What To Wear and What To Pack Going to Norway for Summer holiday/yourway2norway

What To Wear and What To Pack Going to Norway for Summer holiday/yourway2norway

Hi everyone, today I’m going to teach you how to dress smart and perfect for your next summer vacation in Norway. Norway is a long country very far North. But, here we are in Oslo today. In the south, this is Bergen and the West Coast with all the fjords. This is Tromsø in the north, and the red line here, is the Arctic Circle. Most of you guys do a huge mistake dressing like me when you arrive here at summer, but at the end of this video, I will teach you the perfect way to dress for a comfortable, flexible and for a cool summer vacation. Are you ready? Welcome to Norway in the summer. And we will start with the shoes. Well, these shoes are actually ideal if you’re going trekking, mountain climbing, walking in Norway. But that’s only for trekking. I mean, if you just coming to visit, walk in the streets and in the cities and so on …. Water resistant sneakers are your best choice. Because, even though it’s cold in Norway, it’s not that cold during summer. And, you have to walk a lot in the cities, outside of the cities. And also if you’re going trekking. So you need comfortable light shoes, water resistant. Here the weather can change within hours. It could be rain, it could be sun, it could be wind, and it could even snow a bit on the mountaintops in the north, like during July. So what to pack then? Instead of this heavy very winter jacket that will only make you look like a penguin and not very comfortable. In Norway. I mean, it could be sun, you actually should have a sweater like this. Because it can be cold all over Norway also in, for instance, July. And this is essential: A … a …. A wind jacket, like this, because there can be wind. Especially if you’re on the west coast. In Nortern Norway, a lot of wind! It is not only the wind, so it will rain a lot in Norway. So you need a good rain coat. But, with this under, you will stay kind of warm. But I will tell you later the best trick. And some of you might ask, well, couldn’t I just bring my umbrella? Well, you could … if you’re going to use an umbrella … You need to buy it in Bergen. Don’t bring your own, because I’m sure your umbrella is not suited for the heavy wind and the heavy rain you will experience in the Bergen area in Norway. Sometimes it can be nice weather. So, yeah. So, if you need a T shirt, you know what to do? Check out our store. And then you will find a T shirt or something suited for Norway. Because yes, here in Oslo it can be 30 Celsius degrees during June and July – and even in August. And, actually, you didn’t bring it, and you didn’t think about it, when you were planning your vacation to Norway. Sunglasses. Absolutely! Because, yes, because it can be sun. And you know what? Bring a shorts too. Yes, you need a shorts too, because suddenly, it’s very hot. And if you are stuffed only in clothes like this, it won’t work at all. But, I mean, this is easy to pack. And then … are you ready for the smartest tips? The best tip I can give you to have all the weather conditions covered. You have all these items, against rain against wind. Then you need. And this is so essential. You need wool! You need wool. But it doesn’t have to be thick. You can have these kind of very, very light wool stuff. And it cannot be polyester, acryl or anything like it. It needs to be a 100% wool like that. And you can even bring something like this. Ehh, I’m not sure what this is called in English. And I would also recommend some thick wool socks, because in the end, you will be cold on your feet. Then, just put on some wool stockings and you will be fine. It’s easy to walk, you can run and all that and you don’t need to feel like that uptight penguin. So these are actually the best advices I can give you. Wool on one side and shorts and sunglasses on the other side. You don’t need all that heavy extra gear. Like the jacket, like these shoes, and all of that. It’s too heavy. It will only make you uncomfortable. Okay, if a me and Mads is coming to your country, what’s essential to have in our suitcase during summer? Subscribe, push the bell and we are waiting for your comments. See you Bye bye! And, you know, welcome to Norway. We appreciate your stay here.

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  1. Avoid the south eastern U.S. in summer unless you want to lose weight through sweating…and watch out for alligators and armadillos roaming neighborhoods, golf courses, etc.
    Avoid Maine in early summer to avoid being consumed by biting bugs. The remainder of summer is delightful, but bring a light jacket or light sweater, rain slicker, and hiking boots for trekking.
    Avoid the Southwest U.S. in Summer to avoid nosebleeds due to excessively low humidity and temps well over 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Mads would require 100 SPF sunscreen and U.V. blocking clothing! Ronald is so fortunate to tan…Being fair skinned, I used to wish all my freckles would blend together so I'd look tan, instead of "glowing in the dark…". Note that early morning and evening are delightful in most areas of the U.S., although you need to keep a watchful eye for snakes, spiders, etc. in some regions.
    If you visit Houston, Texas, bring a boat, due to many episodes of flooding…, numerous changes of cotton clothing as you'll be drenched in sweat, with heat and humidity levels.
    Elevations in parts of Colorado may produce fainting, any time of the year. But you'll love the mountains in that section of the U.S. See real cowboys in the West, and enjoy some wide open spaces, great food, and stunning scenery.
    All the other comments are spot on. There's a vast variety of weather, scenery, foods, cultures, etc. in the U.S.
    You simply must beg your employers to grant you leave, while noting that your subscribers will gladly house you, during your Stateside visit!
    This video was particularly helpful! Tusen takk!

  2. In San Francisco, pants and shorts under pants. Just in case. Weather can change 30 degrees fahrenheit in one week. 70 to 100. or 80 to 50. Make sure you bring an umbrella in case it rains. A windjacket in case. It is very random. Summer and hot weather was supposed to happen like it does in September and October. But it has already started 3 weeks ago. 3 days of 90 to 100 degree weather fahrenheit and now we are at 70 fahrenheit. When weather is perfect clear skies and at 70 expect to have a gas mask on due to the forest fires.

  3. Dear Ronald & Mads~
    Another excellent video with Invaluable Tips! Now, if you were to visit my town, billed as the "World's Largest Resort City" in the summer, you would need: Shades, sunscreen, hat, sandals, bathing suit, casual dress pants and shirt for dining, and last but not least- Air Conditioning! An shopping excursion to the beach is a must to purchase the prerequisite tacky souvenier tee shirts!
    However, I'm sorry to say that, though your packing tips were quite good, I'm afraid you missed the best one of all:
    All you truly need to visit Norway is…. THAT SUITCASE!!! Nothing else matters! It is so wonderfully unbeige lol! 💕🧳💕😄👍

  4. Thin wool? I've never owned such a thing! The closest I have is alpaca fiber, which I think is more trendy (and soft) here in the US than sheep wool… But geesh, may as well just pack an empty bag and buy your clothes once you get to norway. 🙂

  5. If coming to California it can be anything. Here on the Central Coast it can go from freezing blowing foggy dampness to sunny and actually hot in the matter of hours as well. So dressing in layers here is a great idea and of course always have a t shirt underneath and sunglasses as well. No need for serious wool though in the summer.

  6. If you come to the upstate of South Carolina ….bring shorts, lightweight T-shirt’s, and mosquito repellent.

  7. I live in New Orleans. Don't come here in July, August, September. JUST DO NOT DO IT!!! there is a different kind of gravity here. It can be 100% humidity with no precipitation. There's no escaping it. RUN AWAY!! STAY IN NORWAY!!!

  8. It was 41 degrees Celsius the other day here in Texas. Bring as little to wear as possible during the summer. Grab an inner tube(water floating device), a chest of ice cold beer, some drinking water, and find the nearest body of water to live out the rest of your 🥵 stay in. 😁

  9. Bathing suits, shorts, t-shirts, a hat, your sunglasses, a strong sunscreen and a mospuito repelent are the absolut essentials if you are planning to visit Greece during summer as the temperature is between 30 and 40+ degrees Celsius from June to September…. Oh, and choose colours wisely, dark colours are not such a good idea, i speak from experience 😛

  10. If you are coming to Philadelphia, mid east coast USA …skip summer!! It is like being locked in the sauna for a week with clothes on and the steam going like mad.. Wait until September or October. ( this is why I go to places like Norway and Finland…to escape!)

  11. In New England -,If it’s too chilly to wear a Merch T-shirt – wear the T over a contrasting long-sleeve. Last week I wore it to MidSommar Fest and I think I was given extra strawberry with the cream and my Swedish burger was thicker. This is what happens when you wear yourway2norway. … things come yourwaytoo.

  12. I spent some time in Norge in the sixties. 1964, late July early August. We hung out on the square by the fjord in Oslo in beautiful warm weather. The sky and water were blue and the atmosphere was almost Meditterranean. And by 4PM on Friday afternoon the town closed down for the weekend so people could celebrate summer. Smart society. A few years later we experienced the rain of Bergen and freezing damp in Trondheim, but again, much nicer weather in the South East. Lovely country and so much friendlier than Sweden.

  13. What you need to know. South of Norway is a TEMPERATE climate zone. It's the best climate for humans to live.

  14. Here it's humid, hot and sticky. We head for the Mountains where it's cooler, or the beach where you don't need so much clothing. Either place needs lots of bug spray!

  15. Ronald and Mads when you come to Arizona in the winter pack your sunscreen your shorts and your tee shirts and flip flops cause you come from Norway and your blood is thick. Also maybe your windbreaker if you get a little chilly
    Lol love your channel

  16. You have well covered all you will need in Oregon USA as well! We are on the 45 th parallel not the arctic circle but its hard to remember if you are on top of a mountain!

  17. Long johns or long underwear. Great advice! I have never seen a wool sweater that thin, very nice. BTW: Ronald…you are looking very sporty and fit. 😃

  18. California? One thin jacket or sweater, bathing suit, flip flops, t-shirts, shorts, sun screen, tennis shoes, a gas mask to filter out the wild fire smoke and general smog.

  19. Your opening ensemble reminded me of when I worked at the South Western Canadian land border crossing…it was high summer about 39-40°C + and an American woman , wrapped in furs and winter boots came into my office…red faced and perspiring like a stevedore…and earnestly asked me…Why was it so hot? ….and how far into Canada before she hits snow…??? She had put winter tires on her car for the trip…..
    That said…thank you for your marvellous suggestions and information…I hope to put your vids to good use one day soon!!!

  20. Woolies are Essential…in damp cold weather…the woolly underpants are called long johns ….What do you call them???

  21. Do you need a car if you live in Oslo? What about any other cities, can you “get away” without having a vehicle.
    Tusen takk!

  22. I think what your saying you don't know what they are called in English are what we call (in the Midwest) long johns or long underwear also called thermal wear

  23. Forgot to comment on how good your national orchestra is. Grays. We have a nice one in Houston., expensive and most of the tickets are help by "patrons".

  24. HOT, HOT AND EXTREMELY HUMID in Nashville, Tennessee USA!!!! Best described as "like being inside an oven". Pack your thinnest t-shirts and shorts with a pair of flip-flops and you're good to go! Don't even try to style your hair, the humidity will make it frizz out the second you walk outside! Sunscreen! Maybe a rain poncho folded up in your pocket for quick afternoon thunderstorms! Sunglasses! The summer sun is quite bright. I personally guarantee you won't get cold!! For goodness' sake, stay well hydrated, drink water constantly! Mosquito repellant's mandatory in the early morning and near sunset! That's what it's like here, boys!

  25. Boston, Ma.—Lightweight clothing, rain jacket, comfy shoes, swimwear, hat, sunglasses, sunscreen, and bug and tick repellant. June, July, and August can be 70-104F and humid. We escape to the White Mountains NH and Arcadia ME for a lower humidity.

  26. Hahahaha oh no… I was expecting hot summer days when I arrive in Oslo next month. But what you wear in summer is what I wear in winter here in Australia! If you wear a jumper and a rain jacket here in summer you will melt.

  27. Hei Ronald og Mads. Ha! You are giving correct advice but as you said, so many people think that all of Norway is covered in snow all year round!
    This vid is great, I don't know how you get your ideas and inspiration but I am glad that you do.
    Wool all the way for me it cannot be beaten.
    Ha! an umbrella from Bergen- well it certainly rains there, similar to my part of the U.K. so if you visit me bring an umbrella each.
    We have had some extraordinarily high temperatures and I know that you have had also. I hate strong sun- autumn is my favourite season, both in U.K and in Norway. This is yet another great vid, love to hear Mads off camera!
    Tusen takk.
    Johnny. Northwest England. U.K.

  28. LOL – the first time I went to Norway, I'd heard it was cold and rained all the time in summer. So I arrived in Oslo with warm winter clothing (and WAY too much luggage to carry all that clothing!) Surprise! Norway was having a heat wave, and the temperature was in the 90's (Fahrenheit). I thought I knew where my hotel was, but I didn't, and I refused to ask directions. Instead, I wandered all over Oslo dragging my heavy bags and wearing winter clothes. Passers-by probably thought I was a crazy homeless person……

  29. If you visit San Francisco in the summer, I have one word: LAYERING. Mid-summer can sometimes be very cold, windy, foggy and even drizzly. Other times we can have warm days. (Our TRUE "summer" is in September and October.) San Francisco also has "micro-climates". It can be a lovely 70-degree Fahrenheit day at the baseball park, and further up the Embarcadero it can be cold & windy at Pier 39. It can be sunny and 80 degrees at Union Square, and 55 degrees, windy and foggy in Golden Gate Park. When I drive into the city in summer, I wear a short-sleeved shirt with a lightweight jacket (like a running jacket or lightweight sweater.) I also bring a heavier outer layer, such as a heavy sweatshirt or a denim jacket. If wearing shorts, even if it's a hot day it's wise to either bring long pants with you just in case, or a pair of knee-socks or tights/leggings in your backpack. Convertible pants with zip-off bottoms are also handy (I found them perfect for London!) Wear whatever shoes that are comfortable, but remember we have lots of hills, and plan accordingly. In tourist areas and in tourist season, always pack your common sense! Never leave any valuables in your car, ever…. bring what you care about with you. Bring a healthy appetite, too… we have thousands of fabulous restaurants!

  30. If you come to visit New Orleans you will need an a/c that works very well… that's all you will need because you will be staying inside.

  31. I love how there is some music and it gets serious all of a sudden. You have great timing with your humor and music and more.

  32. windbreaker jacket 🙂 and, a pair of shorts. english is odd. the leggings you wear under your jeans, called "long johns" (in the usa)

  33. In East Tennessee today the temperature is 92F/33C with 93% relative humidity. The heat index calculates that to feel like 128F/53C. Bring swim gear and go to the nearest body of water! Love your videos!!😘

  34. Silicon Valley Ca requires sunglasses, shorts, sandals, and lots of sun-screen. BUT – essential – a refillable coffee mug and water bottle!

  35. If you come to Texas and plan on hiking, camping etc. wear cotton khaki pants. Not jeans or tight pants. It provides sun, bug, and plant repellent. It's actually cooler and more comfortable than shorts!

  36. Judging from the "ERH???"s, Mads doesn't sound like he agrees with most of Ronald's choices. Maybe Mads would do a vid of his version of What-to-Pack😉

  37. We have an umbrella we bought in Bergen and until it failed seven years later was known as the Bergen Brolly for alliterative purposes. I have never been to Bergen without it raining.

  38. We have a lot of tourists that come to the Iowa State Fair every year in August. Why? I don't know. It is hot hot 🔥!! But this is Iowa and the weather can change in a minute so when you pack, make sure you bring sunglasses, a sun hat ( to keep the sun off your face) sunscreen, shorts, tank top, t-shirt, athletic shoes (cuz you're going to do a lot of walking) and just in case bring a sweatshirt and maybe some jeans and an umbrella. Because sometimes the weather changes and we get cold rainy weather during the fair. But the weather aside, the Iowa State Fair kicks ass!!

  39. I live in the redwoods in California, right on the coast. You'll be REALLY lucky if it's above 22 C here. Tourists come wearing shorts and tank tops and are miserable. Wear a tank top under a tshirt under a long sleeve shirt. Bring your light jacket too for the nights. Wear an extra layer when you go to the beach, because it's cold and windy right by the water. The redwood forest is always cool even when it's hot in the sun, so layering is essential. Wear shoes in the forest, because the poison oak goes right up to the edge of the trails!

  40. Im supposed to be watching videos about ireland since im going there soon but i ended up binge watching your videos.:-)I really like the personality u portray in your videos.Thanks for the endless laugh.A huge fan from Philippines

  41. Wool underpant=Liebestöter. Hungary: Light breathable clothes,a light cardigan for a nightout. Carry in your pocket a lightweight raincoat – sometimes it rains heavily out of the blue. Therefore you need sandals that does not soak easily. But most of the time it's bone dry here, so you need a water bottle,sunscreen and sunglasses. Mosquito repellent near the rivers is a must in years with flood. Tick repellent in the woods.

  42. Love your sense of humor!!! One question from Athens ,Greece 40C now) do you guys know what an air condition is?

  43. Hi Ronald, the underwear that you help up but did not know the American name for is called, Long John
    underwear. It is an odd name but that is what people call it. Excellent video!

  44. If you’re coming to Iran in summer bring light summer clothes, a stainless steel (water) canteen, sunglasses, sunscreen and sandals or sneakers. If you plan to go mountain climbing bring suitable boots wit you.

  45. First July week in Norway and temperature drop to 3 degree and snowing.
    Not in the North we didn’t overpass the Oslo Bergen line.
    All tourist could be easily recognized by the new colour jackets !
    And rain of course not too much fortunately and expected.
    But so low temperatures were not expected.
    Oslo showed his better colours and sun anyway.

  46. Speaking of traveling to Norway, how do Norwegians feel about people who are of Norwegian heritage but were born in the U.S.? I'm interested in the general Norwegian perception of Norwegian-Americans, and how Norwegians feel about Norwegian Americans traveling to Norway.

  47. Is this safe to bring NORWEGIAN blond during the summer in PHOENIX, Arizona? We have 120 F today (49 Celsius). I am wondering what close should she put on herself (or rather remove)? Should I? Any suggestions, please? Or may be Ukraine with nice 28 Celsius and occasional night rain will be safer during the summer?

  48. Coming to Long Island, NY during the summer?

    1) Swimming trunks
    2) Comfortable sneakers
    3) Sunscreen
    4) Loose-fitting clothing
    5) Scandals
    6) Sunglasses
    7) A "mini" fan
    8) Beach towels
    9) A LOT of money
    10) Stainless steel or glass water bottle
    11) Other basic essentials that you'd pack (clothing, phone charger, etc.)

    Summers here on Long Island can be as cool as 85 F and as hot as 105 F. However! We have high humidity, so on a day when it's 90 F outside, it will FEEL like 100 F due to the humidity. This is why I put a mini fan on the list. But a stainless steel water bottle is also very important because of how extreme the humidity can get.

  49. If you’re going anywhere in America in the summer, bring only tshirts and shorts. I now live in Hamburg, Germany. If coming here during the summer, bring the same things you need for Norway in the summer. I used to live in Israel. If you’re going to Israel in summer, bring sunglasses and speedos😂

  50. In England I believe they call them “woolies”, in the US they are are called long underwear or long johns. The original ones were one piece with a horrid flap in the back. The two piece sets of micro fiber wool are so much better— and practical! Norwegians probably invented the concept of layering! Snow in July? Sounds like North Dakota, home of yes, many Norwegian immigrants!😂 ( snow in June I have to say…)
    Great advice, so practical! Wonderful channel!

  51. Thank you Ronald. We'll be having all those you recommended.
    But not sure if we need any extras in mid to end of September please. All the best

  52. It rained on us, on and off, for two whole weeks. It was cool enough to wear jeans every day, even on partly sunny days. During our visit to Sogn og Fjordane I needed a sweater too. August 2019.

  53. Hi guy’s, in summer, Melbourne Australia, 50 plus SPF sunscreen, broard brimmed hat, insect repellent, bathers(swimsuit), thongs(flip flops). And a light weight rain coat!

  54. Hi, Guys,
    Just my humble opinion…
    Have you ever considered adding to your merch, with beach towels having your logo, and photos of you two?
    Even a beach towel with your logos and phrases from your Syden videos would be hilarious, and provide more "face time"/advertising.
    Now this is something everyone should pack for a summer beach vacation!

  55. You guys are underestimating your sexy/cool factors! So post a general query about having your photos on merch and see what responses you get. I have a feeling you'd be very surprised. But, I understand that Norwegians typically are introverted, right? Although you've both said you are not typical Norwegians.
    Anyway, give it some thought…💖

  56. In Stornoway, pack as you would for Bergen. In London, jeans, sneakers, shorts, t-shirts, and something light and waterproof. Great video. Very useful.

  57. I'm Greek so many shorts, and t-shirts for men. Same for women, but also dresses for them. Tip: I know that most foreigners do not care what you were, but we do and it seems ackward to us when we see girls for example wearing pretty short shorts with flat behinds. We do not look at you to admire you.

    Next thing some pairs of flip flops/sandals. Flip flops are only for the beach and the house, sandals are for going out .
    Also, bring with you or buy here sun block, for your body and another one for your face. Walking all red around I assure you is not something nice to see.
    Some things that give you out immediately:
    1) you were flip flops in clubs,
    2) you were socks with your sandals (Germans)
    3) you were with 40-45 degrees Celsious snickers with socks that go middle calf (US)

    If you are coming around September pack also a light cardigan, nothing heavy just for the chilly nights. If you are coming from the north of each continet you don't need that, it will feel more like your summer .

  58. In Indonesia we only have two seasons, dry (hot) and rainy seasons. So no need for those heavy stuff for sure! 😁 I like your sun glasses by the way Ronald! 😎Hi Mads! 😄

  59. If you're coming to northern Pennsylvania in the US, the same advice as Norway applies. We have all 4 seasons… every week.

  60. If you come to Athens Greece in summer: Big bandana and a hat that cover your neck shoulders and entire face / Suncreem 50 / Best quality sunglasses you can buy / Swimsuit that dries fast / 100% Cotton tees and jeans / sandals for the sandy beaches / sportshoes for long city walks (can also be done in sandals but after 2 hours you may have scars), cotton socks no longer than ankle, if you hike : hiking boots (protection from low level snake bites), antimosquito pants, t-shirt and hat/sunglasses/ light jacket for the evening if you are in nigh terrain/ tent/ Tip: buy antimosquito cream and always carry with you even in the city if you go to 'summer cinema' there might be freaky mosquitoes with nasty bites.

  61. I have been to norweay and jotune and oslo and bergen/trondheim/and in winter once Alta (the arctic). The clothes im buying are synthetic special warming sets (upper and lower) and special warming socks etc, but Norwegians like in this video, advice me that I ''must'' buy 100% wool sweater and in fact buy 3 thin wool sweathers and wear them according to activity and how warm I am. Sadly I was born with hate towards anything wool. My mother tried to dress me in wool and I would scream every time. So I will go on with synthetics with zero cotton but good at breathing the sweat away. About warmth, I would like to invest in a lightweight 'puffjacket' with head cap cause its super light and super warm when it needs be, a similar material for the legs (puff pants?) would save someone life in norway in combination with the hooded puffjacket. PS: But next time in Norway i will buy this thin layered 100% wool sets and I already bought cheap wool socks from ebay Turkey and noticed that even wet the 100% woolsocks keep warm. So wool is the ONE thing we al need in cold climates. In older times ppl dressed exclusively in wood and leather and in such climates (scandinaiva/russia/etc) they also wore full body furs. Now we dont need that but puff jackets we do need that seal the body's internal core (around the heart). Do not go to Norway dressed in cotton ,even in winter it can get you very cold, you need a bit of synthetic+cotton if not only synthetics/wool.

  62. Great channel! Thanks for the great tips for my trip! I've created a vocab study guide on my channel for learning Norwegian called "Top 500 Norwegian words – Audio Flashcards" also! Can't wait!

  63. Colorado in the summer is a little like Norway in the summer, but a lot like west Texas, although not quite as hot. In some parts like the mountains it can get to 0 Celsius and on the plains it can be 32 Celsius. At least it's never really humid. Just when it rains and when it rains it's not typically for long. Very sunny so remember sunglasses. Windy occasionally as well.

  64. This is Texas (which by the way the state tourism board used to call “A Whole Other Country” in their TV commercials), so in summer you need shorts, cool shirts, sandals, sunglasses, etc. NO winter clothing. Actually in parts of the US like Hawaii you can wear shorts all year round.

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