What is Makai’s World? – Family Travel – Costa Rica & Beyond

What is Makai’s World? – Family Travel – Costa Rica & Beyond

My wife and I got married in Costa Rica
and never left. We started a business, and more importantly, a family here in
Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica. That’s where Makai comes into the
picture. Makai was born in Costa Rica and raised on the Caribbean coast. When you
grow up in a place as beautiful as this you get to see and experience a lot of
amazing things. And there are adventures around every corner. And even though we
live in a really cool place we realize that there are so many amazing places
and cultures around the world to visit and experience. So we have made it our
family goal to travel, enjoy new experiences, and give a helping hand both
here in Costa Rica and all over the world. We will show you what it’s like to
live in Costa Rica and give you travel tips for when you come and visit. And we
will also show you some of our adventures from around the world. We do
not know what the future will bring but we do know that we’ve been blessed to
live in such a beautiful place and have the opportunity to visit and appreciate
other amazing cultures. So join us as we navigate life in Costa Rica and around
the world. Welcome to Makai’s World

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