What to do the summer before SIXTH FORM?!

What to do the summer before SIXTH FORM?!

Hey guys and welcome back to my channel or hello if you are new here I’m so sorry for my lack of uploads. If you don’t follow me on social media You won’t know what I’ve been up to. But basically I have been away Twice recently and I’m also currently interning at Vogue which is very exciting But it means that I am basically working a nine-to-five job every day. And I know that people do that and still upload Credits to them because I kind of didn’t anticipate how tired I would be at the end of the day for filming and editing Now I know like mic. I’ve done my first week basically so I can definitely get back into it properly But I wanted to apologize because I have been slacking and I don’t mean to hello to all of you who are new here Oh my god, we hit 18,000 subscribers So hello and welcome. Okay. I’m going to be doing a video that basically I get comments about nearly every day I get at least a DM or a comment about every day Which is what can you do to prepare? In the summer before going into certain years. I’ve decided to make this into a couple of videos rather than one I think it’ll be way too long and rambly Today we’re going to do what to do in the summer before sick fall Then I feel like we might do one before year 13 and then I think we might do one before uni Maybe not in that order But I will make sure that they are in my school slash advice playlist if you haven’t checked that out I will put it up in the card all my videos are there are related to school of advice And basically I thought that what this video could be is a compilation Basically of all the advice I’ve given in those comments in those DMS in like other videos where I’ve mentioned it But I kind of want to have it like pulled together in one place so you can come here and be like, right What do I need to do? This is what new thinks I should be doing If you haven’t already given this a thumbs up Please do so and subscribe if you haven’t if you’re excited about the other videos in this series And I think we should get on with it like I said we’re going to be doing at the transition between year 11 and Sick form slash college slash year 12 slash all that good stuff Oh, I have noted myself up But this isn’t necessarily like a sick form advice video or like how to be confident going in to sit for more Anything like that? I have got those types of videos and I definitely plan to do more of that kind of video and This summer but this specific one is like a to-do list If you were going to make a to-do list of things to do in the summer before you go in to sit for more college Or whatever you would use this video to do it. Okay, we’re gonna dive right into it with the thing that I think is Best suited at this time. It’s not necessarily the most important thing to do But I would say that if you were going to do this anytime in these years now It’s the time to do and that is get some work experience So the summer that you get between year 11 and year 12 is really long And for most people at least it is a lot longer than you have been experiencing in the past I think like two maybe even three weeks longer mine was two So what I did was I got some work experience in those two weeks by no means does this one? I’m really wavy today by no means does this work experience the need to be in any way relevant? To what you want to do because you probably don’t really know what you want to do I get questions again. So often multiple times a week being like what work experience Did you get I do not to put my personal statement for biochem help kind of thing So I know there are like a lab work experiences you can do for biochem And that’s stuff like the Nuffield ones that a lot of my friends did which are great and I would highly recommend doing that Also gives you a taste of whether you like it or not. I actually didn’t do anything related I did a like normal sort of office II it was a small company getting that? Experience not only is good for you to have experience and to like do something productive in your summer but you can put it into your personal statement and say what skills you gained from it some experience whether that be working in a cafe or Going and working in a hospital Like it really doesn’t matter a lot and please don’t stress and think that you have to do something linked Obviously, it’s good because you can work out whether you actually like it or not. But any experience is a good experience Naturally that kind of ties in to making some money. So I personally did get paid for that job If you don’t get paid, that’s fine because it’s still experience but it’s a good time to make some money for sick for I don’t think I would have taken like a Full job like a Saturday job when I was in sick for I think I would have found that too much. So I Personally would recommend trying to make some money over the summer borrows the angle change I had to delete stuff from my memory card, right? Well moving on to some academic stuff You can do to help yourself out now a story kind of particularly when I was going from year eleven to year 12 I got given these AQA books if I can find them I will link them and they are basically like the bridge to a s books It was basically a book that put all of the new terms and the new Concepts that we were going to be like using in a level that they basically lied to us. Haha that old thing about a GCSE in a book so like the whole electrons electron shell thing was in there so that you basically had like an Understanding of the basics of your subject before you went and did it I personally had a test when I got back it wasn’t like a Do-or-die test but I think you just had to get over like a certain percentage and they were like, yeah cool You’re good enough to do the a-level, but you have to basically like revise a little bit in the summer Which was really useful because it made me like appreciate the new concepts. I would highly recommend Somehow sourcing something like that even if it’s just like someone you know who’s older than you who has their like Basic AAS notes that you can look over or something. I understand that is more difficult for subjects like English I feel like there are some like new words and like ways to describe poetry and literature and stuff so if you can somehow get your hands on those words and the definitions and like the concepts of them and have a read just Before you get to it, it’s going to make everything so much easier The other thing that we were recommended to do was to read at least two books from each subject So the good thing about that is you can basically find your niche So like an area that you specifically like from reading these books. So if you’re reading away a biology book about The brain because you just randomly picked up and you decide you loved it You might realize that you particularly want to do Neuroscience because you’ve read your book and that’s the way that interests you most so it’s a good way of finding out what you might Want to go and do with your subjects in the future and the other thing similar to that is to do some online courses I get a lot of questions about this as well. I do mind on a site called futurelearn they are free if you like Complete them quick enough kind of thing But if you want them from a limited time, you do have to pay for them Which wasn’t the case when I did there? but you can still go on the site and for free like do some or all of a call again might help you just like Narrow down what you want to do? So I did a forensics course on there and I was like this isn’t for me It’s not really science II enough and then I did a biochem course and there were elements of that So like the plant related stuff, so there was this like phyto mining section and I was like, that’s super interesting I really like that which has now led me Well, it led me to pick biochem in the first place and now it’s led me to pick upon physiology biochemistry module next year So like just doing that course helped me realize what I enjoyed in my subjects pick the Uni fora And it’s still influencing my choices now So not only does that look good on your personal statement and it’s the perfect time to do them But also excellent for helping you make decisions for this one. I’m like caution warning because I don’t think it’s healthy to do this too much but If you want to have a little look at you knees if you’re interested in uni, that is if you’re not interested in uni We look at whatever it is else, but my experiences with uni, so I will talk about that Let’s say you’re interested in uni, and you want to kind of explore? your options A little bit more what you can do what you can’t do where you might want to do if you want to explore your options a little bit more I don’t think there’s any real harm in doing that before you go into year 12 so you don’t really actually know What you want to do until you started your a-levels which is why I caution want this Because actually you don’t need to be looking at this point But the earlier you start having like a bit of an understanding about how the Uni thing and the you cuts thing works Easier will be when you get to it. And the final tip I have is to just Generally try and prepare yourself if you’re suddenly going from uniform to non-uniform think about like some clothes that you like get together your clothes and stuff get together your Stationery get together like things that you need in advance Because it can be a little bit daunting Going from year 11 to year 12 and you want to kind of reduce that as much as you can it will just make you Feel so much better in general to know that everything’s sorted So the more you can do in the summer the less you have to do the three days before you go back and then also have fun because You just have fun. It’s summer like it shouldn’t be like I’m preparing for thick form summer It should just be an element of what you’re doing This summer is I need to get ready for sick form But you need to have a fun summer because you’ve just been doing so many exams GCSE exams go on for so long and you’ve worked so hard on them and like just chill out And have a nice time because you absolutely deserve it. Thank you so much for watching this I really hope it helped you out And please let me know any questions you have about any of that be ready for the next videos So the ones going into like different years and yeah, give this a thumbs up if you enjoyed it And I will see you soon in my next video a level results 2018 gcse university exam tips uni sixth form

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  1. I did the nuffield placement over the summer in year 12 and it was such a great insight, but i didnt end up going into biomed😅😅 wish i'd seen this video before starting sixthform

  2. I really don’t know what to do because I would like to do maths, economics and psychology for a levels however I cannot due to the blocks at my sixth form. So I am very unsure what to do! I would love to do a language (German) however I am worried t is going to be impossible and I am going to fail 😩 anyone have any advice??

  3. I didn’t do anything six firm related and I am going on holiday for 10 days I feel like I have no time to prepare

  4. why would it be a bad idea to look at unis now? even if you don't know what course you'd like to apply for surely knowing what the different unis are like will help you once you do know right?

  5. 😭😭 late notification squad 😭😭 issues with having a job 😭😭 This video is a life saver honestly ❤️❤️ congrats on getting a Vogue internship!!!

  6. Noo thank you so much for this and introducing me to the course website! I hadn’t even thought about doing something like that and seeing as I’ve just finished GCSEs and had a super long summer already I was getting bored lol. Deffo excited to try it out x

  7. Tip for those who are starting; sixth form isn't hard. It's long… Very very long… (it's essentially GCSE's on steroids) Exercise to get stamina and try to concentrate for prolong periods of time.

  8. am i the only one who had 5 extra weeks off… so my summer holidays is 11 weeks long as opposed to the usual 6

  9. Wish I saw this before going into sixth form. Can we please have the going into Yr 13 video next coz at this moment in time I don't think these holidays are going well 😥

  10. Wow congrats for getting an intern at vogue!! Can you please do a video on how you got it?? Or what it’s like working there?💖💖

  11. Omg I’m so scared for results day. My grades determine whether I go to the sixth form I want to go to or not

  12. Hii, I just discovered your channel today so I'm a new subscriber! I just wanted to say that you're videos are really inspiring (I especially love your uni vlogs) also you're beautiful + GLOWINGG

  13. You should have just made a super short video and say that everyone should just make the most of the summer because once 6th form/college starts everything goes downhill from there.

  14. I'm interested in taking an online course. However, as a year 11 going into year 12 will I have enough knowledge to complete them??

  15. Just wanted to reply to everyone all in one place about my internship. For everyone asking how I got it, honestly I just emailed in with my CV! I totally understand where you're coming from in wanting to know how I got it when I'm not in/studying that industry but it's all about being proactive and if you really want a seemingly "cool" job you have to go out and get it yourself. Big love xx

  16. I've just finished Year 12, and I can say that you really don't need to do anything in the summer holiday between Years 11 and 12.

    First of all, you can get work experience later in the year or next summer (if you even need it; for many people it's completely unnecessary). Also, the "bridging" material that you could learn is pointless as you will start everything from scratch in Year 12 anyway; no one will assume that you have any prior knowledge (and as an example, in chemistry they don't even assume any GCSE knowledge other than a basic understanding of the periodic table, atoms, balancing equations etc.). It just doesn't make sense that they would test you on something that they've not yet taught, and the new material (at least at the beginning of the year) really isn't that difficult, and much easier to learn when explained by a teacher anyway. If you read about it over the summer, it just means that you'll be bored in class for the first few weeks of Sixth Form…

  17. I don't know if this affected you, but how did you deal with everyone expecting you to get good grades, like I have always been one to get good grades so I feel like I can never say I am worried about how an exam went or about my results because everyone just says oh you're kate you'll be fine. I am super nervous about results day but I feel extra pressure to impress everyone and my teachers, I feel like I'm not allowed to be nervous. Also I'm worried that if I get a 6 (B) and I am disappointed with that other people will think I am being ridiculous because so many people work so hard for that, I don't know there's just a lot on my mind :/

  18. Never found something or someone more useful and full of knowledge. I am currently in the summer before year 12 and I am looking to do A-Level Chemistry, Biology, Geography and Maths. Therefore stumbling across you is the best thing I could have done due to the fact you have done 3/4 same A-Levels as I wish to. I looked on the future learn website and it is amazing I have just signed up for a forensic science course and a violence against women course two topics that interest me massively so thank you so much for bringing that towards me as I would have never known it existed otherwise. 🙂 Much love and luck in your Vogue internship xx

  19. i wanna do sociology, government and politics, history and english lit for as. but fam idk im so scared for the results

  20. I’m taking biology and chemistry and I’ve got them tests I think, were they just like label the structure or was it a proper topic test?

  21. loved this, so helpful. i’m about to go into sixth form and I am so nervous, especially as it’s results day on Thursday😂 I don’t know if it’s your style of video, but I need some outfit inspiration for sixth form as it’s quite formal and I have no idea what to wear!

  22. I'm just gonna summarise everything she says for myself and u guys 😂
    So, what to do in the summer between yr 11 and yr 12 :
    • Get work experience (any kind)
    • Revise the basics of ur subject
    • Have a look at uni's and options – u don't need to do this, but there's no harm in exploring ur options
    • Try and prepare urself…E.g- stationary, clothes
    • Have fun – Go to NCS, relax, go out, etc

  23. Finally YouTube are putting relevant, useful videos on my recommended coz for the past 3 weeks I’ve felt so useless after GCSEs

  24. Hey, when you said read two books in that subject area, what kind of books did you mean? Did you mean like specifically revision guides or are these more wider, sophisticated, academic books regarding a certain subject?

  25. I needed this! I’m moving back to england after living in tbe philippines for four years. There, we finish school in april, and sixth form starts in september. Imagjne how long that summer will be for me this year! Very helpful❤️

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