WHAT I GOT FOR CHRISTMAS 2019 + Vlog // Summer Mckeen

WHAT I GOT FOR CHRISTMAS 2019 + Vlog // Summer Mckeen

I’m a rainbow in my face somebody like
that absolutely I’m blind okay*gibberish* and Redman hi everybody it is can you
believe it I am going to films okay oh I’m kidding
today I’m gonna show you what I got for Christmas because I do it every year
I’ve been doing it since I was 13 and these are some of my favorite videos
look back on so hope you enjoy first I’ve logged a little bit of Christmas
and I just want to put that in strawberries I’m gonna get some
Christmas strawberries while looking on oh look at all these snowflakes oh wow
look at all these I can’t see how I posed to see what am I supposed to do
okay guys you’re gonna go right now because we don’t have strawberries and
we want to make strawberry Nutella crepe Bragi okay so there actually were
strawberries and now we get to make sure every Nutella crepe yeah Merry Christmas I knew it was you you really read it
reading oh that’s mine yeah that would be me you look so
familiar yeah I know yeah I thought you would
really like those me the baby Nutella and a big baby Nutella I’m just gonna do this super randomly
this is from my mom it’s called the tanker it’s a mini massage herb it
doesn’t like physically massage you I guess it like send shocks elect it has
electrode pads and it’s a muscle stimulator pain reliever put it all over
wherever you want I don’t know I’m very excited to try
that oh she also got me Viva La Juicy and this is kind of weird and nostalgic
because I would wear this with my best friend every single day in sixth grade this was everything and I recently
smelled it and I was like I think I like that again except now that I’m smelling
it oh it’s just so so weird because the only time I wear this meant was when I
was 12 and it’s just very strange but the bottle is really cute and it does
she also got me this which I’m really excited about I have the newest MacBook
and the newest Mac books don’t have any USB port they don’t have a CD or dvd a
little slot and so this is an attachment so I can put CDs and DVDs in my laptop
which I’m very happy about because then I can burn my disposable film onto my
computer and then happen my mom also got me this sign from Chelsea New York
because that’s just where we stayed for three weeks it’s cute and it’s a little
memory captured and I totally forgot to put this in but my mom made me this
20:19 scrapbook so she recapped my whole entire year which was so so sweet and
thoughtful and it was amazing to look at and I’m so glad I have it because I can
always look back on 2019 and everything that it gave me because it was a really
good year so thank you so much mom for making this and I love the front because
my mom found a bunch of drawings that you guys did and put it on there so he’s
so cute show you what my sister matching got me Ferrero Rocher good good stuff
flamin hot cheetos I never eat these anymore she also got me this Billie
Eilish beanie close your eyes of your boy she’s got me undies from my sister
brie she got me this booklet called start where you are it’s a journal for
self exploration and I love this kind of stuff I have my own bullet journal yeah
and this is pretty similar to that it just has like little prompts and stuff
like what are your three most frequent thoughts what do you wish they would be
oh that’s a good that’s a good thought provoker
so that’s cute this is really good and nice called the flexi view hands-free
smartphone holder and give you that or you can do that so good I can like walk you there so
anyway okay that’s fun this isn’t business this thing’s gonna be very nice
I could tell oh and she also gave me a bunch of
aquaphor because I’m on accutane if you don’t know accutane is for acne I’m
wearing makeup right now so you can’t really see it but I got a lot of acne if
you have watched any of my other videos and accutane dries your skin out really
bad and so aquaphor it’s something that i absolutely rely on can’t speak it’s
okay I have to apply it on my lips like every five minutes pretty awesome oh my
sister Madison also got me this handy glue and it’s edible slide which is so
cool I’m really excited and I’m also kind of scared I’m eating it’s good
nutritional value I got a silk pillowcase so pillowcases
are very good and fancy my Nana and Grandpa got me this glossy a lip gloss
for aqua for my mom got me these brandy melville necklaces like a little dainty
rainbow bead necklace and this one is like a little heart I think it’s
supposed to be a card mini M&Ms some chocolate gummy lifesavers Madison got
everyone these puppets ready to use him on New Year’s Nana and Grandpa got me
voici a cloud paint my favorite shade which is dusk I love this stuff more
aqua for more aqua for my grandpa got me this nail set thing and then an
eyeshadow palette he never fills us with the beauty products my aunt got me this
bliss makeup melt dry or wet jelly cleanser and this is actually very very
necessary for me because I use makeup wipes which are first of all not good
for the environment second of all they’re actually not good for your skin
either and so this is gonna be very good in my skincare routine what I have to
wear makeup and my mom got me this ornament with the Statue of Liberty in
Santa because we went to me work together this is gonna be really cute to
have when I have my own Christmas tree my sister Madison got me this Pinto says
hello I’m friendlier than like I promised hopefully I look
friendly dad my dad made this amazing piece of art here
my dad’s a dentist he’s not an artist but he did this very impressive this is
a landscape that we saw a lot of in Kenya because we went to Kenya together
there’s two pictures of us in the corners and it’s just really cute and
sweet my grandpa got all of the girls this household tool set and it’s pink
and cute very very handy something that I’m so excited about he had a bunch of
old film cameras and he gave me one I don’t even know what brand this is but
this is what it looks like I can stop buying disposable camera and just use my
film camera very excited and it’ll be better quality too okay so now for the
biggest present of the ears which is I got an iPad and an Apple pencil I don’t
know I think it’s like the seventh generation I think that’s what it’s
called I’m very excited I’m gonna make better thumbnails with this cuz I got
procreate you could do a lot with it I’ve already done this it’s kind of cool
so I’m planning on working on merch and better thumbnails all that kind of stuff
I’m very excited and I feel very sophisticated with this so that’s
everything I out for Christmas family time is the best time very thankful for
everything I got and I hope everybody had a Merry Christmas or Happy Hanukkah
or whatever you celebrate hope you had a great year let’s kill it in 2020 I’m
excited I hope you guys are too I hope you’re having this great end of the year
thank you so much for watching this video all the way to this point if you
did you should give it a thumbs up if you liked this video and you’re not
subscribed so you should totally subscribe and I’ll see you guys in my
next video bye

100 thoughts on “WHAT I GOT FOR CHRISTMAS 2019 + Vlog // Summer Mckeen

  1. i literally spend like 2 hours everyday watching your videos. you're so precious omg. Happy new year and lots of love from Portugal. – love you, summer <3

  2. Cortibalm for your lips! It’s an intense chapstick. You can get it on Amazon. It saved my life during Accutane!

  3. hi! I also have problems with acne and my dermatologist told me not to eat peanut because it made it worse, I still eat it sometimes because im a serious ressees fan hehe just wanted to let you know, HAPPY NEW YEAR! love u

  4. my favorite present this year were definitely my dr Marten, I actually filmed a what I got for Christmas so check it out

  5. I love this video !!😍. I just did a nye get ready with me. Video on my channel. I would be grateful if you guys could check it out 🥰 happy new year

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  7. Hey summer!
    I was really curious if you can do a little series of you doing bullet journaling on your ig. If you feel that some people won’t like that kind of content. I think it would be interesting if you branch out and do something small for your creative side. Just a good for thought. Happy new year :)!

  8. the scrapbook that your mom gave you was soo thoughtful and cute 😭 i would cry if someone ever gave me something homemade like that

  9. did anyone else have their school coach use the muscle pain reliever thing on them if they got injured or was that just my school

  10. God, my grandpa died a couple of weeks ago so I spent my first Christmas without him, when I watched what your grandpa did I broke down, please appreciate people around you❤️ you never know when they are gonna be gone… Btw: love all your videos❤️

  11. summer!!! I really suggest getting a case on amazon for ur ipad that has a pencil holder attachment thingy they’re cheap and so helpful so you don’t lose the pencil!!! also ur eyes in the vid wow😍

  12. My heart stopped when u flipped to the page in ur scrapbook of u at beauty con. That is when I met you and I will never forget that! What an a amazing time

  13. I was on acutane and i recently just finished!! For my dry skin my dermatologist recommended the neutragena hydro boost water gel moisturizer! It works so good!! She also recommended rubbing oats (which sounds weird) on your face because it is very gentle for the skin! you just wet the oats a little bit in your hand and rub it on your face gently!

  14. Hi Summer i also uploaded a what I got for Christmas. It would mean the world to me if you would check it out ❤️. Happy New year🎉

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  17. Her family members each gave her something thoughtful and then you have my family who says, “Here. Not sure if you’ll like it but I tried”. 🤣

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