What I Spend When I Travel: NYC Edition | Millennial Money

What I Spend When I Travel: NYC Edition | Millennial Money

Everyoneís Morgan hates. I recently showed you guys by spending a week as a 24 year old living in Los Angeles and this week I’m back exposing my spending from a recent week-long trip to New York City I frequently show my travels on this channel but most of my trips over the past year have actually been free as a result of partnering with a bunch of tourism boards hotels And travel planning companies. However, this was not one of those trips. So let’s go ahead and see what I spent this week I’m gonna show you everything I spent in New York City over the past 7 days I’ve never spent a full week in New York and I kind of split it into like two separate trips in a way the first Half was with some of my college friends and then the second half I met up with a bunch of my YouTube friends And there’s vlogs from all of those over my blog channel before I got deathly sick and then vlogmas stopped. Whoops What can you do so we crammed a lot into this week and I guess just a quick thing I wanted to say up front because if I were seeing this video of just this one week and everything I spent in New York. I would be thinking Morgan your crazy girlfriend. What is it that you’re traveling all the time? and you spend money like this and I just want to say no why actually one of the film this video for this week in New York is because Most of I would say probably 80 plus percent of my trips over the past year that I’ve gone on that you guys have seen Have been either completely for free Like most parts were free or they were entirely covered by a brand and I was being paid working with that brand to be there So every time you’ve seen me on a trip doesn’t mean I’ve been dishing out the money for it if that makes sense so that’s why I wanted to film this video for this week in New York when that wasn’t the case as well as just to Explain that since I do get so many travel opportunities for free It kind of does allow me to loosen up a spin a little more when it’s like my own vacation if that makes sense Yeah You’ll see We did some booty thinks I was saying it would not be sustainable from you spend this on every single trip at go on So don’t worry about it. That’s not what’s happened Yeah, if you guys are new I would love if you would subscribe this video is also in partnership with Express I’m gonna show you a few things. I got from eras that was packing and let’s just go ahead and jump in I’m gonna break this down day by day. But first I’m gonna give the two big like transportation costs I guess kind of flight in hotels or it’s a too big like Spanning the entire week costs that I want to get out of the way upfront So first of all for my flight, I was flying from LAX to JFK long flight less the demand for that flight But as I touched on on my vlog channel probably a couple of weeks but one or two weeks before the trip actually went in and It prompted me how much it would cost to upgrade this light to first-class Which is not something I often do really ever every now and then Delta will upgrade me because of my status But it’s not often if ever that. I pay to upgrade my seat to first-class However, if you guys have been keeping up with the vlogs, you know Actually, I haven’t even fully showed but it’s just been a whirlwind of a past couple months so I was like two weeks off from this trip and I was like You know what? This is gonna be my Christmas present to myself that’s why I ended up being one thousand and nine dollars and 35 cents secondly in the Hotel or like where I’m staying category of things I actually spent zero dollars on this the first half of my trips with my college friends I was staying with my friend Catherine who lives in the Chelsea area of New York So I didn’t pay anything to stay with her as well as the second half of the trip with my YouTube friends We were actually working with Hyatt who doesn’t even know the ring mention that this video but I first up for free in a hotel Near Times Square in exchange for like a post and Instagram story those super casual arrangement We weren’t getting pay for any of that But we were saving probably like four to six hundred dollars per person on a hotel which was really awesome and again Since we were saving that money on the hotel that did also make it a little easier for me to spend more on the flight As well, so it’s two big expenses out of the way. It’s time to head to New York And as I mentioned Express is sponsoring this video so I’m gonna show you a few things I packed as I was getting ready to go there aside to buy coats for the strip’s really quick I’m gonna show you some winter stables I picked up from there that saved my cold, but when I was in New York first up I went a little crazy with the jackets. These are extremely good quality They are a bit expensive but everything here. I got discounted quite nicely. So first up we just have this little like camel colored Trenchcoat jacket with these big pockets. I like that. These buttons are actually concealed. So it’s like a nice clean Look I saw this would be really cute for New York. I don’t know if it’s like a Middle of winter coat I think to wear it around. I’m so fat it knowing my coats you guys second I thought I’d go full bougie and get this white Faux, obviously, all of these are faux fur a little coat or like a nice dinner or something So we just have a little collar going on. It’s so soft. And then lastly my favorite one. I’m obsessed with this one It’s the longer one as well. It’s about knee length on me And it’s this furry black coat so you got very happy with this and then it just has one button right here it has pockets also they’re a little bit concealed and then lastly three other things I Three for great count first up are these adorable booties? I’ve been wearing non-stop pair of like sock booties this season But I thought that having like a more heavy duty like walkable booty For like hiking around the city all day Would be a good decision these just slide on or like a heeled Chelsea boot type thing and then next just a basic little black long-sleeve talks I have lots of black like dressy tops, but for like a dinner or something in New York, I don’t have anything this long-sleeve It’s a good like shorter length in the front So it’ll do like a really easy Like French tuck into the front of some pants without it being a ton of fabric you’re stuffing in there and then slightly longer on The back next I’ll say this til the day. I die. I am obsessed with Express Blazers so I thought what better time to get red and then during the holidays I picture this with like a High-neck, like black top or something probably wear that at some point Maybe to see the broadcast TV deal No, I don’t wanna look like him conducting the musical. Just kidding And then lastly I won’t wear this in New York But I’m gonna wear this back home in North Carolina where I’m going right after I just thought this was a cute festive little black holiday dress for a holiday party, of course wearing it with tights There’s just like a little metallic little fun print going on here And then yeah, it comes in at the waist a little tie and I think it’s so cute All designers will be linked below You might still be able to get them at 50% off when this video goes up and not sure if that sale is still going On but let’s go ahead and hop into it Thursday’s fitting we’re gonna breeze through these because it was just a travel day bright and early for a.m my uber was nineteen dollars and fourteen cents to get from my house to LAX pretty standard and then once I got to LAX since My ticket was first-class. I decided that instead of buying breakfast at Starbucks or something like that Like I normally do I would just go into the Delta lounge since I could get in for free so in there I made some Oatmeal got like some coffee and water as well as once I boarded my flight they served us breakfast in flight there as well So I spent no money lax are on the flight as well as even my bag fees again I think since it was first class it would have been free regardless But it’s always for you for me because of it’s either my credit card or because it’s my SkyMiles status upon getting into JFK My ride from the airport to my friend’s house. It was probably like 3 p.m. It took an hour and a half Traffic is insane. People want to talk about late traffic. Let’s talk about New York traffic. Am I right? I spent 105 dollars and 87 cents on that car getting into, New York This is where it would have been really beneficial to be traveling with someone So I’m going up with Kathryn and my college friends and then that evening We just went to dinner at a place called roie’s that my friend Catherine really likes we each had one or two drinks there I can’t remember as well as I got this salmon entree for dinner It might ended up being at $55 after tax and tip and then from there. We went over to a Christmasy bar That wasn’t too far away It was decorated beautifully with like these super festive ceilings and everything But at the end of the day, it was kind of like a random dive bar So I spent nine dollars on A beer for me and a friend which I feel like was pretty cheap for New York that brings Thursday’s grand total to one hundred And eighty nine dollars and seven cents shopping in the Friday that morning Catherine just made us breakfast at the house And then we went through a Starbucks where I spent four dollars and 36 cents from their route to the dry bar where I paid Sixty one dollars and 21 cents their prices have gone up I’ve noticed Yes, that’s just always a fun like relaxing experience. And then from there. We went to lunch at a place right across the street I spent $30 on a Bellini and on this like BLT salad ordeal $30 It was later in the evening I departed from my friends to go meet up with some other friends from a Greece trip a few years ago so I spent $14 and 88 cents on my own for the uber ticket printer and then we had this delicious dinner at this Mediterranean place where it Came down to be at $46 a person I believe I got a Moscow Mule and then I got some kind of like grain bowl veggie thing It was really good And then after that the group wanted to go to a karaoke bar so we run it out like a private karaoke room and each got a drink there and then I went to another bar with a Friend Kacey, they left forgive me. I don’t remember the name Sabu everywhere I got a drink there with her and her husband and in total for all of those like out experiences in the karaoke room I spent forty six dollars on that they might improvise to Catherine’s house was Nineteen dollars and twenty eight cents my total for that day was two hundred and twenty one dollars and 73 cents Thanks for Saturday day three again. We just had breakfast at the house and then right here I’m gonna include kind of a grand total for uber and subway charges that I was splitting with my friend Catherine She just kind of been low charged me at the end of the weekend for all of it in total So I’m not sure how much everything even out to be at this point during the day We were hopping around in a lot of different departments for Santa con if you guys know what that is So in total for the whole weekend, my portion was $40 and 23 cents We took a lot of ubers and a lot of subways a good amount of that did come into play here so that entire day Was just bouncing around seeing a bunch of friends doing kind of like an apartment crawl Situation up until dinner and had a little pita piece of thing. They ended up being nineteen dollars And then from there they all kept going out to bars and then I decided to go back to the apartment like the grandma I am so I spent 14 dollars and 87 cents on that Weber back to Catherine’s place later on I had plans to meet up with another college roommate In a while, and that would cost me twenty dollars and forty three cents to get to the Soho area from Chelsea We were gonna really cute like rooftop bar and there I spent $15 and 24 cents on Technically was the price of one drink I went to buy mine and hers but the bartender kept us waiting for so long that he ended up giving us one of them For free and after that over at home which cost 18 dollars and 26 cents. So my total for Saturday was $120 and twelve cents cured medicine. I’m spinning a lot good Sunday morning We decided to have a chill day in Brooklyn if my last morning with my college friends so that morning we took an uber into Brooklyn, which was already included in yesterday’s uber charge we got brunch there with a bunch of other college friends had a really cute spot that was $25 for my Porsche and after that we walked around Brooklyn for a while we ended up going to the Brooklyn Bridge and taking some Photos and then one of our friends who has a car there ended up driving this back into the city where and then packed up My fingers because it was time to switch over to like my youtube friend the leg of the trip that we were to get from Catherine’s house to the hotel. I’d be staying out with them was nineteen dollars and thirty nine cents then I checked into the hotel which I mentioned we were not paying for so there was no cost associated with that and then I Needed a really quick get ready because that night we were going to see the Rockettes which I’ve actually never been to that we had a really quick dinner I’d like a random Hotel bar that we passed on the way as we were like sprinting to get to the show and it was it was a bit Of a nice place and it was at a hotel which I feel like always has a bit of a markup associated so I ended up spending a $49 for my portion which was part of a cheese board that we all shared as well as my meal Which was like a little scallop entree and then splitting a bottle of champagne with Brooke and Danielle and then the Rockettes not a cheap event to go to every do City Music Hall is definitely an iconic Christmas thing to do at some point in their life my ticket for that was 125 dollars to be on like the not the tip top but like the next to top who mezzanine level I told the spinning for Sunday it was 218 dollars and 39 cents Monday first day with all the YouTube gang for breakfast that morning There was a Starbucks right across from our hotel So I spent nine dollars and cents on a coffee and a bacon egg gouda sandwich and then we all went back to the dry bar and spent sixty one dollars and 21 cents again all my blowout and then we Walked over to Bryant Park where we had free tickets to go ice-skating there. Where can I ended up not doing it? We just kind of stayed stayed warm but there cuz I skated and then after that we got a quick lunch at a place called La pond however, you say the last words over the queue which cost twenty-five dollars and seventy seven cents That was for a hot oatmeal clot And then I’ve got some chicken noodle soup or something and then we had like a bread basket and then we took an uber down To Soho where we were gonna shop for a little bit at this point It was great because we were getting uber xl’s cuz there were five of us in total. We were splitting them all five ways So this one came down to be six dollars and forty four cents. I didn’t really shop for anything I just kind of boxed around with two other cows. I ended up spending $19.48 on a pair of earrings from Zara as well as a pair of like black tights from H&M because I don’t have a pair Of tights somehow so needed to get back because I thought I might be wearing a dress that night a few hours later we heard Back from Soho to the hotel which cost seven dollars and twenty three cents for my portion We did a quick get ready for dinner And then I paid eight dollars and ten cents for our uber back out to dinner which is going to be at catch And not even just catch catch steak their new steak house that dinner I had I believe two Cocktails there their drinks are expensive to start with like they’re literally like $20 per drink and then it’s designed to be like shared plates So we got a few different steak items a few like sides and veggies So my portion came out to be $88, which was actually a little bit less than I was expecting its me But it was a bomb meal And then I refer back to the hotel was five dollars and 28 cents. All the gals were tired, except me and Danielle So we actually went up to at our hotel. There’s a really cool rooftop bar We went up there and each got some champagne and spent 36 dollars on that bringing my total for Monday to at 267 dollars and 32 cents next day Tuesday that morning. I actually met up with my mom and sisters Who were also in New York at the time so we just met up near the Rockefeller Center at this little bakery that we’ve been? Going to for forever called Bouchon to get a quick little breakfast my mom paid for the breakfast there, which was nice I walked back to the hotel got ready quickly and then me and all the gals set out for basically the whole day of Like events we had scheduled back-to-back first. I’m not one for designer shopping. I own no designer bags I own like no designer jewelry except for now I guess but I spent nine dollars and eight cents on an uber from our hotel to the Dior store so basically the day before Ever we’d been shopping on shopping on Fifth Avenue who I had been shopping long story short the day before Keaton had bought this bracelet from Dior and then within like the hours following Everyone decided that they wanted it is like a cute little friendship bracelet I don’t really have any bracelets that I ever wear which is why I was kind of on board for this I guess this bracelet from Dior ended up being four hundred and fifty seven dollars and twenty eight cents and then rushed over to the Plaza Hotel where we had a tee-time reservation and again long story short We were just having an experience with the service there where they like refused to wait on us for like literally like 30 minutes Whatever we’re being treated rudely We were realizing at this point that like we needed to like be makin moves or like this was not gonna end by the time That we had like planned to go to our next thing. Bye. So we ended up just being like this isn’t worth it This is a super expensive thing to do so we ended up leaving the tea time goin downstairs at the Plaza to their little food court and I spent $15 and 19 cents on some sushi as like a like late lunch And then we down to NBC Studios at the Rockefeller Center because NBC actually gave us Some free tickets to go see The Late Night with Seth Meyers Show which was so funny ii really enjoyed that and then following the show I spent $7.22 on an uber from Rockefeller Center it down to Tao where we would be getting dinner that night I’ve never been a towel. I’ve seen the hype kid insane I were so underwhelmed like in literally every single way not to be negative but I was like I don’t understand. I spent eighty one dollars and 36 cents to see what the hype was about and then following dinner I spent five dollars and 28 cents on an uber from the restaurant back to our hotel So my total for that day including spray slick was five hundred seventy-five dollars and forty one Of course with 450 thought coming from this and then last day at Wednesday We did not have flights until evening which turned into a crazy flight delay saga by the morning We took an uber from our hotel to brunch We’re meeting up with a bunch of our other YouTube friends and I spent seven dollars and 45 cents on that uber on brunch itself at a place called a Lafayette I spent 27 dollars and 49 cents and I had this like Scrambled egg truffles something another Greene’s Bowl and then a cold brew And from there we end up walking around Soho. I think some people did some white shopping we really were just strolling and hanging out and then Keaton and I split an uber back to our hotel because our flights were the first ones out So my portion of that uber was fifteen dollars and 16 cents then we did a quick like get ourselves together moment at the hotel head to the airport So thankfully we could split that over to the airport But it still ended up being 47 dollars and 74 cents for my half once at the airport for I don’t know eight hours It was literally we arrived during a snowstorm It was just a train wreck of a situation really thought I was gonna be overnight and here for a while I was there I managed to spend forty four dollars and 34 cents on my meal there I got like a salad and some fries you know balance in a water bottle and then As things began to look more and more bleak and I had like four hours until my scheduled flight I ended up at this point paying to get into the Delta lounge which with my credit card gives me access But you still have to pay $29 I went in there I sat down I got myself my free glass of wine and I sat there until I had to go get on my flight and then upon Finally landing back in Greensboro. My sister picked me up from the airport So I did not pay anything for an uber or anything like that. So nice of her it was 2:00 a.m So so for that day I spent in total one hundred and seventy one dollars and 18 cents bringing the grand total for this week in New York that again is unprecedented to Two thousand seven hundred and eighty dollars and fifty seven cents So again, this is not how I spend money Every time I travel this is my like big splurge at the end of the year my like celebration of how much hard work I’ve put into this year and how many like opportunities and deals I’ve been able to work on over the past even just like past few months and I had a really wonderful time Spending quality time with so many of my friends and am very thankful of course for you guys and to even be able to like work with a hotel and to be able to Like do any of these things? I don’t take that for granted. So thank you to you guys That is what I spent in my week in, New York Leave me a comment below letting me know your dream travel destination and I will see all of you guys in the next video

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  5. Huge fan, but girl there is this thing called a public transportation which get you EVERYWHERE in NYC, but glad you had fun
    Happy holidays and happy new year
    Also subway isn’t the only transportation. I have lived in the city in all burrows, also I didn’t say it was faster, it’s cheaper

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    This video was actually super informative for me because I’ve been wanting to go to NYC during Christmastime.
    I hope you’re feeling better and you had an amazing Christmas ? I’m so grateful for your channel and all the videos you make!

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