What If You Woke up with a Dog’s Sense of Smell

The day of the picnic, I woke up smelling
like a dog. I don’t mean all rank and stinky – that would be my big brother Jake! Ha,
got ‘em! I mean, I woke up and I could smell everything. The way a dog can. But I kinda knew it before even I woke up.
It was a hot summer night, and I had a dream I was swimming in the ocean. Just a normal
boy with a normal nose, breathing in the salty air when, out of nowhere, the waves of seawater
became waves of fragrance! I swam in a sea of smells. First, I sensed fish and seaweed.
Then, waves of toasty pancakes crashed over my head. I floated on currents of melted butter
and warm maple syrup. “Joey, breakfast!” My eyes shot open, and all I could think was,
“What a dream!” I was crawling out of bed when another scent hit me. “Is Aunt
Claire here?” I went downstairs and sure enough: there were
fresh pancakes on the kitchen counter, but Aunt Claire had just popped in to pick up
some lawn chairs. Crazy how it works, eh? A dog knows a scent
long before it sees the source. Their whole world is different smells, ones that humans
can’t even pick up. I was figuring that out quickly. Who would’ve guessed that a
pencil could smell??? It’s because dogs have something special
in their snout. It’s known as Jacobson’s Organ, named not after my annoying brother
Jake but the guy who discovered it. It’s like an internal computer dedicated to decoding
smells. Some animals have it, and some don’t. Most scientists will tell you that humans
don’t, but a few think we may have a tiny one that doesn’t work. In any case, the
one inside a dog works like a charm! I’d need that decoder for all the scents
I was about to discover. I’d gone to bed, a normal boy with 6 million smell receptors.
But I woke up a super-sniffer with over 300 million of them! That’s 50 times more! It’s
like going from 5 feet tall (not too shrimpy for a 10-year-old) to 250 feet! That’s as
tall as the average Giant Sequoia. It’s way taller than the Leaning Tower of Pisa
or the Cinderella Castle at Disney! Or, in weight, it’s like growing from a baby kitten
into a lion! …A lion that, instead of eating one pancake,
eats 50. I felt like I could wolf down that much! Because—just like it is in us—a
dog’s senses of smell, taste, and hunger are all connected. Good smells make us hungry,
and those pancakes were smelling unbelievable! The only bad thing about my new nose was that
it was always wet. I mean, covered in snot all the time, and not just the inside! My
mom looked at me funny and handed me a tissue. “Honey, are you feeling ok?” “Never been better!” I wasn’t about to tell her what happened
to me overnight. And I certainly wasn’t going to try and explain to her that I needed
my nose to be wet! Your dog’s nose is all slimy because it helps their sense of smell.
And get this: it helps with taste too! That nose slime absorbs chemicals in scents, and
a dog can feel them on the roof of its mouth. In other words, I could already TASTE those
pancakes before I even dug in. Call me Pavlov’s pooch because my mouth was watering! I could
also taste a little bit of the garbage too – yuck! Nevermind… After breakfast, my mom sent me upstairs to
get dressed for the picnic. As I was walking past my brother’s room, I caught something.
He was away at summer camp, so I decided to track the scent! Ew, sneakers. Not there. Something in his
desk. Third drawer down on the right? Before opening it, I got really close and
breathed out of my nose to get the scent molecules moving around a little better. I then sniffed
the kicked-up scents in. Yep, it’s in there. A hair ribbon? I took another whiff. It’s Michelle, his
classmate. He always said he couldn’t stand her! Jake’s got a secret crush! Oh, just wait
till he gets back from camp – he’ll be doing my chores for a week! Heh-heh! “Joey, hurry up! We’re gonna be late!” Oh yeah! The picnic! It was Grandma June’s
70th birthday, and the whole family was getting together to celebrate. I got dressed, brushed
my teeth, and we were out the door. Can’t wait for the cake! It was scorching that day, so we had the windows
down. I got a sensory overload from all the smells on the way. That person recently cut
their grass, and someone in that house is roasting…chicken? No, turkey. Old Man Sanders
must be back from a fishing trip – his truck wreaks of bass, worms, and moss! We’re about
to pass my best friend Mikey’s house! Aww, he’s not home. And let me tell you one thing: you know how
your dog likes to sniff and then mark stuff? No, I didn’t do that!!! What do you take
me for, some kind of weirdo? All I’m saying is that I could smell a whole doggy Facebook
out there! Actually, it’s more like one giant game of “Mine! Dibs!” And apparently
every dog in this neighborhood has lain claim to every tree, bush, and fire hydrant! Ew… I was about to roll the window up because
I felt a headache coming on from all the scents rushing at me. Before I could, I felt tension
in my mom. Yes, your dog can smell your feelings and emotional state! Not long after that,
she pulled the car over. “My GPS isn’t listing Grove Park, and
I don’t know where it is! Ugh, I’ll call Claire, she headed out before us. “Hang on, Mom.” I stuck my nose in the air. The wind shifted.
Different smells floated in on little currents. Have you ever watched someone pour milk into
coffee? It comes out of the jug full-strength, then it hits the coffee. You can see the milk
swirl and dissipate—that is, spread out and get less concentrated. Even after the
milk has completely blended in, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that the milk
came from the carton. But figuring out where all the smells blended
into the air came from? You’d need a dog’s nose, alright! Lucky I had one now! There
it was—the smell of Granny June’s BBQ! “That way, about 11 miles. I’ll tell you
when to turn.” I could smell the burgers on the grill. Dumplings, mac & cheese, pie,
everything! Aunt Claire was already there too. “How do you know where it is?” Of course, I couldn’t tell her the truth… “Mikey’s parents took us there one time
to ride bikes…” Oh, and if you’re wondering, yep, your dog
can smell you from 11 miles away. And they know your scent versus anyone else’s! We finally got to the park, and everybody
was there. All my aunts, uncles, cousins, and Granny June. Of course, I knew that already!
And that Grandma had made my favorite pie: lemon meringue! I had to tell her I’d eat some later. I
don’t know why – it just didn’t smell right to me. Maybe that’s because dogs don’t
like citrus, and my nose was not having it. We ate, the grown-ups talked, and the kids
threw frisbees together. Of course I didn’t catch one with my teeth! It’s not like I
turned into a dog or anything! Going around sniffing rear ends and rolling in the dirt!
Sheesh… Then I could sense panic and fear over where
the grown-ups were. I looked up to see my mom running toward us. “Have you guys seen your cousin Billy?” No, I didn’t even know what he looked like.
At last year’s picnic, he was still a baby! The family was frantic. They spread out and
searched everywhere. Granny June was holding a blanket with fire
trucks on it. It must be his. Before my Grandma could even react, I bent
in close. You know my trick by now: I breathed out, got the tiny scent markers moving around
my nose, and I sniffed in. Laundry Soap Sunblock Peanut Butter And… Little Billy! I stuck my nose in the air. Grandma was confused,
to say the least… But I didn’t have time for that right now! Grilled burgers and hot dogs… I ignored
them. Lemon… yuck. Aunt Ruth’s perfume…even yucker. Car exhaust and …. Up the hill…. No, wait…
over this way…. blackberries and … I smelled Little Billy, he was getting closer! I checked the blackberry bush. There he was—playing
with a fire truck, completely oblivious to the panic he’d caused! If I were a dog, I would’ve barked with
joy, probably ran to the others Lassie-style. But I just picked up my little cousin and
headed back. Once the grown-up saw us, they thanked me,
patted me on the back, and wondered how on Earth I’d found him. Not gonna lie, I felt like a hero! As for
the how, well, that’s my little secret! Hey, if you learned something new today, then
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