WHAT KITCHEN GEAR TO PACK FOR CAMPING: My Car Camping Kitchen Essentials

WHAT KITCHEN GEAR TO PACK FOR CAMPING: My Car Camping Kitchen Essentials

What’s up guys welcome to camp today I’m going
to go over the camp kitchen essential gear that I bring when I go out camping, and it
allows me to cook a lot of the meals that you see in my videos. And so if you want to do that too if you’re
new to camping and just don’t really know what stuff you’re going to need. This is what I bring. So first up is we always bring a stove here
and this is really just a very basic Coleman camp stove it’s really cheap and we’ve had
this for years and this is what we always pack in the car. And then along with that of course you’re
going to need some fuel in order to use this and so this is great because you don’t need
to have a campfire, if you’re in an area that has a fire restriction, you can still use
these camp stoves, typically, and so they’re really great for cooking all sorts of meals
and we always bring this to go with the stove we always bring a cast iron pan, this is actually
what we cook on at home, and when we’re camping and this is great because it holds heat, and
you can actually put it on a campfire if you’re going to cook over a campfire instead of the
stove so it’s very versatile and it’s easy to clean and take care of. Next up we have a Dutch oven now a Dutch oven
is what you’re going to need to cook a lot of things over the camp fire. We recently made nachos in here, and it’s
so good so easy. So a Dutch oven is something that’s definitely
worth investing in this one is by the company bare bones and I highly recommend this one,
I will link to all of the gear below in the description box but this one is great because
it has a ventable lid so as you twist it, you can vent some of the steam which is great
for cooking, different types of things. And so this is just what we use to cook a
lot on the campfire and then with that it has one of these little lid lifters, and you
just come in here and you can lift the lid. When it’s really really hot. Next up we have a water jug, we fill this
up at home, it has a little spout here, and we bring reusable water bottles, and it’s
great for refilling that sometimes you might be in an area where you don’t have access
to water easily. So bringing a bunch with you can be really
important and then the spout is really nice for if we need to wash our hands, or just
get water in a steady stream, we love this thing and then the other great thing is as
we use it, it can compress down and so it takes up less room in the car on the way home. Of course we always bring a cooler when we
go camping. This is a Yeti cooler, they’re very expensive
for a cooler but honestly they work so good and it’s just allows us to bring a lot of
more perishable foods and cook a variety of things because they’ll last well in here for
days I mean this thing keeps things cool for so much longer than I think it should. So we have things like milk and just other
perishable things, and it makes camping, really easy and more versatile when it comes to meals. Moving right along. We also have a small cutting board and a sharp
knife. And of course we use this to cut veggies fruit,
whatever we’re preparing this is always good to have, and then in addition to that, We
have some silverware so forks, spoons, knives, things like that and plates, Nick and I have
these two little metal plates they’re by MSR. And we always bring those. And then we also have this little bowl and
pot combo thing so it all fits in here and you open this up and it turns into a little
pot with a lid, and then inside you can nestle bowls. So we have two bowls. So since it’s usually Nick and I we have two
plates two bowls and then some silverware and this little pot to cook things like mac
and cheese or just ramen stuff like that so it’s not a very big pot but it works pretty
well for two people, if you have a bigger family you might want to get a slightly bigger
pot. Next up we have a pot scraper. And this is really great for once the cast
iron has cooled, you can go in and scrape out some of that food that stuck to the pan
and just clean it really easily so this is small, lightweight perfect just throw in your
camping bin. Next up is a spatula, we bring this thing
to flip some eggs and pancakes. This is so so useful, along with a wooden
spoon to stir things, and some metal tongs to move coals over the campfire flip foil
packet meals which I made a foil packet video a few weeks ago so I’ll link to that in the
description below. But we use these to flip them and to put coals
on top of the dutch oven when we’re cooking things, so they’re very very useful definitely
get metal ones not silicone or plastic. Next up I have my Leatherman here and this
has a can opener and a bottle opener in it. If you don’t have a Leatherman bringing a
can opener and a bottle opener is great if you bring wine camping or if you bring like
a can of beans and something like that that you need to open. Totally broughten that stuff and forgotten
the can opener before, so making sure you add that to your list is a good idea. I have a little kettle here to boil water,
so of course you can boil water in the pot that I talked about earlier but this one has
a little spout. And so it’s really great for pouring hot water
and we use this to make coffee, which is the next thing here is some sort of coffee setup
is what you want to bring so I have a little mini grinder here for the coffee beans, and
then we do a pour over with this silicone pop up pour over thing we bring all that with
the, with the filters on the coffee and then we boil water in this little pot here, and
this pot is reserved for just boiling water we don’t typically cook any food in here. It’s just a little hot water kettle. The last part of our camp kitchen essentials
are reusable insulated coffee mugs, I love piping hot coffee. And so these are really great because a lot
of times it’s chilly in the morning when you’re camping and so this will keep your coffee,
nice and hot. So that’s kind of what I consider the essential
camp kitchen gear that we bring some other things that you might want to consider are
some towels here, we get these from Trader Joe’s they’re really cheap and you can use
these to dry pots and pans, you can use them as oven mitts as well to hold Dutch oven and
things that are really hot. And so these are great fire gloves are another
thing, they can be really useful and helpful if you’re cooking over the campfire using
the fire glove to lift things and hold things that are hot is really good. And then if you have a bigger family if you’re
doing a lot of dishes bringing some sort of bucket to actually wash the dishes in is also
something to consider. Alright, there you go. This is what I consider sort of the essential
camp kitchen gear that we bring on every trip to cook all of the meals that you see in my
videos. If you have any questions just let me know
in the comments below I read all the comments, I love hearing from you and make sure to subscribe
to my channel before you go for more camping, hiking and backpacking videos I’ll catch you
in the next one. Peace.

14 thoughts on “WHAT KITCHEN GEAR TO PACK FOR CAMPING: My Car Camping Kitchen Essentials

  1. Thanks for the great video, Amanda! I had a few questions about the water jug. How long have you used it? How has the durability been? And does it impart any plastic taste to the stored water over the duration of your typical camping trip? Thanks again for all the fantastic content! Cheers!

  2. Not sure if this is an essential for everyone but the MSR Pocket Rocket is a great compact car camping or backpacking stove. My 2 burner Coleman stoves use coleman fuel(liquid), those small green propane tanks are expensive for the amount of propane thats in them. Great vid n Happy Camping πŸ•πŸ₯“πŸ₯žπŸ‘

  3. Excellent video. Love some dutch oven peach cobbler. The smell that wafts in the air when its almost done is amazing. They make parchment paper liners for dutch ovens that make cleanup a snap. No scraping or scrubbing of stuck-on food.

  4. Awesome video! You should do a vlog of your setup, clean up and take down! I find that cooking always becomes so much effort, wondering if there’s a more efficient way to do it

  5. of course you would bring a dutch oven camping πŸ‘πŸ˜† i love that you don’t shortcut when it comes to gastronomy. i love cooking on the boat, but hate the cleanup. any hacks for that would be great

  6. Very good kitchen gear and ware. Good advice on keeping a kettle just for water. I would hate to have my morning mocha coffee taste like beef chili Mac. Too funny. Take Care and Keep Exploring The Outdoors.

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