100 thoughts on “What happens when nature goes viral?

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  2. 2 words.
    Use the barbed wire to block off people from the areas that are fragile. I would be 100% in favor of seeing these dumb asses rip their flesh off because they just had to take a selfie where they don't belong.

  3. can't believe a random Vox video I watched months ago helped me answer a free response question on the AP Environments exam. Thank you, Vox

  4. Im not sure but I bet people will look at this video and say OMG we have to go there not OMG lets not travel so we dont damage the ecosystems

  5. The Kaaterskill Falls incident I could really care less about those 4 deaths it's just natural selection at work

  6. Idk how no one knows about it? I'm not from US and in elementary those places are all over our geography books.

  7. Do you believe that the human being is like a virus? I remember what Agent Smith told Neo (Keanu Reeves) in the Matrix movie. He said: I'd like to share a revelation that I've had during my time here. It came to me when I tried to classify your species and I realized that you're not actually mammals. Every mammal on this planet instinctively develops a natural equilibrium with the surrounding environment but you humans do not. You move to an area and you multiply and multiply until every natural resource is consumed and the only way you can survive is to spread to another area. There is another organism on this planet that follows the same pattern. Do you know what it is? A virus. Human beings are a disease, a cancer of this planet.

  8. people are so dumb
    risking your life for just fame?
    what is this?
    people risking for goodness now that's just great
    i am really mad at this, you do this for things that didn't even exist

    people like mr.beast has it, popular but still have goodness in his heart

  9. "Take only photos, leave only footprints"? more like "Don't take photos or walk anywhere (you'll errode everything)"

    Haha irony I know

  10. good job. you made it worst by telling more people like me who didnt know about the location but it

  11. First thing the government should do that, "taking photos are prohibited ".
    You just go there andenjoy the nature but dont spoil it.

  12. I recently visited Horseshoe Bend paid $10 for parking 15 million dollars a year native Americans must be rich

  13. It’s quite sad that it takes an Instagram post for us to notice nature’s beauty and destroy it so quickly

  14. M y family lives in that area and there are so many different spots like this that I'm worried will be revealed

  15. Katerskill falls was my skinny dipping spot cause it was such a long hike to the waterfall basin, you could only get there safely from the bottom…now they carved stairs into the natural occurring stone so now anyone can come down with their kids or whatever… I miss when places like that we’re s destination not a stop in a tour where you come down for five minutes then leave .

  16. So this one lookout point got busy- well then charge people a premium for parking and use that money to create infrastructure, control visitors and educate. The world is a big place and I bet 10 miles down the road there's another spot just as special with nobody on it

  17. Ah, Horseshoe Bend. Essentially where I witnessed the first death. Now, there are railings. The club and I are planning to go there again.

  18. When a picturesque location gets far too many people than needed, it ceases to become a picturesque location.

  19. There should be an age limit on national parks and forests.
    Must be at least 21…and surrender your ID upon entry.

  20. Vox: Teaches viewers about social media making nature sights viral
    Me: Bro look at this video you want to see this place

  21. Living in page I've seen the growth growing up. I kinda don't like the mass amount of people who come and just ruin the experience.

    But at the same time helps the cities industry, it's a double edged sword that I hope can be balanced.

  22. Vox literally advertised for it. Making the situation worse. Like hundreds of thousands of people are going watch this.

  23. I went there back in 2013 back when IG was used primarily for food pics. There where about a few dozen people there spread out over a half-mile or so. Man oh man have things changed.

  24. I was born and raised in a remote island in SE Asia. Tourism booming didn't even exist yet there, not even in our collective consciousness. Until a few decades later it is now the most famous tourist spot in country mainly because it's natural beauty, splendor and people. I've seen it's tourism culture created a phenomena against or towards our culture and the island's "true" beauty it delivers shatter. I don't even recognize the place I live. Too much exploitation of the tourists and the folks there (who gained a lot from tourism business) became some place very different same as the effects and developments mentioned in this video. Thankfully, our local government made measures because subconsciously they have seen the tourism boom and its impact beforehand but these will not be enough.

  25. I always do my best to make sure I don’t disrupt anything in a setting like Horseshoe Bend. I agree exploring areas that are undeveloped can cause issues to the landscape. I fully support leave no trace, we wouldn’t want our children and our children’s children to see trash, and any kind of waste left behind and quite literally natural wonders being made into trash heaps and even seeing these beautiful areas thrashed and ruined be by some careless and thoughtless people. I wouldn’t close down these wonders to people, I’d just ask them to be more proactive and be great stewards of what’s around them. We need to be responsible with God above has given to us and it doesn’t matter what it is, we are to be great stewards of everything and yes, including nature.

  26. yep, it happened to my favourite local only beach, now theres trash and always busy even in the middle of winter. I now refuse to upload my hidden secret places that i find with my mum [we go exploring together, always have since i was a kid.]

  27. When humans really get involved, nature suffers. There's a similar bend in China by the Yangtze River called the Omega Bend. Destroyed because of human involvement. @vox

  28. Wait you can’t stop people from going? Y’all could charge non locals. Sell it to trump

    Nah, we going to build parking lots and side walks and portapots –

  29. I live right next to a popular national forest and let me tell you, it's a living nightmare to see all the tourists come during the summer and fall months. It's sad that most of these people come by social media influence. Every year, it just keeps getting worse and I honestly can't wait for the day when permits are being issued for specific trails.

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