What Handlebars Do Pro Cyclists Use? | Abu Dhabi Tour 2018

What Handlebars Do Pro Cyclists Use? | Abu Dhabi Tour 2018

(swoosh) – Today, we are going
to talk to the riders here at the Abu Dhabi Tour
about handlebar choice, because there is a big choice,
in terms of aero or standard, but also the width, and
indeed, the shape of the drops. (mellow music) – With Caleb Ewan now, who’s got a fairly extreme position as you all know and also some fairly extreme
handlebars here at the front. You’ve gone for the traditional drop and only 40 cm edge to edge, I think. – Yeah, well I actually
had to get these bars specially made for me because this is the normal bar over here, I guess it’s like a new style kind of drop but I felt like I couldn’t
really sprint on that as well, so I preferred the traditional drop. So, yeah, they made me this bar like this and yeah, it’s quite narrow,
but then the stem’s super long so, yeah, it’s a bit of a, I guess it’s like a bit
of an extreme position but, yeah, I prefer to sprint like that. I think my upper body compared
to my legs is quite long so that’s why I run such a small frame, but then my reach is quite long. So, yeah, I guess it helps
me to get into that position. – And finally, quite
a few riders still use the traditional drop, not so
many members of the public do. Have you got any reasons
for that, do you think? – [Ewan] To be honest, I just
prefer the feeling of like, when you’re holding here and sprinting, I feel like you can really
pull on the bars more. I think it’s just like
personal preference. Everyone’s different, so
that’s just what I prefer. – You’ve got some fairly
extreme handlebars as we might expect,
what have you got there? – I believe they’re 38’s,
they’re the smallest we can get for our mass. I think they do have
a women’s model at 36, but 38’s good enough. And when we did a lot
of wind tunnel testing, we found that not only
is it good to be low, but it’s also very good to be narrow. You know, tucking the
shoulders in and everything. So the idea with this is I can just be in my relaxed position and be aero. – But you didn’t find
that at a certain point, when you’re really narrow, that it kind of makes your elbows go out at all? – No, when I actually ride,
I still ride like that. You know, my wrists are inside. It’s not like I ride like
that, so I still drop in. And no, it’s, you know when you do it for the first one week,
okay it’s a bit different. But after that, it’s fine
and then when you go back to like 42’s, it’s like driving a bus. – How much thought have you
put into you handlebar choice? – They’re flat on the top and they’ve got some rounded
bottoms, that’s about it. They’re the super ergos, pretty standard. A little bit flared, 42 on the
bottom and 40 across the top. So probably a little bit easier, so you don’t hit your
forearms on the bars as much when you’re out of the saddle, but there’s only so much
you can do with a road bike. We stuffed up a little
bit back in the day, because I always had 42’s but, so we always measured from the hoods, but the 42 on the hoods
but 44 on the drops. So we’ve gone, obviously,
back to 40 and 42, which is a little bit better for me. – [Interviewer] 38 centre
to centre at the top and 42 on the drops. How did you arrive at this choice of bar? – I didn’t choose,
that’s how they make it, so I normally, it was,
for years I’ve been 42, just a round, standard classic handlebar, and then, when we changed
to Enve, they had this bar and I wanted to try it
because it was flat on the top and the idea was to use the flat bit as kind of a rest for my arms. You can ride, like if
you’ve just got a round bar, and you hit a hole, or
you hit, after a while you get pain in the arm,
but this you can ride for hours, if you want. – Have you experimented much
with the shape of the drops? You’ve got reasonably compact shape here. Other riders, such as Caleb
Ewan, that we spoke to earlier has got a much more traditional drop. – Yeah, like I say, I used
to just have the classic one and then I tried this bar and,
honestly, at first it felt, I didn’t really like it, I
wanted the drop to be lower. Because like you said, this is too narrow. But then you, it’s like a balance. Because the other bar didn’t
have the flat bit on the top so I just sort of came to abandon that. – I think about, I don’t
know, maybe the large one is more comfortable, but I
don’t have really big shoulders so I can stay on with
40 handlebar and yeah. When you do the sprint it’s
all about positioning aero and with the shoulders, with the best aero composition we can. So with all the integrated stem and handlebar from
Specialised for the Venge one and all the cable is inside,
so it’s a good solution. It’s compact, curved, I have
an integrated one in the start and then I change with this one. I think it’s quite comfortable and then, also, I can
pull really, really well with the arms also. And yeah, also you can see the
shifter in the good position to change, so to have a
fast change in the sprint and, yeah, I think this position, the down position, I
used just in the last K, the last few K’s, so
because it’s so low, no? Because I want to be aero in the sprint and then to be comfortable
I can stay on the levels. – And how different is
this shape and width to what you would use in the velodrome? – It’s quite similar. It’s completely the same,
the curve and everything because I use always the same
measurement and everything. I try to use the same
measurement and handlebar and all the same same stuff on the track because I want to jump from road track, from road to the track
and from track to the road really quickly without any issues. (horn music) – I’ve ridden 42 centre to
centre since I was a junior. Since I was a whippersnapper. Yeah, I’ve always found that it fits. You know, it just feels perfect and you know I think if you go, some people think if you
narrower, it’s more aero, but then, you know, if you go narrower you can tend to ride with
your elbows out a bit more, so, yeah, I’ve just found this
a comfortable set up for me. – And you’ve got a traditional, almost a Merck-style drop there. Have you experimented on
that side of things at all? – [Luke] I’ve ridden these
bars for five years now. Just the traditional kind
of quite deep handlebar. I think the only change that we got coming is there’s the integrated,
all-in-one setup, which I haven’t got yet. They haven’t made the all-in-one
for this shape handlebar, so I think they’re in the
process of making it now, so soon it’ll be all-in-one. – I’d love to tell you there was, like, real specific request on
my part to Canyon for 41’s, but with the integrated
bar system that they’ve got that’s as narrow as they
get, whilst still having the 12 or 13 cm length on it. On the road bike, actually, I’m more about what’s comfortable. And the big thing for me is just having a flat section just here. I don’t like having any kind of dip. And then having a curved drop, rather than any sort of bump in it. I find if I’ve got, what’s it called? Like, where it’s more ergonomic. If I’ve got that, then I start getting sort of dead fingers and stuff. – Would you say you spend
more time on the hoods, you know, even when
you’re trying to get aero, than you do on the drops? – Yeah, yeah in training, I
try to spend time on the drops, but even like yesterday
in the late hour I found, I don’t really remember where I was, but I kinda stop thinking about it when I’m focused on
just trying to go fast, but I sort of getting
crouched down on the hood or using the drops, using both. As long as I get low enough, that’s sort of all that matters. – This year we’re sponsored by Vision, so they provide us with
this aero handlebars, which I think are great because
they’re quite comfortable, but still offer you
all the aero advantages of the other handlebars. Previously in my career, I’ve
been using narrower handlebars but these are obviously like a combo, so they only came in limited sizes. So this year, I’m using our regular 42 cm. Before I was using 40 cm when I was still using
aluminium handlebars. And yeah, but I like this,
these are pretty good. – And in terms of the
shape, you see some riders have a more traditional drop. You’ve got the more compact one. Was that a conscious decision that you came to after experimentation? – I’ve always used the
traditional shape ones, but they don’t make them
in the aero version, so I have these now and
I like it, it’s okay. – So quite a varied choice
amongst the pro riders. Now a couple didn’t
want to be interviewed, because they don’t have much choice in terms of width and
drop from their sponsors. Right, if you’ve enjoyed this video, give us a thumbs up just down below. Subscribe to GCN Tech
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