What Happened to Kid President? | Kid President Travel Show E1

What Happened to Kid President? | Kid President Travel Show E1

100 thoughts on “What Happened to Kid President? | Kid President Travel Show E1

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  2. Hey, kid president. Why did you smack talk Rebecca Parem?! How dare you do that to Let Me Explain Studios!!! Yeah, she posted it on a video. SHAME!!! -_-

  3. Everyone I have announcement to make.

    Kid president was smack talk about Rebecca from
    Let me Explain studios back in 2015

    Unsubscribe Now !

  4. Thanks for making the world a better place and for sharing your ideas and now ideas of other kids doing great things! Looking forward to watching more of your videos.

  5. Hey kid president you inspired me to make my home a better place and to go get out there and make friends and just because you’re getting older doesn’t mean you aren’t kid president anymore no matter how old you get we will always be there to help cuz we believe in you and thanks kid president

  6. "I'm here to make the world more awesome" seeing this video legit made me tear up he's changed so much over the years we love you Kid President❤️

  7. kid president smack talked rebeca pharam from let me explain studios at vidcon for her bad gaming skills she metoined it in her Hilights from vidcon video she said that at first she didn't know who he was and brushed it off at first but then one of her friends told her that it was kid president.That really isn't nice to talk to a fellow youtuber like him.

  8. did you know at vidcon 2015 kid president smack talked rebecca (aka Let Me Explain Studios) He ISNT making the world a better place.

  9. THis is GREATTTT NEWSSSS! <3 Love the brother mission! Get out there, meet amazing kids, and put that awesomeness on the internet! Can't wait! – Erin + Brian

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