Dobrý den!   I’m Alex
  And I’m Marko And you’re watching Vagabrothers  This week we’re in the birthplace of good
beer  Pilsen, Czech Republic!   If you know us, you know that we love good
beer.  And if you love good beer, then at some point you’ve had a pilsner,  Czech lager
named after the city where it was born – Pilsen. Pilsner is famous worldwide thanks to one
of it’s breweries, Pilsner Urquell, and its brewing tradition is one of the reasons it
was named  Cultural Capital of Europe in 2015.   Czechs drink more beer than anyone else in
the world – 148 liters per person, per year – that’s 50% more than the Austrians in
2nd place, and double that of Americans.    So we figured that if anyone knew how to
celebrate the honor, it would Pilsen, so we hopped on a plane from Finland to the Czech
Republic and arrived in Pilsen just in time for the opening ceremony.    On the day of the celebration, we woke up
to discover two good omens at breakfast- a  band playing traditional Czech music, and
a buffet full of beer.   We knew it would be a long boozy day, so we
skipped the breakfast beer and caught a tram to old town to find the celebrations.   Today is the opening ceremonies of the Cultural
Capital celebration for 2015 but we don’t know where it is. So we have to find the press center, get our
press passes or we are going to miss the whole thing, so that’s currently what we are trying
to do. Major obstacle at the moment is that we don’t
speak Czech.  A walk through the Old Town, is a walk through
its’ history – founded in the 13th century thrived in the Middle Ages and became an
industrial center of the Austro-Hungarian Empire So we just got our press passes and they told
us we are only one minute behind the tour to the Pilsner Urquell brewery.  There’s the tour right there, and Pilsner
Urquell is obviously rad because it’s the original Pilsner,
this is the home of brewing so were going to go try some beer because we love that.  Our first stop was the Brewery Museum inside
one of the old brew houses, complete with a bit of history and some drunk mannequins.
  Pilsen’s brewing history started in 1295 when
the king gave permission to all Pilsen families to brew beer in their homes, but by the 1830s the quality had become so bad that the beer
was undrinkable.   So bad in fact, that they poured it down the
drain.  And we know, there’s no bigger sin than wasting beer.  So that’s when the Czechs
called zee Germans.   To save themselves, Pilsen’s brewers banded
together, invested in a state of the art factory and brought in a Bavarian named Joseph Groll
to help them brew better beer.   The result? Pilsen. Known now as Pilsner Urquell.   So we met with Pilsner Urquell’s chief brewer,
Vaclav Berka, who told us why their beer is so good.   Na Zdravî  First brew was brewed 5th of October, 1842.
By a young brewer Joseph Groll using only three ingredients –  Pilsen soft water, Pilsner malt, and Saaz
hops.  And it’s crazy, amazing for us that we 172 years ago used only the same three
ingredients which means the beer we brew now is exactly
the same as 172 years ago.  This beer invited you to another and another
sampling and tasting, cheers! Which is exactly what we came here to do,
so we finished up our beers with Vaclav and headed to the brewery itself.   Victory! We have arrived at Pilsner Urquell Brewery So it’s pronounced Urquell, like Steve Urkel But actually Urquell is a German word that
means the source of the spring. So our goal right now is to go in here and
drink this beer from the source.  I’m stoked let’s do it. Alright let’s go Czech it out!  They took us into the cellars beneath the
brewery, which reminded me of a dwarf cave from Lord of the Rings.  This is a legitimate beer cellar, we are underground
in the brewery and it’s moist. It’s kind of like a mine.  Yah a beer mine.  I like it.  If mining involved drinking Pilsner Urquell
every day, I’d probably consider it as a career Pilsners are lagers, and lager is a german
word meaning “stored” beer, which is why Pilsen is perfect for brewing – It sits atop 16 kilometers of underground
tunnels, which served as a primitive refrigerator or a place to hide from the occasional marauding
medieval army.  That does not look like beer to me, it looks
like creme brûlée or sort of burnt cheese.  It smells like fermentation in here though.  Yah but the final product is what counts and
that barrel is from 1897 when this was still part of the Austro-Hungarian empire.  That means this is an old-school way of making
beer and that’s really cool.  Finally, it was time to sample the beer.   Beer Pong?   Could it be? Now we get to take these cups and try the
beer fresh from the barrel.  Thank you! To Pilsen, Czech Republic, Capital of Culture
2015, Congratulations.  We just came out the the Pilsner Urquell Brewery We’ve emerged from the underground and it’s
time for lunch at the press club so we’re going to go have a typical lunch And there’s circus folks walking around
right now which is making things pretty interesting so this should be fun day. Let’s go! The circus folk were actually part of the
opening ceremony, which got underway just before dusk.   So Marko and I split up – I went and got
an aerial view, while Marko hit the streets to follow the processions that went from different
parts of town and congregated at the main square.   Alright so I found the procession it’s pretty
cool. There’s a lot of people having a good time. Some fire twirlers, some puppets, some
bohemian style clowns. Now everyone is heading to the main square,
Republic Square, to St. Bartholomew’s Cathedral where they are going to ring these ancient
bell towers. It’s the first time they’ve rung them in
a while since World War II when most were melted down and made into weapons. So it’s a big deal there’s going to churches
and cathedrals all across Europe ringing the bells at 5:30 in a show of unity. So let’s get down there and see what the
celebration entails. Meanwhile, from my rooftop perch I watched
as the square filled, the bells rang and the buildings were illuminated with the story
of Pilsen Guys you are not going to believe this, there
is a person walking on a high wire like three or four hundred feet above this plaza. He’s crossing the plaza to the bell tower
of the cathedral. Wow. It was a great way to finish off an amazing
day in the Czech Republic, but it was only our first. That night we hopped on a train to Prague,
but to see that video you’ll just have to tune in again next week. In the meantime, if you liked the video, give
it a thumbs up, share it with your friends and subscribe to our channel for new travel
videos every Tuesday, and we will see you guys next week in Prague. Later!


  1. I love you guys so much ❤️ I'd love to meet you, but when you were in Finland I was sick and I couldn't come and meet you 🙁

  2. Let me know if you ever gonna visit Wroclaw in Poland. Some great local beer, and amazing pub that brew they own beer in the basement. I'm sure you would love it! – G.

  3. It´s a first time some youtubers that I love, visited my homeland! Thank you for this nice video about the beer we are so proud of! Na zdraví 🙂

  4. Good video guys. I didn't even know there was a Pilsen I just thought it was a beer. Looking forward to the next video as always. 
    Big Dave

  5. okay, it´s kinda exciting that you were "right next to" me (Slovakia) and you liked it there! tbh, ive never been in Pilsen but their beer is just the best 😀 Prague is the most amazing and beautiful city in (central) Europe,I hope you fell in love wih Czech Republic just the way I did when I visited it for the first time… Maybe next time, stop in Slovakia, we have some pretty awesome places too 🙂 

  6. I've been there. It's delicious beer…. but wait until you get to Bavaria… make sure to try as many beers from local, small village breweries as possible 😉 

  7. I did not know that is where Pilsner came from. That festival look like it came strait out of the past with some cool projections on the towers. Good thing Marty McFly, and Doc didn't come ruin the highwire show.

  8. Can't believe that guy walked all the way across on that high wire, that's just crazy. But a good show:) 

  9. YES! Great video, beer from casks, added depth of flavor. And the beard is looking really crisp and clean, well done.

  10. After watching your video I get a "good" feeling about a czech birthday party this sommer close to pilsen – lots of beer I guess 😉 

  11. Pilsen is definitely going on my bucket list. I love a good beer, and lagers are some of my favorites. 
    Your videos always make me want to pack my bags and jump on a plane. Thanks for sharing all your wonderful experiences with us. 🙂

  12. Nice to see you guys here in Pilsen. Great video as well. I'm living 60km from Pilsen and it's a beautiful city with best beer. 🙂

  13. Lovely report from my hometown! I hope you enjoyed the beer – it's something we are really proud of and indeed, our city is the home of the original "pils(ner)" beer.

  14. Good job, guys! An excellent behind-the-scenes look at Pilsen and the big celebration. Question: how can you drink that much beer and still have steady, in-focus videos?  Now that's the real talent!

  15. Guys, thanks for your video, it´s great ! Thanks for such an awesome promo,  I am proud that I am from Pilsen 🙂

  16. I like Pilsen beer (and it is my hometown), but it's sad that quality is getting slowly down. Beer these days isn't the same as ten years ago. 

  17. I want to say you thanks 🙂 I from Czech Republic and you show world Pilsen and Czech in good page 😉 ! Thanks ! :3 <3

  18. bu şehri gezdim ve gördüm, çok şirin ve sakin bir yer. pilsen bira fabrikası gezisi bu şehirde yapılacak en güzel şey.

  19. Pilsen have best beer, but on "na parkáně" is not good, i recommend when you come next time best pub and restaurant in Pilsen "Lokál pod divadlem".

  20. Greeting from Czech republic ! Pilsen its nice place, but you must visit the Žatec. It is famous for an over-700-year-long tradition of growing Saaz noble hops used by several breweries. Žatec produces its own beer and hosts 'Dočesná', its (hops related) harvest festival every year on the town square.

  21. Hey, guys, Czech isn´t only Pilsen & Prague, come to the south, to the Budvar brewery in Ceske Budejovice and come to visit other (smaller) medieval towns 🙂 Good luck.

  22. Gotta love this, it's my hometown 🙂 I kinde wish you visited more of the "underground" alternative culture of the city. You'd be suprised by it's versatility. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed your stay.

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    There are literally thousands more.

  25. Visit Pilson factory today. Buying a plastics bag in their gift shop costs us 80 koruna!So expensive… walk around the road with my friend, several local guys scream loudly when they drived a car through us! Bad experience! More respect will be better.

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