WHAT I EAT IN A DAY | Vegan (ish) Camping Food

WHAT I EAT IN A DAY | Vegan (ish) Camping Food

Hello! My name is Elsa, I live in a
13ft Scamp trailer and today I’m going to show you
what I ate throughout the day. I start my morning with dates.
I freaking love dates. I’ve been able to buy them in bulk here in
Arizona and I cannot get enough of them. They’re really sweet, kind of like a
giant raisin but … sweeter. I cut them in half, take out the pit
and then I put some almond butter on them. So good. And then for a little protein and omega-3s,
I sprinkle on some chia seeds. Then I top each of those with a slice
of banana and I am telling you this is SO GOOD. Next I drank some greens powder
from Barron’s cousin, Amber. You can find a link to this down below
if you’re interested! We love greens powder to supplement the nutrients we
might be missing when we’re traveling or can’t get into town for greens. It’s got spirulina, alfalfa, barley grass, wheat grass, spinach, kale and all kinds of other nutrients. My morning meditative ritual
is making cowboy coffee. I use this little PocketRocket butane stove mostly for water boiling inside. Cowboy coffee is a camping style of coffee making that requires the least amount of trash, tools and effort. I bring my water close to boiling, add a few tablespoons of coffee and let it sit for four minutes. Then, I pour it through a strainer and into my mug. What happens is the boiling water makes the coffee grounds sink to the bottom. You’re supposed to pour cold water on top
to make them all sink but here in the desert, my water is pretty room-temperature,
so I skip that step and the strainer works just fine. And now I’m gonna let Barron show you
how he made his daily peanut butter sandwich. Dave’s bread is the best bread. I’m eating both the heels because Elsa won’t eat them and we only have two
other pieces left. I’ll make the sacrifice it’s okay. Peanut butter, lots of peanut butter because calories. This almond butter we also got
at the store that had out-of-date food. It was like four dollars and this is normally
a fifteen dollar can-o-almond butter. -By the way, the store he’s
talking about here is a little shop inside of a giant flea market that we
found in the middle of the desert. It’s run by a grocery store liquidator
that buys beat-up or recently expired foods and sells them for cheap and this
little shop happened to have a lot of organic health food so we stocked up. Some flaxseed because I heard
that it’s good for you. Some chia, we got these and the flax
from that expired food store too. then seal it all in with some honey. OOOOOH YEAAAAUUHHHHHH Pretty fire. I knew it would be. Later in the day I also made a sandwich. I spread some ghee on my bread. Ghee is
non-dairy butter and it’s really nice because it doesn’t have to be refrigerated. I cut a tomato and an avocado and added salt, pepper, cayenne and a little bit of lime. Then spread some of my homemade hummus all over my toast, put on the avocado, tomato and topped that with sunflower
and pumpkin seeds. I added some more pepper and
some nutritional yeast and then topped that sandwich
and it was freaking incredible. We drink a good amount of water every
day and something that helps me remember to do so and makes it
a little more enjoyable is to squirt some lime or lemon into my water. I think that’s good for making your
body more alkaline too? It tastes really good. Honey, I’m home! (laughing with sass) What did we get? We got carrots, oranges, peppers for hummus, lemon, -Look at all those warm colors! more Dave’s Bread because it’s the best bread, and toe-nail clippers for you. We are gonna go on a walk to the water! Did you get sand in your face? That’s what happens when you do that! You crazy! For dinner I made a kale salad. I like to
chop up whatever veggies we have laying around and put them into the salad. Today was tomato, shallot and bell pepper. To make the dressing, I used the rest of my homemade hummus, some olive oil, a good squeeze of lemon and three caps of apple
cider vinegar and then I gave that a stir. Then I add some salt, cayenne, pepper
and stir it all up. The kale I’m using is dinosaur kale and
I cut off the stem by folding each leaf in half and cut it out,
then chop up all the leaves into little pieces. I massage the kale so it’s tender and
easier to chew and makes easier for my body to assimilate. I had all the ingredients to the bowl, stir it around and then we eat! Mmm! Yeah, that’s really good! Mmm-hmm! I’m having one more date for dessert. It’s about 6:30pm right now and it’s time to go to bed! Thanks for watching and I’ll see you
in the next video! Bye!

100 thoughts on “WHAT I EAT IN A DAY | Vegan (ish) Camping Food

  1. Yum. Good variety, lots of flavor, healthy stuff. Looks delicious. **edit** okay, I officially hate you now. Tried some of your date/almond butter/chia seed/banana things… I could see those being as addictive as ice cream! Guess we’ll have to be careful not to keep a supply of dates on hand. :-/

  2. I’ll have to watch another time and take notes for the salad. In the peanut butter sandwich.
    No hate.
    I eat peanut butter strawberry preserve Cows butter and banana. So good.
    Peace out. You two so cool.

  3. Would love to know you guys daily routine. What time you guys wake up and what time go to bed. More video!! Please!

  4. youre not vegan (at all). you are plant based. you see, real vegans do not consume anything from an animal that was harned. so, do you know how the cow was impregnated to produce that ghee? lol be calm and ahuh KIND.

  5. I know you guys love this life, but i would be so bored – excruciating to think about on a day to day basis. Maybe a few days like this would be tolerable. Not to mention if you have an argument, theres no where to go. ouch. good luck to you both though.

  6. Hay Elsa can you explain some of the ingredients you have for your food I’m not a healthy eater and I’m new to the ideas of eating health thanks like what’s hamos

  7. Anyone selling you expired/past date food is making a 100% profit because all expired food is written off at store level and either thrown out or carried out to be deposed of by the company rep (what I used to be.) It’s illegal to sell or profit from the sale of expired food. Anyway, I get the idea of not wanting to let any food go to waste that could still be consumed…so I agree with that ethic. I just hope you are paying next to nothing for it because the person selling it had zero expense to obtain it. Telling you this not as a hater, rather just giving you bargaining tools to work with. Btw…totally trying your date snack.

  8. I'm a vegetarian, and I love your creative food choices! You eat better than I do! You guys are so lucky to have each other!

  9. Your videos are so awesome! I spent the last couple days in the hospital and binge-watched your channel but this video in particular ? I could not wait to get out and make that sandwich with the avocado and tomato and stuff. I just made it and it was Unreal. Thanks for being so down to earth and inspiring. For some reason I found myself looking up campers for sale online ?

  10. Another
    Lovely relaxing video❤️ please do more cooking tutorials please. Also my question is what are your long term plans for scamp life??

  11. Just found your channel a few days ago and can't get enough!! Why do we all love to know what ya eat….well I think it helps us who are trying to eat more plant base but our house size Pantry's still have food we shouldn't eat or buy in the first place. So to me it helps!! I am definitely making the dressing!! LOVE Kamp and where was that lake…. beautiful!!!

  12. I find this video so relaxing!! I also need to try that sandwich recipe, it looks deliciooouuusss. Also the fact that he's eating the heels of the bread for you might be the cutest thing ever!! True love right there.

  13. I use italian coffee maker and the only waste it creates is coffee grounds. Best coffee and camping friendly! It does require a separate tool though but to me it's worth it (but as for now I only camp for vacation not full time;)

  14. As an adult. I have learned one of my responsibilities is to eat the "heels" of the bread. I find it strange people won't even look at them. I admit when I was young I didn't either.

  15. Elsa, I live in a Rpod full time right now, not quite as small as you. About to head back to CO from CA soon and was wondering if you would like to be friends? I'm learning so much from you. I like how kind you are. And it's amazing how you handle yourself so young. Anyways if you would like to exchange contact info just give me a holler.???❣️ Namaste'. ~me.

  16. Ghee is made from butter but u don’t have to refrigerate my parents make it all the time cuz where brown or Indian same thing

  17. What's your favorite meal I'm the scamp ? It's worth living in a scamp ? I have seen van life and tiny house on wheels looks so fun to experience new things !

  18. I notice in alot of your cooking you use cayenne…. what are the health benefits of that? Or is it just preferable taste?

  19. You eat well. I understand that if you don’t fracture the chia seed our bodies can’t pull the nutrients from it. It will serve as bulk, little tiny bulk. I buy ground seed in flax and chia. I guess you can grind them enough , maybe a bullet would fracture the seeds enough, I would think so. It’s a dog! I got so excited when I saw him I thought, O, they raised a baby fox.

  20. My daughter is a vegan and I completely understand. This was a cool video, because I get to see what see eats everyday. I love my daughter so much. Thanks!

  21. Love Dave’s Killer bread! Love you 2 ?so much I let all the ads run ?‍♀️ ❤️. Can’t believe the idiots in the comments! Gahhhhhhh! Like could society BE more miserable? (I know it’s a small % but wanna grab them by the throat ???!). All this coming from my anger management class….obvi NOT listening – some ppl just need smacked ??? obvi joking LIGHTEN UPPPPPP PEEPS! Jebus! ?

  22. Hey, I love your channel but how do you guys keep stuff including yourselves clean? Like how do you do laundry, the dishes, go to the bathroom etc?

  23. gorgeous people. i loved the food options and will use some. i was a little confused about the honey? Assume your boyfriend not vegan? Thanks for the info…


  25. I’m not judging y’all being vegans. I just don’t understand taking or eating supplements found in actual food. I can’t see that being more healthy. Anyway…rant over. Again to each his own. I really just wanted to comment on Barron eating the heels. To me it’s not a sacrifice, it’s a luxury…lol
    Those were some lovely, colorful peppers. Yum! I also LOVE kale, but I cook mine.

  26. Just bought a bunch of packs of prunes and now thinking the peanut butter/ chia seed combo would work with them too. Have y'all tried vegamite or marmite? Goes great on toast with peanut butter too. Very savory and B vitamins.

  27. I love all your cooking videos. I'm creating my own playlist of them. Definitely one of the most inventive, healthy and beautiful easy food making on the web. Plus your editing style is amazing. Thank you for offering this wonderful content!

  28. Ghee is not non dairy…it's the separated fat and whey of cow or buffalo milk. I still love to watch you guys cook and eat!

  29. LOVE your channel we may be old but it's never to late to learn how to live better. Thanks and GOD Bless ❤️❤️??

  30. Hav U tried Matcha Ninja 100% RAW Organic Ceremonial Grade Green Tea?
    Non-BitterSmooth Blend & It's Cold Water Soluble…

  31. Don't like all the foods she uses but that's just me personally but I have to say everything she makes looks fantastic does make you want to eat a little more healthier!??❤

  32. Ghee is indeed made from dairy (butter) but it's clarified so the milk solids have been removed. It heats well without burning and, because those solids are removed, it stores at room temperature without going rancid.

  33. Thought lemon would have acid not alk…? Kale, carrot have beta carotene, not A. Cod liver oil has A. Body will/should/might turn betaC into A but..?

  34. You are so lucky… .. Plus. . you guys are still young.. You need to teach me hiw to fix foods like that. Looks good and yummy.. Have you had any problems with bears since you have food in your camper?

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