What NOT to do in NEW YORK CITY

What NOT to do in NEW YORK CITY

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Squarespace no matter how many times you have been to New York the city can
always overwhelm you with the crazy amount of things to experience
unfortunately lots of people spend their time and their money on the wrong things
without any of you this is my comprehensive expert list of things that
not to do of what not to do so you can make the most of your time in New York
City now one thing that I want to be clear about this video is not intended
to be a negative review of New York I love this city and I want to share with
you some of the things to avoid us so that you can fully spend your time
experiencing it the best that NYC has to offer every New Yorker can agree when
you actually live in New York City you avoid Times Square at all costs I mean
you only really go there if you work there or you have a meeting there it’s
not a casual place to hang out while I do believe that everyone should
experience Times Square at least once in their life it’s not the kind of place to
make a day out of the sheer amount of people in one tiny space the food is
overpriced and you’re surrounded by Disney characters trying to make a buck
off you there’s nothing wrong with it if you do get a photo with someone hustling
on the streets remember like your mom taught you always always be respectful
and leave a tip go for 10 minutes take your selfie gawk at the bright lights
and get the hell out of there all you need is 10 minutes and that is your time
Square fix for life you don’t need to come here and spend a day in Times
Square I mean for Mike scheffers been here for one hour doing crazy
get me a tea here as an alternative to Times Square
check out Bryant Park it’s only a few blocks away from Times Square right next
to the public library you’ll still get your fix of that Midtown hustle feel
without all the crazies picture this you’ve been walking around the city all
day and you are so far past the point of hungry so you walk into
that first chain restaurant that you see do not do this the golden rule is if you
can eat there at home you should avoid the eating there in the city you didn’t
book that trip to New York City to come and eat at your favorite fast-food
restaurant rather make your way downtown away from
all the chaos and find something local in New York you could eat in a different
restaurant every single day and it would still take you 65 years to e in all of
New York City is 24,000 restaurants avoid the franchise restaurants don’t be
distracted by the bright lights get out of Times Square and go find something
that New York City is known for great restaurants the sidewalk in New York is
like an actual highway and there’s a certain set of rules for walking on the
sidewalk here first you should never stop abruptly in the middle of the
sidewalk if you do people will bump into you do not stop walking to check your
phone maps or Galka that saw buildings on the middle of the sidewalk also avoid
walking in the bike lane and avoid jaywalking rather if you have
to check your phone simply stop and walk off to the side out of the way of all
the foot traffic and check your messages they’re all over Midtown you’ll see
signs for bus tours around the city while the tours do take you through the
majority of the city and offer some amazing beauty points it’s only for a
passing moment in traffic or not moving in traffic at all there’s crazy long
lines in the summertime in the winter you’ll have the bus to yourself for good
reason you’re exposed to the elements and it can be pretty miserable rather
than taking a bus around the whole city pick one neighborhood in specific like
the West Village and spend the day exploring that one specific spot rather
than spreading yourself too thin over the city design your own tour that is
much more immersive in the city rather than just pure sightseeing avoid renting
a car sounds like a no-brainer but you’d be surprised most New Yorkers don’t even
have a driver’s license because a car can be the least effective way to get
around the city commercial vehicles only that’s Monday through Friday 8 a.m. to 7
p.m. today Saturday so today we’re good especially if you’re here on a whim you
can’t kind of just go to a place and say I’m gonna park here because chances are
you will get a ticket or you will get totally some people will pay five
hundred seven hundred thousand dollars or more per month just to park their car
in the city taxis can be good but they can be expensive only rent or bring a
car if you have to rather I recommend to take the subway
it’s cheap and it’s easy to navigate once you get the hang of it once you are
on the subway do not abuse riding it there’s a set of unspoken and also very
public rules for riding the subway number one do not hop the turnstile
pay for the subway ticket it’s good for the city let people off the subway
before you get on don’t spread your legs out and put your bag on the seat next to
you don’t lay down flat while riding the subway and don’t lean on the poles more
or less just be very conscious of your space and the space of others and you
never leave man hand can you really say you’ve been to New York make sure to
check out the other five boroughs each has their own unique neighborhoods
landmarks and culture it is just about 5:30 in the morning one of my favorite
things to do in the city you wake up at sunrise especially this time of year in
the summer there’s not many people at all on the fridge you have a beautiful
sunrise over there into the east you have Manhattan over this way Brooklyn
Bridge lower Manhattan joined by some good friends today Brett and Chris sit
on the bench really just taking the views of the city and then gonna spend
the whole day exploring the Brooklyn if you enjoyed this video make sure to
leave a like and also comment down below with your top things to avoid in the
city if you’re from the city or you’ve been here before and with that I will
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100 thoughts on “What NOT to do in NEW YORK CITY

  1. These are my top things to NOT do in New York City! Comment your FAVORITE things to do in NYC, I'm making a travel guide for next weeks video! !

  2. Nothing beautiful there!!Poor people in every corner,Psychos everywhere,Toxic gases from cars,full with greedy people and expensive fore no reason.it's a bad place to visit trust me.

  3. knowing all of these rules already makes me feel like such a new yorker lol i love living here, one of my most new yorkish experiences was chilling in times square w some friends (crowding wasn’t too bad that day) and some hustlers pretending to be a famous rap group sold blank cds to tourists for $50, they never came up to us because they could tell we were true new yorkers ?

  4. In million years I coul'd not understand people who travel abroad and then wind up going to the same restaurant and eating the same food as they do at home… It's like, why do they even leave their country in the first place??? There are lots of tourists that come visit Czech Republic, my native country. And then they go to McDonald's. We have so many insanely delicious traditional Czech dishes, such as svícková, garlic soup or vepro, knedlo, zelo. And these tourists go to McDonald's. WTF??? Do they even logic?

  5. I want to experience sometime in USA just to increase my IQ, I think North Americans are fast in thinking and speaking

  6. My hubby and I traveled to NYC couple years ago…last day, we were sooo tired and hungry… we got Fridays for late lunch.. 70$!!!!!! the worst!

  7. Sacrifice sorcery usury alchemy slavery idolatry witchcraft sodomy unto this day Nahum KJV John Book 43

  8. Good advice! Some of it obvious, but there are a lot of clueless people you just schooled! :o) Thanks for posting!

  9. Good job bro – and I really hope all tourists listen MOSTLY ABOUT not stopping in the sidewalk !!! Bump in to these hillbillies and they don’t get the hint – they lookin for “ I’m sorry?!??? “ Move Yo asses against a store window if ya needa check ur phone

  10. Fun Fact: Only 15 minutes away from NYC, theres another city called Jersey City. It's also known as "The 6th Burrow" It's extremely diverse and fun to visit. You can also visit Hoboken.(I live in Jersey city btw eee)

  11. "avoid jaywalking" like true New York pedestrians aren't the biggest assholes. (I say this as a new yorker)

  12. Nice video. I’m actually friendly with one of the tour bus guides and the stories he tells about old NYC are amazing and worth the price. I live here and generally agree with the rest.

  13. You're so awesome Erik, I love your videos. I've come across this short video and it has an amazing top view of New York City: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ggUTrErwvi0

  14. I tend to disagree with getting out of Manhattan. If you are in NYC for only a few days, Manhattan is what you have come to see. The only exceptions I would make are the walk across Brooklyn Bridge and the trip on the Staten Island Ferry. On the other hand, if you are re-visiting the city or you have a longer stay, then you have the luxury of exploring further afield. On my last visit I took a train ride up the Hudson Valley to Cold Spring, which was a great trip.

  15. I like your public spaced etiquette lessions. Can you do one for shopping at Costco? I think you will do a lot of good.

  16. Though you say no jaywalking, almost every person in the city does it. Tourists should not jaywalk if they do not know how cars work in nyc how to walk quickly

  17. Is that China I see tree cycle everywhere and smoking barbecue on the each corner 🙂 funny

  18. Stay positive New York over price real estate too expensive too much traffic. Move for investment opportunity Michigan Ohio Colorado Vermont those places Is where new money is. ?

  19. When I went to New York last month I could experience both the friendly and unfriendly side of the city. New York is an amazing city but it has several things I didn't like such as: very expensive, dirty, noisy, crowded, in summer is extremely hot and humid, that's terrible, the subway is confusing and stressful. The good things I found is: amazing skyscrapers and arquiture, multicultural people, beautiful parks, extraordinary museums, good connectivity. To sum it up, I prefer to visit the city as a tourist for a short time, one or two weeks but not to live there.

  20. Avoid the cartoon characters, and monks in times square. They will harass you to take photos, then charge you money. The monks hand out prayer cards and beads, then demand money.
    Otherwise, I love NY!

  21. The characters in time squares are all Mexicans. They are aggressive if one of them touches you or gets aggressive on you. TELL THE POLICE. There is nothing more satisfying than seeing Elmo get put in handcuffs.

  22. Tips: 1) Download City Mapper so you don’t have to sit confused on the Subway Terminal where and what train you need to be on. It gives you better directions than Google Maps.

    2) if you want the best views of NY City, book a hotel in Jersey City right across the Hudson. You’ll get amazing postcard views of NY both midtown and downtown. Just take the ferry into the city or Subway which is $7 weekday for ferry (short 15-25min) or Subway round trip

    3) buy the $1 releasable subway card (it’s actually more like paper than credit) and you can reload $ on it so you’re not buying single tickets 12times and overpaying or unlimited if you want 5-10 rides randomly. There at any subway station in a kiosk. Then practice using that card and making sure you have it out when getting on the subway.

    3) bring hand sanitizer for use on/after subway. You don’t know whose hands touched those rails or seats. Believe me.

    4) if you are going to J-Walk or see other people crossing the street, keep your dang head on a swivel and look before crossing! Can’t tell you the amount of times during my stay someone saw someone the other direction cross and thought it was ok then about walked right out into a oncoming suv because they assumed that person crossed so it must be safe! Also, you need to have your situational awareness bec they’re people everywhere, hazards, closures, just look where you’re going and not be complacent.

    5) WEAR COMFORTABLE SHOES! Not high heels, flats that make your arches hurt. I wore my stylish Nike’s and even got sole/feet strain bec you will walk 6-11miles easily. So ditched the designer wears or stick them in your bag and where something cushioning.

  23. Most of this stuff can be read online and is good information. But the bit about jaywalking really gave out that you're not a native New Yorker (apart from the accent) and I'm not even American let alone a New Yorker myself!

  24. I live in NYC, last time I been to the Times Square was in 2016 I guess, that's 3 years ago, I avoid Manhattan at all costs, don't know how people stand being there for hours wasting their time and money instead of enjoying other parts of NYC, Staten Island, BKLYN, Coney Island, you can even rent a car ( if you aren't a local ) and drive all the way to UpState and enjoy the nature there, but it seems like most foreigners mix between NYC and NY State, they don't realize that UpState is a different part of NY and they narrow themselves in NYC thinking it's the whole state,

  25. It's funny because a bunch of these tips are not just for nyc but for big cities in general. I live in a city even bigger than nyc and it is like this as well (maybe even more). The subway pole and blocking the sidewalk thing jeez it get on my nerves so hard

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