What Shark Is Attacking Tourists? | SharkFest

What Shark Is Attacking Tourists? | SharkFest

[dramatic music] NARRATOR: So what is behind
this deadly spate of attacks? According to local news
reporter Jerry Sinon, it’s a question on
everyone’s mind. There was a lot of rumors
in regards to the attacks. Why did it happen? And in two weeks time
it happened twice. NARRATOR: One such rumor
concerns the identity of the killer shark. The ferocity of the attack and
the severity of the injuries incurred seem to point
toward the ocean’s most fearsome predator. People were saying that
it was a white shark. [electronic music] NARRATOR: Great
whites are the largest predatory fish on the planet. Growing up to 20 feet in length,
they are powerful hunters, able to propel their bodies
completely out of the water when attacking prey from below. And they are responsible
for more fatal attacks on humans than any other shark. So is this the species
behind the spike? Determining that type of
shark may help locals prevent attacks from happening again. Shark expert Dr. Enrico
Gennari studies great whites off the coast of South Africa. He believes the answer to
whether a white shark could be responsible for the Seychelles
attacks may come down to where these predators go and why. White sharks travel a lot. All their life is about moving. NARRATOR: Gennari
has spent the past 13 years tagging these predators
to track their movements. Using a long pole, he attaches
a small non-invasive device to their fins. [suspenseful music] ENRICO GENNARI:
OK, shark coming. 3, 2, 1. [dramatic music] It’s on. Yes! Now we track it. NARRATOR: Through such tagging
studies, experts like Gennari have discovered that white
sharks are highly migratory. In fact, some great
whites will swim up to 1,000 miles each month, or
more than 40 miles per day, to reach a destination. ENRICO GENNARI:
Often, white sharks are attracted to a specific
place because of food. NARRATOR: But in
their quest for prey, white sharks don’t
just go anywhere. It really depends on the
temperature in the water. NARRATOR: Unlike
most other sharks, great whites are warm-blooded. That means they always maintain
their body temperature above that of the surrounding sea. So they thrive in a
particular climate. White sharks usually like
water temperature quite cold. NARRATOR: This is the
key to the investigation in the Seychelles, because
great whites are typically found within temperature ranges
of 54 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit. But the water off of the islands
routinely reaches into the 80s. White shark definitely
don’t like tropical water like in Seychelles. So that shark in the
Seychelles most likely was not a great white shark. NARRATOR: The culprit’s
identity and the reason it attacked remains unknown. For locals and tourists
in the Seychelles, it’s a disconcerting premise. It’s still a
mystery and people still wanted to know why. [suspenseful music]

100 thoughts on “What Shark Is Attacking Tourists? | SharkFest

  1. Go out in the sun you're gonna get burnt, go into the ocean and badum dadum dadah!

    It's like wandering around blindfolded in the Sub-Saharan…

  2. Thanks for posting . Has anyone researched what the person attacked is wearing from sun tan lotions, perfumes , color of clothing, recently ate seafood? This is their Domain and it would make us feel safer if we how to prepare going into the water.

  3. Human's kill more than 100 million shark's per year just for a shark fin soup,and shark's only kill's 16 human's in average

  4. So what are they going to do? Kill the sharks and reclaim the beaches so they can continue to make tourists money!!!???

  5. Sharks are poor animals. Please feed them with pieces of bites from your body! Then You can go the Hospital n then the doctors will revive you! Sharks the cutiestt!

  6. It's pretty obvious the sharks are attacking in retaliation for all the inappropriate selfies people are taking without getting their permission. FACTS.

  7. Usually cold waters…guess what..great whites are now found here in the Philippines..in fact a 17 footer got beached last year


  9. terrible choice of musik and over all production… not being proffesional at all… its more about being dramatic

  10. Why are they villianizing sharks? They are already have it bad enough with humans. Plus you don't villianize lions. If you walked through africa you might get mauled by lions just like if you swim in the ocean you might get attacked by a shark. It's not rocket science, humans are not always on top of the food chain. I guess it comes down to who is the 'cute' predator. I thought NatGeo would be better than this.

  11. People dress up like shark dinner and are surpriSed when they get bit. Off the coast of California people put on a wet suit and lay on a surf board with arms and legs paddling and from below they look like seals that sharks have been hunting there for thousands of years. Sharks don't eat people. They bite to taste. You never hear about people being eaten. Sharks taste the rubber suit and the surfboard then leave.

  12. ATTENTION NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Please stop with the sensationalism in these videos. It is beneath your standards and will cause you to lose subscribers IMO.

  13. On average, fisheries kill about 100 million sharks every year. In contrast, there are only 6 human fatalities attributed to unprovoked attacks by sharks worldwide (per year). National Geographic jumping on the destructive fear bait titles furthering misconceptions about docile, peaceful sharks.

  14. All I heard was generic things about sharks that's I've always known. NG do better!

  15. You are imagining swimming in the sea and you are seeing a shark and it is trying to eat you??

  16. Is it shark week time again? Time to get assaulted by reality documentary tv once more. The ground around Jacques Cousteau grave rumbles as he rolls over..

  17. “They are responsible for more attacks on humans than any other species of shark”

    “Humans are responsible for killing an average of 100,000,000 sharks a year”

  18. Sir I capture pictures of dragonfly but the different is the dragonfly has antenna can I give you that pictures ?

  19. Who cares, eat them all.
    Maybe he wants to get just a little bit of revenge for the 100s of millions of sharks humans kill each year.

  20. Merhaba, Türkiye'ye özel bir belgesel youtube kanalı açarsanız bizleri sevindirirsiniz. Fazla bir şey değil Türkçe alt yazıya bile razıyız.??????

  21. What Shark Is Attacking Tourists? Instead, It should be What Tourists let themselves being attacked by Shark?! Is it Careless Tourists, Stupid Tourists, Brave Tourists. Its still a mystery and people still wanted to know why.

  22. GW is a apex predator..don't try to tell me they are docile..when they are hungry and have a empty stomach go swim near one.. Ocean Ramsey likes to swim with a GW after it already ate 1000 pounds of whale fat..gtfo

  23. Seriously… they keep asking “why”? Because, it’s a Shark! You’re in its habitat. Its habitat. Not yours. As a surfer, every time I go in, it is with utmost respect for these and other incredible animals. If you’re not prepared to have an encounter with them, don’t go. Simple. And – seriously – don’t go in really early morning, in later evening, or after a heavy rain.

  24. I know a lot of people are saying that this is sensationalist, but I don't really mind it because it's not actually criminalizing the sharks?? It's just a bit dramatic, that's all.

  25. Sharks frequently appear on the beaches where humans are located due to the deterioration of sea-level temperatures due to global warming caused by human environmental degradation. Seeing the size of the shark directly through the video, I felt much bigger and scarier than I thought.

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