there job that way. That is why so many leave the Philippines to work and support there family. It's really sad, because someone in Government is being paid off. Filipino deserve better….

  2. I'm a retired American married to a retired Filipina for over 23 years. I also lived in Bauang for two
    years after I retired. I know the culture and the people very well.
    They are such a wonderful people, But, hampered with extreme poverty. Most westerners are unaware of the country, culture and do
    take advantage of the locals. On the other hand, some locals take advantage of tourists as well. I do recommend coming
    to the Philippines and spending time and money here. Honestly speaking. Most of you will have a great experience. But, some will not.
    So don't be afraid to take a chance. You can't believe just how warm and accommodating the people of the Philippines can be. Just be aware
    that just like anywhere in the world. You can be scammed. Enjoy.

  3. Speaking pure Filipino can sound too colloquial or even slang if the person isn't used to speaking Filipino in a non-formal setting. So Taglish lets the speaker sound more educated and formal.

  4. the pollution on land see and air hawe nothing to do with foreign tourists.its lacks of sanitation like garbage pickups garbage bins ruls regulations and and ignorance to the community living is mostly homemade problems .like example. I know some communities in mindoro where the mayor wowed to cleanup the place on the last elections and he is just doing what he promised and the place its visible cleaner but because 90% of people are low income there is no tax revenue for sanitation .so he asked the locals to cleanup around their own property wich is wery reasonable that shouldn't even be an order it should be the norm. but now all the population is mad at him and wows to vote him out at next election because he asked them to clean. thay rother live in a dump

  5. Tourists that come from every part of the world should follow the rules. Government should also apply a few more rules for travelers to follow. And any offender should be including tourists who take advantage of the locals should be deported or put in blacklist.

  6. Some countries people have an attitude to find a trash can. Like in Canada we have trash cans everywhere and in our ads, schools and everyone we are educated to not litter , and most don't litter.

  7. I bought a bottle of Sprite for 15 pesos from the streets. After I'm done, I tried looking for a bin but there was none in sight. So I asked the vendor for help.

    She took my bottle and threw it onto the road.

  8. The last interviewee said "You should adjust to the locals' behaviors and cultural ways. It's a matter of respect." True enough and so I experienced cognitive dissonance.

    When the UV is here, the locals rushed to get a seat. I was being respectful with the queue and then I got chided my my local then-girlfriend for being "slow".

  9. What every country thinks of tourists

    Hey look! Tourists!!!

  10. Why give him 330 years?? Save money and time just give him ten minutes to pray then beat him to death with chains.

  11. As a Singaporean-Filipino, I really love how they mixed ng mga iba't ibang language like English, Spanish, at Tagalog.

    I really love their knowledge pagdating sa pag-sagot ng mga questions.

    I'm practicing mixing words cuz I really love the ??

  12. Dears, taglish is not good. Its judged as you cant construct full sentence in tagalog or in English.
    Try to think in English n practice conversation in English.
    Peace. Love you all.

  13. Funny how these people keep blaming the foreigners when foreigners are just doing what they see from the locals, tragic.

  14. I speak Spanish and the Filipino language is so crazy, many words in Spanish and then they include English sentences with Tagalog, it's really something else, is like whatever word they lack in Tagalog they have it in Spanish and then finish it with English…. Talk about a cultural revolution LOL

  15. Blamed it to the former government leaders that has done nothing to the country but just purely greed and corruption . They just make the law to suit for themselves ! In short , no justice no future!….for ordinary citizens . It was just when duterte came and fixed the cancer.

  16. Not like other countries like Singapore the laws has teeth weather you like it or not you have to follow it .

  17. I have Filipino ethnicity but was born in the US. I always wanted to go to the Philippines to see how my parents lived and how it’s like there

  18. im 25 & was med discharged by the marines with a little over 3K a month pension. is that enough to get by in the philippines?

  19. ung nagsabing stupid ung government kc pinasara boracay ikaw mas stupid. tpos government prin sisihin kpag marumi? ung mga tgajan n tao ang my kasalanan ndi cla nasunod sa patakaran. kung wala pupuntang tao jan di nman yan marurumihan ei BOBO kaba?

  20. nareklamo kayo na tourist nagkakalat putang ina parang di naman nakalat ang mg pilipino philippines is the 3rd largest producer of plastic na napapapunta sa dagat… tsaka ang reporter naman kung mag interview parang pinapalabas na mga tourist ang masama

  21. kase we're greedy AF, yung ibang babae satin tingin sa foreigner "pera". gusto lang ng iba sa atin ay magkapera. Sa basura naman tingin ka lang sa gilid kung saan saan tayo nagtatapos ng basura.

  22. I personally hope Duterte comes down real hard on sex tourists and cleans up the sex industry problem as I have to explain almost everytime I come back to Canada that I have a wife and child there and I am not there for that kind of fun.

  23. I LOVE the Philippines! I go there for 2 months or more every year since 2011. My wife is Filipina and lives there now. She was in the States for 18 years and had to go back. The Tourist pump huge amounts of money into the economy and many areas would not survive without us. My problem is the actions of Filipinos in regards to throwing trash everywhere and thinking it's OK because thats what everyone else is doing. I go to the Beach every morning to surf and see the mess from the night before, bottles and food trash just left right where they were consumed and this is by mostly the Filipinos traveling from Manila for a few days vacation at the Beach. I pick up their trash in my area at the Beach before I paddle out.
    Boracay is a place I will NEVER go back to. Drunk young Tourist everywhere and the local business could not keep up with the amount of people that the Gov allowed on the Island daily. Bad Planning!
    Sex Trade has been something that is allowed to go on despite whatever the news says.
    I do have a problem with getting charged extra just because I am White. I am also not comfortable when given the best table or seat in a restaurant because I was born White. (happens at Church a lot also) This is my experience on 12 trips to the Philippines, can't wait for my next 12 trips to my second home. Much Love from La Union!

  24. ? We Should Treat Every Country we Visit and it's People Like If It Was Our own Country and People, with Respect and Love in a Broader Sense of the Word ??

    And if We Don't, Then We Should Be Kicked Out and Never be Aloud to Come Back

    As a Tourist We Are Guests of Another Country, We are giving the Privilege to Enter another People's Home per say and as a Guest We Have The ?OBLIGATION? To Respect and Honor Our Host ?

  25. I promise as a foreigner I have never thrown my rubbish on the ground. I never will. As it is said ditto sa Hawaii, Malama ka Aina, care for the land. Looking forward to returning this year to continue volunteering.

  26. I spend around 70 USD every day staying in Ph. Of course, I came only because in Ph English is widely spoken. If, Citizens in Ph want the tourists to behave as each and every Filipino desires, then I have to say, Good Bye to Ph. I have other countries who are flexible in their laws to accomodate a Tourist to enjoy his stay. Do not impose your Hard and Fast rules on Tourists, which could result in Tourists avoiding your country when planning for an Holiday.

  27. So its my 3rd visit in the philippines, and i've gotta say it's a beautiful country. We're here for vacation hopefully we'll come back here soon.

  28. i blame it not on tourists, but the increase in consumption for a localized area in general. SEA is really dirty, and locals aren't that conscientious of taking care of their environment compared to say the west coast of USA.

  29. I hate people Go here in the Philippines and looking for Filipinas.. And have sex…

    Sorry but you can't find conservative filipinas in that motive..

    Conservative filipinas are not outgoing.. They stay at home and
    follow there parents.. Rich or poor.. Conservative people are
    very rare.. of course..

  30. Philippines: A country that's been colonized by Spain for 300 years, until America stepped in and kinda kicked them out. (The Americans pretended to be friends with The Philippines for a while till they broke character and left us to try and make our own government without their help so that could explain why our system is still pretty flawed and outdated). Though I believe progress is still progress. Eventually we'll catch up with the rest of the world sooner or later.

  31. Why blame the government if the people can't simply follow a certain law and then blame the government what a typical Filipino mindset lakas makablame sa government

  32. Those two people wearing black are, I think, anti President Duterte or anti governement. They blame him for closing Boracay. But now that you've actually seen how beautiful and wonderful Bora is, since it's reopening…What can you say? Stop blaming the government. We should do our part as citizens of our country. Change should start from oneself ? I'm not bashing them… I just think we need to do our part to make Philippines better ?
    But basically, we are thankful for the tourists. Tourism contributes a huge chunk of our country's income. So thank you for visiting, appreciating and respecting our country

  33. Great video! Now get some interviews on P. Burgos Street, Makati ! That would be interesting.. and interview all kinds of people there, ladyboys, beggers, tourists, workers.

  34. "What things does filipino's hates about tourist " is better title than "what filipino think of tourist". The kind of asking questions is one sided they dont ask filipino's what they think about tourist, but they ask what filipino's think about bad things tourist did.

  35. As a Filipino, I am promoting other locations to my foreign friends. Overcrowded na ang Boracay which already produce water pollution due to excessive garbage. I think decongesting one area helps prevent pollution so its better to promote other tourist destination so that we can avoid overcrowding Boracay.

  36. Philippines treats tourists very badly. I´m living in Davao. for a couple of yers now. They try to take advange of girls? Hehehe. Exactly what the young Pinay´s doing with tourist. Hey! you heard about the flood? my house are gone with the rain. And also my schoolbooks. You have money for me to buy new book´s? Heard tha so many time´s.

  37. Ewan ko ba , yung iba proud na yung pagsasalita natin ay may mix na English tagalog , spanish etc..
    Para sakin mas ma proud ako kung tayong lahat ay magsasalita sa sarili nating wika na wlang mix na ibang language
    Na amaze nga ako sa ibang bansa na karamihan sa mga tao nila di nagsasalita ng ingles , dahil nag e improve sila in their own di katulad natin dahil marunong tayo mag ingles halos nakadepende nlng tayo sa ibang bansa

  38. I hate how some people in this video, just recklessly put out their comments or "expert opinions" while not really educating themselves about the concern.

  39. "Sentenced to 330 years in jail for having sex with seven year old Filipinas"

    Why is this made out to sound somewhat like a bad thing?

  40. (This is just my opinion) Tbh people kept blaming the governent like yes sometimes its really them but the thing about boracay its definetly the people cause they live there and they know better about the place conditions and its also like the sad thing is bec very many of us is sooo damn used to throw trash anywhere we think thats not a problem to the point if something went wrong we directly blame the goverment. Many of us Filipinos are to damn relax because its our country we should at least have some shame to throw trash anywhere and have discipline to ourselves not to do stuff thats could cause problems to our enviroment.

  41. I feel like I know something when they started to talk with each other, as an Indonesian. Haha. Well hi filipinos!✋

  42. Government? Really!!?

    I think it's the peoples fault. Why cuz they don't have any type of discipline at all.

  43. 0:50 I'm not a government employee. But it saddens me that they answered the question to quick not giving any thoughts at all, like it is natural thing to say. Blaming the government for everything doesn't answer the problem. Imagine being a group leader in a school work with you the only one leading it and worse you are the only one doing all the work. We people should change also blaming anyone doesn't solve the problem. Be the change hypocrites.

  44. Set rules for tourists to pick up their own trashes? Local Filipinos can't even do it. Lol just sayin

  45. more than 1 million chinese tourists we're in the philippines in 2018 and there are many news reports of chinese parents letting their children poop or pee on the ground or in public.
    Sometimes its the americans

  46. As an American, if you catch one of my fellow countryman raping children and women in your country. You guy's absolutely have my blessing to punish him in ANY way you folks see fit I don't even care if you end him. That person is a waste of skin……the only words I can think to describe him is "human garbage".

  47. When it comes sa environment, wala namang problema sa mga turista. Wala na talagang disiplina karamihan sating mga pinoy sa umpisa pa lang. Isa pa, sa ibang bansa, halos kada corner may makikita kang basurahan, dito sa Pinas halos sa mga mall lang meron. Pero kung madalas siguro tayong makakakita ng mga proper waste bin, bakit pa tayo magkakalat?

    Edit: maraming natutuwa na namamangha yung iba sa pag-taglish natin, habang yung iba naman hindi at sinasabing hindi natin mahal ang wika natin. FYI lang po, kahit sa ibang bansa, common po ang paggamit ng loanwords sa daily convo. Nagkataon lang na mahabang panahon tayong nasakop ng ibang bansa at 2nd language natin ang english.

  48. They have opened up Boracay Island again, After 6 months of fixing the problems in the islands. Right now, They're waiting for the Tourist Population to rise up again

  49. The beaches and the scenery in the Philippines are the best in the world…however none of that matters at all to me.

    It's the people that make me fall in love with the Philippines. I will appreciate their love and kindness till the day I die <3

  50. Always blaming the government for everything, C'mon people this is basic discipline, The Government can't spoonfeed you for everything don't depend on them too much, And if there's someone to blame it's the people who can't learn simple discipline, Them being a tourist or local has nothing to do with this problem, IT'S THE PEOPLE

  51. I hope that the Philippine government won't allow foreign/tourist that has a criminal record in their country for coming here in the Philippines

    Shout out kay Pres.Du30!?

  52. We are now also using some Korean words especially the younger generation, like Daebak, Gamsahamnida, Jinjja, etc..??????in the future, you will be surprised hearing Tagalog, Spanish, English and Korean in Filipino conversation?

  53. Western tourists have been leaving their trash on southeast Asia tourist spots and so, in the end and in the long run, the economic gains brought by the tourism industry is not worth the ecological damage. Duterte in one of his speech is right, Philippines can survive without tourism. These western visitors are given a privilege and not a right and they have to conduct themselves properly in the same way that we Asians respect their laws when we travel to their country.

    I am also sick of how southeast asia in general are portrayed as sex tourism destinations. You watch Hollywood TV shows and American comedy skits, this is always how southeast Asia is portrayed. Asia is not getting the respect we deserve because of these stereotypes.

  54. You're amazed by the Taglish of Luzon people? Go to Visayas/Mindanao and you'll hear Tagalog, English and Bisaya in one sentence!

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