What to Eat When You Travel in Bali – Lunches with Sheldon & Jess TV

What to Eat When You Travel in Bali – Lunches with Sheldon & Jess TV

So we’re quickly getting onto the shuttle To head into Potato Head In town, in Seminyak So let’s go check out Potato Head Firstly, we’re headed to Potato Head A little on the expensive side for Bali The vibes, drinks and food at Potato Head Are well worth it It gets crazy busy though So get there early to get a good spot And aim for being in the shade So we’re right here at Potato Head We’re going to get some the drink, something to eat And see how the day plays out So let’s go have some fun! I’m super excited guys because I’m heading towards One of my favourite restaurants In Ubud and Bali, called Ibu Oka They do one of the best suckling pigs Which is called babi guling out here in Bali So let’s go check it out In Ubud, we had to go to Ibu Oka To get my favourite dish – called babi guling Or suckling pig It’s an Indonesian dish that everyone who eats pork would love We’re right here at sunny Kuta Beach Look at how beautiful that day is And we’re going to do a quick lunch stop At Coco Bistro. Let’s go check it out Coco Bistro is located at the Discovery Shopping Mall And has an extensive menu It’s a great place for groups or to grab a quick bite during your shopping trip Today we’re here at a local, traditional restaurant Called a warung And next to Uluwatu Temple which is right behind us And we’re going to try out some Indonesian cuisine Right here. Looking forward to it! Warungs are traditional Balinese restaurants And they have some of the best and cheapest Indonesian food This one wasn’t the best we’ve tried But for $5 who can complain? We had a “treat yo’self” moment going to Metis This restaurant is gorgeous It has great jazz music to set the tone for A lovely afternoon tea We are at the absolutely beautiful Metis restaurant, in Seminyak We’ve come here for high tea Because this is just kind of a special occasion for us And this place is gorgeous! I can’t believe it The whole atmosphere is just stunning

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  1. Another amazing Bali travel video.. so much of memorable and enjoyable travel is the taste experience. This one leaves my mouth watering!! Can't wait to see more!!

  2. Hey, great video! We will be heading to Indonesia in a couple of weeks, and your video gave us some good ideas of what we NEED to eat! Subscribed, and looking forward to seeing more!
    Ryan & Denise
    Backpacks Only

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