What happens when TOURISTS wear kimono

What happens when TOURISTS wear kimono

sometimes emulating and admiring others
cultures can be taken too far and therefore seen as disrespectful whether
it was intended or not other cultures are cool but there’s a fine line between
appreciation and appropriate I think it’s really a leftist agenda to divide
us it’s accused of demeaning its culture Kim Kardashian is slammed for cultural appropriation *various news headlines about cultural appropriation* *various news headlines about cultural appropriation*
oh boy let’s get into it The issue of cultural appropriation has become a
controversial topic that sees a huge divide in opinions from around the world
it’s hard to have the discussion because you’re so afraid of somebody being
offended or not even knowing how you might offend somebody that’s when it
becomes a problem one culture that’s no exception to that is Japan there are
many different types of traditional clothing in Japan as the yukata hakama
happi hiyoko uchikake fundoshi, nemaki and Haori just to name a few but none of
them have become as famous overseas as the kimono kim kardashian announced her
new shapewear line called kimono oh no I I meant like actual kimono the
kimono dates as far back in history as 794 yes that is an actual year as a garnment made of straight cuts of fabric to suit a huge variety of
bodies it was worn by every Japanese person and it became an identifier to
make it obvious who was Japanese and who were foreigners you know in just in case
we didn’t stand out enough as it was in the Meiji period they changed the name
to kimono which literally just means thing to wear but they also encourage
people to wear more western style clothing as well they did this for a
number of reasons but the main reason was how long it took to put on so it
takes about 30 minutes or so to put it on so let’s get started
the 30 minutes it took to put on I count to ten individual pieces that went into
the final work and everything had a significant purpose Now when I say that it’s
difficult to put on I literally mean have a snack and some water before you
get started and then when it’s done good luck with doing so much just putting on
your socks because it is tight and now comes the difficult part of filming the
rest of the day whilst also dressing like this makes it very hard for you to bend
down and as if I don’t get stared at enough I’m gonna step out in a kimono
excellent ready for the stares so we have been such a huge culturally
significant piece of clothing you’d think that they’d want to keep it that
way right well yes they do kimono these days is basically only worn
to special events and formal functions and things like that but it’s also worn
for fun at things like festivals as kind of like a way to experience and
appreciate your own culture and just have fun with it and as far as I can tell
they want foreigners to do the same thing now for some people the question posed
in the title of this video is pretty obvious but in the crazy world that we
live in nowadays where people are trying not to offend another person while
they’re trying not to get cancelled I have seen the question pop up from a
couple of foreigners recently saying that they would like to come to Japan to
try on a kimono but they don’t want to be a part of Culture Appropriation so what is cultural
appropriation well to paraphrase Lindsey Ellis the term itself is actually
neutral it’s defined as the adoption of elements of one culture by members of
another culture so yes technically me wearing a kimono is a form of cultural
appropriation but please don’t spread the word because that term has got a
completely different meaning nowadays this is literally racist I say no to
inappropriate cultural appropriation if you a white girl don’t understand how
wearing a native headdress is inappropriate you need to read a book
educate yourself bitch this this is not cute or funny it’s racist and culturally
appropriate, CA is part of the cultural homogenization and eventually extinction, Halloween
is nearly here and picking a costume can be tricky, this is disrespectful you can’t walk
around acting like it’s a fashion statement Aussie cultural appropriation and y’all still
stan her okay this one literally doesn’t make any sense I don’t know what
is like culturally Australian about her outfit unless it’s the trousers? but maybe
they’re talking about the kangaroo I don’t know quite honestly the further I
dive into this topic the more I realize how complex it is there’s a reason that
no one can seem to agree on this topic and that’s because there’s no way to
simplify it this video could be an hour long and we’d still have no definitive
answer I do think though that there’s a lot to be said about the people involved
the context and the intent behind it but even then that’s no formula for an
agreeable answer so instead of trying and failing to understand and explain
what is okay and what isn’t in terms of cultural appropriation in the context of
the world although feel free to discuss that in the comments instead I’m just
going to focus on this video’s topic what do Japanese people think about
foreigners wearing kimono I think it’s really beautiful! you don’t feel any kind
of like like disrespect or anything like that? no not at all by that I think it’s
a little bit complicated for foreigners to wear the kimono they should have
someone who knows how to put it on So that they can wear it properly?
yeah right right right
So for non-Japanese people trying Japanese culture it’s really
nice thing I love it but if they kind of well you know wear it some
different way I wanna let them know like well that’s a bit different Do you know anyone who doesn’t like foreigners wearing Kimono? to say that they also aren’t some
Japanese people whose opinions differ from these however they would almost
certainly be the exception not the rule so far as I can tell from what I’ve
learned from asking my friends and things like that about issues that
people may have with foreigners wearing kimono is if they’re wearing it
incorrectly literally just like two minutes ago
I was setting up my camera there and then a Japanese lady walked
past and kind of kind of without even asking she just came up behind me and
said sumimasen, chotto naoshimasu ne like I guess I may have
like crushed a little bit when I was in the taxi the taxi so do you feel as though the
only time that people really care about it is if it’s worn incorrectly or one
without enough care to kind of give justice to the beautiful piece of
significant clothing that it actually is so both the times that have won the
kimono and all of many many many times that I’ve won yukata I’ve never never
ever never ever ever ever have I ever received any kind of negative remark not
even so much as like a an unhappy face looked in my direction and often
Japanese people want to want to try and get photos with me wearing it or
something like that and I think that it is because for Japanese people to wear
kimono is to experience and appreciate their culture and when they see a
foreign are doing the same thing that’s what it is I can’t speak for everybody’s
experiences like other people were any kimonos and things like that but even
for a lot of my foreign friends when they’ve won kimono your cuffs or
anything like that I’ve never even heard of any of them receiving any kind of
negative remarks from a Japanese person for wearing it which is why the Karli
Kloss kimono controversy shocked me when I first heard about it Vogue magazine
and supermodel Karlie Kloss is once again under fire for a recent photo
shoot gone wrong photos inside the mag featured Karlie Kloss dressed as a
Geisha aka a traditional Japanese entertainer she wasn’t dressed like a Geisha what who
said that Karlie received so much criticism for being a white woman cast
in a Japanese theme spread that she was forced to release an apology via Twitter
so all of this backlash was for cultural appropriation but unsurprisingly the
people accusing her of it weren’t actually a part of the culture in
question it’s in this bag oh that’s white guilt right well we’ve all got a
bit of that so what a Japanese people have to say about it I’m Japanese but
this doesn’t make me angry if someone asks if this is authentic Japan I would
answer that it’s not but I don’t feel any insult I’m Japanese but I think this
is just odd work I don’t know why it matters this is beautiful next time why
don’t you try dressing as a Michael ninja samurai or general almost all
Japanese are pleased that foreigners are involved in Japanese culture most
Japanese people will just say it’s not discrimination please don’t say sorry I
like it it’s beautiful thank you for your interest in our culture these are
beautiful it feels really cool thank you for wearing it everyone’s too sensitive
about these things none of the people criticizing her a Japanese so why do
people that have nothing to do with it criticize her where is the racism are
you crazy I mean we could probably just end the video right there to be honest. so I’m not
making this video to speak on behalf of anyone or any culture and especially not
to just you know point my finger at people that accuse cultural
appropriation even when it’s not that’s not at all what my intention is and I’m
certainly not trying to oversimplify an issue that is inherently complex I am
making this video however for foreigners that are coming to Japan and they really
want to get involved in Japanese culture and they want to try on a kimono maybe
you go to a matsuri and a photo shoot have fun with their friends that kind of
thing it’s okay no one is going to think it’ll of you for trying to experience
and see Japanese culture I know that this is actually quite a serious topic
and a sensitive one for some people and some minorities and I certainly can’t
speak for you while your experiences I believe that me having lived in Japan
for about five years and actively doing my best to learn the language and about
the culture and the traditions and the people I truly believe that if Japan
held on to their traditions and their cultures and their and activist
gatekeepers saying like no this is this is just for Japanese people you don’t
get to experience this I really think that if that was the attitude that I
felt from the people when I came here I won I wouldn’t have felt as welcome as I
do in this country and too I wouldn’t have learned as much as I have learned
that’s one of the wonderful parts about being in this country is how open and
warm and welcoming all of the people are here and they really do love it when
foreigners try to appreciate their culture and want to learn more about it
and I’ve really believed that that kind of open attitude has helped me to come
to know what it truly means to appreciate a culture oh I’m sweating I
know if it’s because it’s like a hut and I’ve got ten layers on right now or if
it’s just because I gave my opinion for once on my channel Oh imagine thank you
so much for watching this video if you liked it give it a thumbs up wanna see
more subscribe I would love to hear what your experiences are maybe not
necessarily about you know foreigners in Japan in kimono but you know the
cultures or you know what it’s like in your country and that kind of thing
it’s a super interesting topic it’s like a really big conversation starter that I
actually like really like having this kind of conversation with people in
person you know I’m such a crowd pleaser that been said only that’s the end of
the video thanks for watching guys Look at it, look at it! and the sleeves act as like a giant
pocket it’s amazing my phone is in here So pretty! You know what, I feel like? I feel like kylo Ren in Star Wars and he’s just turns around like *BOOM* just like like thick as a fridge. Haha that’s how I feel like
kylo Ren good job Hannah nice

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  1. I've noticed that a lot of these people who call out people for cultural appropriation are young women/girls and not the actual members of the culture being discussed. ?

  2. Thank you for making this video! It's my dream to go to Japan and experience their culture as fully as possible, so I did wonder if wanting to experience traditional Japanese dress might come off as offensive. Glad to know they are generally so excited and accepting about it! ?

  3. Cultural appropriation you mean the sharing of ideas and customs between people ? which often happens in modern society since there arent many walls separating us anymore. America itself is literally a melting pot of cultures all the different cultures coming together and putting in their 2 cents is what made it great. I'd rather have my my culture "appropriated" than have it die because it was walled off from the rest of the world because no one wanted to offend us. cultures either adapt and spread or stagnate and die. People that get offended by cultural appropriation are not helping said culture at all they are hurting it most of the time

  4. We had a Chinese moon festival at my college for the asian clubs, it was nice till the white kids in anime club came dressed in Japanese school girl cosplay uniforms.

  5. 不思議なことに着物はどこの国の人が着ても似合うんだよなぁ。どんどん着て欲しいです。

  6. I had to write a research paper on this topic sometime ago and what I got from it is that: cultural appropriate is when something is taken from a minority group that has been marginalized by their past opressors. such as "white" people using native american clothing as Halloween costumes.

  7. I am Irish. My wife is German. We ran a German Culture children's choir for 9 years, and had children in it from all different cultures who sang in it. The Germans thought the kids in the folk dress was great. One of the few negative comments I received was from an American who thought that the multicultural makeup of the chorus discouraged German kids from joining. I do not think this is true; one of the German ladies who came regularly to watch us perform said that "The Germans did not come, so it's like the bible, you go out to the highways and invite whoever wants to come to the party. That's the way how it should be". I don't know about her biblical scholarship, but I think her point is well taken. Beautiful customs, costumes, music, food, etc, need to be passed down or they disappear. If the origin culture isn't promulgating it, or of the origin culture invites others to partake. no one should be meddling in that relationship.

  8. This brings up some interesting thoughts. The concept of cultural appropriation, largely is Western based on what I've heard from non Westerners in every discussion.
    The fact that Western style clothing is worn all over the world doesn't phase anyone, so why does it cause trouble the other way around?

  9. I had the pleasure of 3 Japanese students spending a summer with my family. All three brought Kimonos for everyone in my 7 member family.

  10. I think the issue of cultural appropriation is mostly American, and I think I understand it, I mean the US is like a hot pot of different cultures, with a deep history of colonial atrocities, and retained tensions. I mean most countries have that to an extent, but America is really the epitome of it these days. Combine it with their culture of being loud and proactive (from my British perspective) and you really see why issues like this really explode up there.

  11. We don't have the "cultural appropriation is baaad" in my country (i think). Maybe this emotivity come from some usa citizens who are ashamed of what pioneers people did to native american in the past ?? Something like "colonialism is bad"="doing things in other culture style is stealing their culture"="Wearing a piece of cloth not invented by my ancestrors is destroying the japanese legacy" ?

  12. You're really only offending the people who are accusing you of cultural appropriation, not the culture itself. You wore the kimono very well, it looked great on you ?

  13. I lived in Japan when I was younger and I wore kimonos to festivals and no one said anything. I’m Mexican-American too. Those people who would get offended are crazy. They’re the same people who dress up ‘Mexican like’ for Cinco de Mayo ?‍♀️?‍♀️

    I still have that kimono even tho it doesn’t fit me anymore

  14. I feel like the people commenting haven't even watched the video… But thank you for this video! It was super informative 🙂

  15. Culture appropriation is when people take ideas from another culture and take it as their own or make fun of a piece of culture on someone who’s from that culture but not someone who isn’t from that culture and they are instead praised. It’s not as simple as just wearing something from another culture

  16. I feel like if it isn't stereotyping and actually respecting the culture, it's a beautiful thing and everyone should be able to experience another cultures lifestyle. It's sharing a wonderful thing.

  17. We also need to talk about cultural gatekeeping of cultures that do not belong to us, and colonialism. White people telling other people what is appropriation over the literal voices of the actual culture… that is both gatekeeping and colonialism. It is an act of dominance disguised as being an ally. Listen to the people from the Nations of the Cultures origin. Know that there will not be a a unified feeling. Be willing to listen more. But stop gatekeeping for other cultures.

    It is fairly easy to know when you are appropriating. If the act hurts another or deprives them, it is appropriation.

  18. Actual Japanese people don't give a shit. Of course, it's a different story if non-Japanese wear it specifically to denigrate Japanese people (say, some sort of ribald skit caricaturing the Japanese). But if a non-Japanese person wears it in good faith, doesn't mislabel it (like Kim Kardashian), and doesn't claim ownership of it, the Japanese either don't mind or are impressed. Same with the Chinese, Indians, etc. This "cultural appropriation" overreach appears to be a disease that has infected primarily children and descendants of Asian immigrants in the West, along with their aspiring socjus "allies" among the White population.

  19. “Cultural appropriation” is a term and concept invented by bigots in disguise who believe that the “races” should be separate and cannot interact. Seriously. It’s racist to think that you should not honor another culture by participating in its customs and traditions.

  20. I'm from germany and i love appropriating other cultures, like wearing caps of american sports teams, learning japanese without asking japanese people for permission and all that stuff.

  21. Cultural Appropriation = Evolution

    Every culture alive today takes heavily from other cultures. Don't want to culturaly appropriate anything? Die. It's your only way not to.

  22. So long as your not disrespecting it I don't see a problem with it? Some stuff may be more sacred and shouldn't be worn but not a problem.

  23. i feel that it is more of the americans/british/australian who get up set about cultural appropriation. the second generations are the people who get all riled up about it.

  24. my understanding of cultural appropriation is when someone takes elements of another culture and claims they invented it OR if its presented in a mocking manner. I guess there are more definitions than i thought….

  25. it’s really depressing at the hypocrisies surrounding cultures. a girl i babysit for dressed up as tiana from princess and the frog (her favourite princess) for halloween, and RANDOM STRANGERS from across facebook came and ridiculed an eight year old for putting on a green dress and putting her hair up in a bun (no blackface involved. she is white).

    listen. i get it. us vanilla cupcakes ruined your lives back in the 1800s, and those of us (NOT ALL OF US) who are uneducated continue to act like so. if you’re going to defend one of your races for getting a white role, then that girl can dress up as whoever she wants uwu

  26. its kinda hilarious to see that its not even the people from other cultures that are getting their nickers in a twist, why does every one have to be so sensitive about shit thats not even concerning them?? lmao

  27. every person that is proud of their own culture and traditions loves to see someone from a different background tritying it.
    I would to hear that in some far away country people dress like Argentinian gauchos or I also love to hear that people drink mate in syria

  28. I friend of mine who is Jewish, used to dress up at Halloween as Hitler with a fake toilet seat attached to his ass. He made fun of the guy and he enjoyed doing so. He hates the Nazis (his grandfather was killed in Dachau). Now, few years ago people verbally attacked him because of his custom. None Jewish white middle class kids feel like they need to defend something because everything can be offensive to somebody. Idiots.

  29. I hate people that act like anime high school girls that aren’t Japanese it always makes me cringe. But when men do it I say it’s fucken hilarious.

  30. A school kid yelled at me because I said that I would love to learn Japanese and live there, she said I was RACIST to Asian cultures because I only wanted to "be Japanese" I said I never wanted to be Japanese but I loved the culture they have (she was Asian so I guess she thought she had power of every Asian person to say how I disrespected her.)

  31. I'm Greek and hell, everyone steals from our culture! We should sue everyone! That's how we will get back out of debt from Germany!

  32. If you want a good example of real cultural appropriation, look at traditional Romanian and Ukrainian blouses that big fashion houses often copy for their own clothing lines. These fashion houses never make use of local artisans for their embroidery (to benefit the inspiring nations), preferring Asian slave labour essentially.

  33. I'm Japanese and I honestly don't care? Of course id care if the culture was used incorrectly (idk if used is the right word) but I don't find something as simple as this to be offensive

  34. So as part of my Japanese exchange, I went to a senior citizens centre in Tokyo and they dressed me in a kimono. If they don't consider that cultural appropriation, then why do all these crazies online?

    In other words, there's nothing wrong with wearing a kimono.

  35. How I see it is that if you are wearing the outfit to purposely make fun of the culture then yes I would agree that is bad

    However if you are wearing the outfit to experience/embrace the culture then I feel like people should have a more open mind to this instead of being a closed door "this is only my things and that is only your thing bleh!" Like I think the beauty of traveling and just living on this earth is that there are so many different cultures that we can experience and in this day and age of people "gatekeeping" it's getting harder and harder for people to want to try new things and experience the world without the fear of being outcast or "cancelled"

    For e.g. I'm Irish and if someone in America wants to do Irish dancing and wear the traditional Irish dancing dresses then go right ahead! As long as they aren't doing it to purposely make fun/ be "racist" (don't know if that's the right term sorry) then I say it's fine!

    I just wish people would think more instead of attacking people based on what a majority of people nowadays online are saying, and this toxic "cancel culture" needs to stop.

  36. So should I get offended by Americans wearing Lederhosen and celebrating Oktoberfest in America now despite most of them not even being remotely German? Nah, I'm actually really glad people are appreciating German culture and not just bring up WW2 all the time when people talk about Germany

  37. By the logic of this wouldnt avatar the last airbender be cultural appropriation because westerners are taking an eastern style???? Hmm

  38. As someone who doesn’t have a culture whatsoever and never grew up with anything like it I always find other cultures very wonderful and beautiful especially the Japanese. There’s clothes, food, and traditions are all so interesting to me because it’s so different from anything I grew up with at all.

  39. No one minds it. I'm European and marrying a Japanese man in a Japanese temple and he and his family are the ones who suggested that I wear a kimono. Japanese people find it interesting that Western people love their culture.

  40. I like when white people, black people, asians, whatever race you are, are involved in Mexican culture. I would rather want them involved than not know anything at all. It makes me happy when people learn spanish or when I see people at a mexican restaurant enjoying Mexican food. I want everyone to appreciate what Mexico has to offer and honestly it creates a bond between different races.

  41. God I want to move out of America sm I am part Native American and when ever I see idols using that filter I’m like aye out of all those filters they chose that one nice not whatever that one tweet was

  42. I 100% believe that the "culture appropriation" thing was started with absolute good intentions. It was to make people think about did they know the culture behind this garb, ect. But its now become a way to gatekeep who can enjoy other cultures and its really depressing.

  43. Culture is ever changing and we would never grow if we didn't learn from one another.
    I grew up on a living history community focused on the rocky mountain furtrade. The most appropriate clothing(for women) is a buckskin dress and leggings, because trappers didn't have the necessary clothing in their culture. They used the Native American clothing and survival methods.
    Without cultural appropriation(by it's dictionary definition) we would not have the world we have today. T
    Also, I have a bachelor degree in fashion design, and Kimono are considered art.

  44. The problem with lefties is that they dont want to insult. The problem is that 1% always will be insulted, you will never beable to make everyone happy. The main thing is be respectfull. Dont be he loud tourist who wears shorts in a temple. You wearing a Kimono shows an interest in an culture, you probably have read about it before. So why should people in general be offended?

  45. Forget the cultural appropriation nonsense and haters. Mimicry is the sincerest form of flattery and shows a willingness and awareness in of itself that there is a cultural context. Live your best life however you want to free of the toxic vitriol of the sjw's.

    And amazing…the people who's culture is being appropriated aren't offended by it…huh…almost like it's a manufactured crisis

  46. I have traveled to many different countries (India, Bolivia, Japan, etc.) with their own traditional clothing and in every one, the people there have been super excited to dress me in their traditional clothing and are so happy that I am interested in their clothing and culture. They do make sure it is worn correctly and are constantly fixing it lol. I completely agree that the only time it seemed anyone even noticed me wearing the clothing was when it had come undone or was not laying perfectly, and they just wanted to help me fix it. You can see they have a lot of pride for their culture and they want you to have pride for it too.

  47. Some people at social media: OMG!! they're wearing stuff not in their culture.

    People from said culture: oh nice they're wearing stuff from our culture.

    It's kind of stupid getting offended for someone else's sake.

  48. When I was in Japan I was actively encouraged by the Japanese to participate in their culture, up to and including wearing traditional garb. They love it when foreigners seek to appreciate their culture.

  49. I see a lot of comments saying that cultural appropriation is only a problem in the west. As a westerner I’ll try to explain why a bit since I can see that many people from around the world don’t understand why.

    In Canada and the USA for example, native peoples have historically been oppressed by white settlers. Their land was taken, they were killed, and they were put into residential schools. In these schools they weren’t allowed to speak their languages. They weren’t allowed to wear any traditional clothing. Many were abused and many died. The purpose was to “strip the Indian from the child” and for years after these schools were shut down, it was still illegal to practice any traditional practices, or wear traditional clothing. Now that it is finally legal (not very long ago) it makes sense that people are protective of their culture. It was taken away from them for a long time and all of a sudden settlers are taking it again?

    Although a different history, the same sentiment is true for black Canadians and Americans. They spent so long being told they couldn’t practice their cultures and now white people are being praised for doing what they weren’t allowed to.

    I would never want to generalize a group of people, so I’ll add that there are of course different opinions about this, and not everybody who identifies as black of indigenous feels this way.

    I hope this makes sense to more people who aren’t from the west now, if anybody has any questions I’ll be happy to answer them, but I’d rather not get into any fights about cultural appropriation. (:

  50. Like, the Katy Perry thing when she combined like 5 different Asian cultures in a really weird way was disrespectful b/c of history etc. But had she done it appropriately, yeah, it would've been awesome.

  51. Wait, so like, what about worldwide business clothing. Like, tie and suit and white shirt. That is super western. With that in mind, have you ever seen the business people in Korea (specifically as I have seen that personally)… how is that wrong tho?

  52. I think the whole 'cultural appropriation thing' and the hate and stigma surrounding it is just strange. There's a fine line between appreciation and appropriation, and most of the time the culture isn't even being appropriated. Here in New Zealand, we're an immigrant country, and basically every single culture is celebrated here. The schools all branch out and all the children take part in lots of cultures. At my little sisters school, her and a lot of kids from her class did a Chinese fan dance. Everyone knows at least one or two Maori Waiatas off by heart as well as legends, and kids do a school Haka too, even in highschool. All cultures are enriching things and should be shared for all to experience rather than keeping everyone into their own little boxes.

  53. Mid 80s baby here…I'm not sure I understand this whole culture appropriation thing. I mean shouldn't we embrace other cultures? Things have gotten way out of control I think. I guess I'm just not a part of this whole " whine about EVERYTHING " era.

  54. i agree with the comments saying its mostly an american problem. i wasn't aware of how american it was (being one) until i thought about it. america is one of the most mixed countries and there's just so much tension all the time because of massive historical guilt (and guilt tripping) on every account that it just makes it tough to do stuff without worry of stepping on another person's toes. so yeah, i guess it makes perfect sense that people would be pissed off but i dont think it's because they actually care about the culture, they're just pissed off deep down at the other race because of something or another.

  55. My first experience wearing kimono in Japan was not positive – but that's because I was mislead by an American company selling me inauthentic kimono, including teaching me to use a rope (A PIECE OF HEMP ROPE) as an obijime. My friends were horrified and had to redress me. After that, I learned about kimono, and can now dress myself authentically in kimono and yukata. I wore kimono relatively often in Japan (several times a year) and joined American kimono groups when I returned home. These groups are mostly women (and some men) of Japanese heritage – most of whom were born in Japan. The minority were non-Japanese Americans. Both in Japan, and in American based kimono groups – I was welcomed warmly. And they're always impressed to learn I dressed myself, and that I'm not using pre-tied obi. 😉

  56. It really just depends on the situation.

    I've worn kimonos before… as a white girl in primary school. We were a school that learned Japanese. We had a Japanese assistant and I think a sister school in Japan. Every year we had a special day where we celebrated Japanese culture. We would participate in traditional and modern Japanese culture doing stuff like making oni masks and playing with Japanese toys. Was this negative cultural appropriation? No. It was an exciting and fun way to learn about the culture and I loved those days. And all the Japanese people involved had no issue with it.

    On the otherhand, there are some things that I wouldn't wear because it is offensive. Like wearing a Native American headdress is an important part of the culture. It's pretty easy. If it's done to mock or stereotype a culture, especially a marginalised one, and/ or done against the wishes of the people then it's probably not a good idea.

    Issues with Americans is they love speaking for other cultures instead of listening to them

  57. it's ONLY cultural appropriation if whites do it….

    but black women wearing blonde weaves and bleaching their skin isn't cultural appropriation….some even think they are British, Irish, German just because they moved to a European country.. In fact, blacks now think they were around in London during the medieval times….

    how about watching Hamilton in black face…or Santa's who now have black face..

    Asian women dying their hair red and getting plastic surgery to make their eyes bigger isn't cultural appropriation….in fact, I have seen Asians who also think they are Swedish, French, British just because they live in a European country. Can you imagine a white person pretending to actually be Chinese and not mocked?

    Indian women wearing Western clothing and getting a Western education isn't cultural appropriation…..in fact, they think they are smarter than the Westerners who educated her…..

    all non whites take from the white Western race….but never the other way around.

  58. it's ONLY cultural appropriation if whites do it….

    but black women wearing blonde weaves and bleaching their skin isn't cultural appropriation….some even think they are British, Irish, German just because they moved to a European country.. In fact, blacks now think they were around in London during the medieval times….

    how about watching Hamilton in black face…or Santa's who now have black face..

    Asian women dying their hair red and getting plastic surgery to make their eyes bigger isn't cultural appropriation….in fact, I have seen Asians who also think they are Swedish, French, British just because they live in a European country. Can you imagine a white person pretending to actually be Chinese and not mocked?

    Indian women wearing Western clothing and getting a Western education isn't cultural appropriation…..in fact, they think they are smarter than the Westerners who educated her…..

    all non whites take from the white Western race….but never the other way around.

  59. it's ONLY cultural appropriation if whites do it….

    but black women wearing blonde weaves and bleaching their skin isn't cultural appropriation….some even think they are British, Irish, German just because they moved to a European country.. In fact, blacks now think they were around in London during the medieval times….

    how about watching Hamilton in black face…or Santa's who now have black face..

    Asian women dying their hair red and getting plastic surgery to make their eyes bigger isn't cultural appropriation….in fact, I have seen Asians who also think they are Swedish, French, British just because they live in a European country. Can you imagine a white person pretending to actually be Chinese and not mocked?

    Indian women wearing Western clothing and getting a Western education isn't cultural appropriation…..in fact, they think they are smarter than the Westerners who educated her…..

    all non whites take from the white Western race….but never the other way around.

  60. The term cultural appropriation is used way too often. As long as you're not claiming something from another ethnic group then it shouldn't be considered cultural appropriation

  61. culture and appropriation are french word if you keep using them ill harass you on twitter for cultural appropriation

  62. I think it's amazing that people are appreciating other cultures instead of putting them down.

    I'm mixed race, so celebrating my heritage is a little more complicated for me; I've never really felt a sense of belonging in white or African cultures. I imagine I'd have no problem with people respecting my culture if I fully knew what it was, though. No need for people to brew unnecessary hate 🙂

  63. I remember back then when I visited multiple African countries (Egypt etc when I was like 10), everyone touched my blonde hair (most asked first, being very pale and blonde with blue eyes made me stand out and I was told it was quite rare so most were interested in that) and wanted to try traditional hairstyles on my hair. We let some of them try hairstyles etc on me cause they wanted to see how my hair would look like in their traditional way of styling it. It was quite interesting and I noticed how complicated and unique those hairstyles were.

  64. 俺が40年以上ジーンズをはいているのは罪なのか?













  65. I'm mixed race,I feel as though people are so tightly wound when it comes to other cultures and it almost feels like people can't try or experience other cultures without having fingers wagged at them because of Americans which is ironic seeing as how American culture is literally a melting pot of other cultures

  66. I've learned that cultural appropriation is pretty much natural when cultures come in contact and mix. It doesn't have to be bad. It becomes problematic when the people who are appropriating a culture are celebrated while the culture that is being appropriated is discriminated against for engaging in their own culture. This is why in America it's bad to appropriate African American culture because African Americans are still being discrimated against systematically. Kim Kardashian will be celebrated for "black" hair while black children are kicked out of school for wearing their natural hair. That's messed up about it.

    Thanks for coming to my ted talk lul

  67. As a Polynesian, I don’t mind about tourists wearing traditional tropical dresses, flower crowns, pearl necklaces or having tikis in their homes or gardens.

  68. Here is my opinion. If we did not share our cultures we would not have the diverse foods, technology, clothing, etc. today. I am also tired of people thinking if white people wear a kimono (example) they are being racist, but if it is a non-white, it's brave and beautiful! How? How is that different? It's not their culture either, so the same rule applies to them. This double standard needs to stop.

  69. When I think of cultural appropriation i think of someone saying this is what the culture is/wears when its really not.

  70. What people dont understand, especially white people, is the fact that people tend to get criticized for their own culture, but when white people do it ,its cute.
    White people call black girls ghetto for wearing braids, but then when they do it,its trendy.Black women have been having full lips ,and curvier bodies since forever,but now it's ok that white girls are doing it.
    THAT is the problem with cultural appropriation.

  71. This is a bit ignorant. Japanese people do not mind people wearing their kimono as long as it is being worn correctly. It isn't comparable to other forms of cultural appropriation like white women wearing box braids. This whole video just lacks nuance.

  72. Cultural appropriation isn’t a thing; disrespect for other cultures is, and that is identified with racist and xenophobic behavior. If I wear a traditional outfit from another culture because I like it, I don’t certainly mean to disrespect anyone. Also, why is the backlash so incredibly big when it comes to clothes and isn’t when it comes to food? I wouldn’t be criticized for trying to make sushi, would I? And as an Italian, I certainly won’t get offended if a Japanese person tried to make pizza. But most people don’t see that as offensive because it’s been diffused all over the world for the longest time. Feeding myself over a meal that is not from my culture should be cultural appropriation… and it is. Culture have mixed together for centuries, that’s what they do. Cultural appropriation is just a wrong definition for cultural mix.

  73. Why is always Americans screaming at cultural appropriations when literally every other country in the world don’t care at all. Like seriously Americans why are you so obsessed with cultural appropriation?

  74. So very true! It's truly infuriating that people calling out someone for "cultural appropriation" are rarely FROM THAT CULTURE! I've also lived in japan for nearly 5 years now, and never have I ever received negative comments about wearing a yukata or a kimono. On the contrary, local people were really nice, complemented me, or wanted to take pics with me. Well of course, if someone is wearing it incorrectly, or does something disrespectful with the fabric (I dunno, tear it up or throw it into mud for the fun of it or a YT video) then obviously it's not ok. However, trying on a traditional outfit from another culture and taking a photo to commemorate it, is more than welcomed by the representatives of said culture.

  75. Me, a POC/Minority: endorses my western friends to try wearing my nation's traditional clothes just so I can see them wear it
    Some (probably) white American: Don't do that! It offends your people!

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