What Is Cesar Millan Like Behind The Scenes? (Latin America Tour)

– I wanna share this video, this is, behind the scenes in my Latino America tour that I did. Latino America tour that I did. Behind the scenes, I want you guys to experience it. I wanna make sure that I
keep showing you things that normally people don’t see. I know there are a lot
of people love to see what’s happening behind scenes, and actually, it’s really exciting. I hope you enjoy it. I dance a lot by the way. (soft laughter) I do, I dance the same song over and over, is like a mantra. I’ll always pick a song that I love for that day and I repeat it and (mumbles) because
it puts me in the zone. I just always pick a song
that is happy-go-lucky and makes me feel confident, and makes me feel super Latino. (electronic music) (crowd cheers in foreign language) – This is my family here in Mexico. And we are going to rehearse right now. We’re going to do a show tomorrow. That’s not easy thing to do. Because we all have to be in sync in a matter of hours. (speaks in foreign language) Let’s get to it! (electronic music) – Hi. Welcome Cesar Millan! (speaking in foreign language) (background noise drowns out Cesar) Cesar Millan!! (laughter) – This is the moment where you get– Anybody that performs, even in high school or whatever time in your life, you
get a little nervous, spot of adrenaline, is a fight-flight feeling. You have a lot of
conversations in your mind. But you have to stay focused
in what you really want and once you go on stage, and everybody comes out, that goes away. And that’s when most
people actually perform. That little second. (speaks in foreign language) I used to say that I’m nervous ’cause I would do it in English. It’s just about performing,
you get nervous. ‘Cause you wanna give– You wanna do your best, you want people to get the message. You want people to enjoy themselves, and you want people to feel “Man, that was the best
show, I’ve ever, ever been”. (electronic music) (speaking in foreign language) (lively music) – This is the first day, the
first day nobody is in sync. And that includes me. (speaking in foreign language) – Right now, I don’t have a makeup artist and I haven’t done my
makeup in a long time. So, I don’t remember the steps. So, I’m going to ask Luis, who puts makes-up everyday. – [Cameraman, Peter] You just
started YouTube today. – I start my YouTube channel! Very excited. Very excited. So, right now, it’s like what I was saying to the girl who came to the ranch. If you don’t read, you lose the muscle. You know? Everything is repetitions. At the moment you start– Especially ’cause I never mastered makeup, I never mastered, putting makeup. I don’t do it, for vanity, I do it for necessity. Let’s make that clear okay? (laughs) Make that clear people. – [Peter] So this is your
show in Mexico in a long time? – I’ve haven’t been in Mexico… In, yes, in a long time. Think it’s five years? I would really would
love to do it more often. Just have to figure it out. – [Peter] So, this is Luis, Cesar’s makeup artist. – And more. – G.I Joe. Check the outfit. Put it together. That’s Wolverine. Dog Whisperer. Cesar Millan. Which one you want? I’m available. Call me. (laughs) – Only few people can be
with me before the show. ‘Cause they know how to be, what kind of energy they need to be. This, that’s why I never had like– What’s it called? When you have, like, a
whole bunch of people? – Entourage. – Entourage. That’s why I don’t have entourage. My entourage was Vincent, Junior. (speaks in foreign language) – Hey guys, I’m about to do the live show here in Dominican Republic. We do, first, like an audition for dogs. They are from the island, they are from wherever I am in the world. And, what I like to choose, is dogs, they’re, obviously misbehave. Because I like to show people, first hand how transformation happens. And the show is really about education, humor, and animation. So it’s a very complete two hour show, and by the time people finish, I would want them to understand how important the connection
is, communication, to have the relationship
everybody dreams about. This show is called Once
Upon A Dog Tour, two thousand– 2019! Sorry about that. But, it’s a show that we’re
doing all over the world. This is the first time we are doing it in Latino America. We’re super excited. People are really excited
’cause we just did one in Puerto Rico. We did another one in Monterrey. And everybody’s understanding there, we don’t have problem with dog and everybody can have that
beautiful relationship, like that story telling relationship that everybody wants and dreams and thinks about it and read books about it, but I make it happen. And that’s what I do. Everywhere I go around the world, we do like a casting two
hours before the show. So, it’s like, the similar
thing of American Idol but we always pick the
dogs who don’t behave well. So that way, when people
see on the live show, is transformation is right there, live, in the moment. So what we did right
now is we pick the dogs who are going to be able
to help people understand, that it’s not the dogs who we pick different kind of energies, so we can show as we do the live show, excitement, dogs who are obsessed, dogs who are, don’t know how to greet. Or dogs who have obsession with dogs or they don’t behave well, they pull on the leash. Things like that, something
that is very basic, that allows people to understand that we don’t have problems with dogs. – [Cesar] Puerto Rico! (cheers and applause) (lively electronic music) (door knocking) (suspenseful R&B music) (laughs) (rap music) (dogs barking) Showtime! (speaking in foreign language) (orchestral music) – [Show Announcer] Dog Nation! (speaks
in foreign language) Cesar Millan! (cheers and applause) (speaks in foreign language) (lively music) – I want people to understand how simple life can be with a dog. And if you can grab that concept and practice in your own life and with your family, and then I did a great job. That’s why, I get nervous because for me this is a mission, of being clear, being happy, being peaceful, feeling safe. So, I’m feeling good right now. Second time, half, second half. (speaking in foreign language) (audience laughing) (speaking in foreign language) (audience laughing) (speaking in foreign language) (audience laughing) (speaking in foreign language) (applause) (speaking in foreign language) (audience laughing) (quiet music) (cheers and applause) (cheers and applause) (speaking in foreign language) (cheers and applause) (lively music) (chanting) – Yeah! I did it! Monterrey did it! Awesome, awesome! I was nervous, but they did awesome. Monterrey, thank you so much. Come back next year. Bye! So, I really hope you guys enjoy it behind the scenes in
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