What to do in Rome – A Rome Vacation Travel Guide

What to do in Rome – A Rome Vacation Travel Guide

We’re in Rome and we’re inside the Pantheon
here, it’s two thousand years old this building and I just feel like I’m living the life of
an ancient roman. Right above me is the Oculus. And this was
once the largest dome in the entire world. It’s still the largest reinforced concrete
dome so that’s pretty amazing for a 2000 year old building, check it out. So we’re here at the TreviFountain and if you throw this in there, it will ensure that you
come back here to the eternal city. So I’m gonna do this and I will come back
to the eternal city. Here we go! So I’m about to taste some buffalo mozzorella here at Enzo and Lenas Prosciutteria.
They’ve been working together for over thirty years now in that little tiny stall so I think
that they’re great people to talk to about How to work together as a couple. Now I’m about to taste this for the first time. Buffalo Mozzarella.
Mmm. I’m becoming the balsamic vinegar connoisseur
here with some fifteen-year-old balsamic vinegar. We’re just driving by the Collosseum. So we’ve stopped here on our awesome Vespa tour here in Italy, at the Vatican.
And you know what, if you look up there in the corner, that’s actually where the Pope
is staying, and it looks like he’s still up. anyway it’s been an absolute fantastic tour,
we’ve seen tons and tons of Rome, and you know what, the best way to do it is on a Vespa.
Why Not? I think I might have to get one of my own
when I go home.

7 thoughts on “What to do in Rome – A Rome Vacation Travel Guide

  1. Hi,

    To you both. Thanks for the upload, I love Rome so much but even though it is not that far it is just too expensive for me. Hope you continue and or have enjoyed everything about Rome and the larger Italy if you went anywhere else.
    I have 99% of my relatives American and about a quarter of them have done the 7 Countries in seven days kind of thing but that is so unfair you oneself and to the Countries as one can barely get a taste of the Country visited in that time, and they tends to think more of France and Germany and northern European places rather than the ‘OLD’ original places like France Italy spain and Portugal you know. 
    Much better to have three days in a Country or longer, that way you may find that special little restaurant.

  2. Hi,

    And thanks for the reply. 

    I live and am on the edge of London England and could never afford, to be honest to stay three months in any other country. I am glad you are able to do so and that you are truly getting the flavours of Italy.

    I am an invalid and have had to live off the ‘State’ Benefits over the past 30 years or so, which is why going abroad out of my comfort zone is something I could only manage once and that was before I became invalid. No I barely have enough to live here in London England and certainly cannot ever thing of going to what I think is the most Beautiful place in the world, from what I have seen in research and that is the Trevi Fountain and the various other famous parts of That very localised part of Italy. I would love to make it to Rome but can’t speak Italian and just do not have the where with all especially to stay for several months, that would run into several thousand pounds! 

    Take care

  3. Great stuff guys! We've yet to travel in Europe and absolutely want to hit Rome when we make it over there. And seeing it on a Vespa definitely looks like the way to go. Fun stuff! 🙂 Hope Dave is feeling better! Cheers!

  4. This is pretty awesome! I love Rome to the core and this video reminded me of my time there long long time back 🙂

    Looking forward for more Dave and Deb 🙂

  5. Wow! It looks like you both had so much fun!   I can't wait! Am going to Rome for 8 days in a few weeks, any tips you may have for me?  I am still debating on getting the Roma pass and if to hire tour guides. I also plan on doing a day trip to Pompeii and to Ostia Antica.  I just now found your channel and so far I love all the videos I watched!!

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