What To Wear This Summer | Eggie Haul

What To Wear This Summer | Eggie Haul

Hey everyone it’s your girl Jenn and today I have a summer haul for you All the pieces are from my clothing line Eggie, and I’m so proud that we just dropped our summer collection yesterday And so this video is just gonna be a breakdown of me explaining each piece one by one Breaking it down and This is one of my favorite collections because summer is my season and there are so many little bits they can rock to any occasion that you might find yourself this summer. So let’s get started. So we’re gonna start with dresses first because there’s a lot of them I swear we have a dress for any occasion or any type of girl you are We have a dress for you. And the first one is called the poppy dress This is a floral mini–length dress with a ruffled edge neckline and a ruffled edge hem. This can be worn two ways You can either put the ruffles up for like a cute v-neck moment Or you can push them down for an off-the-shoulder Florals are a must for the summer and so I’m really stoked that we made this custom floral print and that’s why you’re gonna seeIt incorporated in a lot of other styles in this collection. This is the peony dress. This is a sweet pink little number with another ruffled edge neckline This is off the shoulder of course, but these have two adjustable belt straps that keep the whole dress in place This is just like an easy little dress to pop on for a lunch or a summer date with the girls now this dress is called the Gretel . this is just another off the shoulder mini dress But it’s form-fitting and it hugs the body in all the right places There are these beautiful billowy sleeves and it just has like an aura of elegance to it. I’m still obsessed with the color red. So, of course we had to make this stunning a rose dress This is a surprise another off the shoulder dress but it’s different because the sleeves are kind of puffy and structured and this is just like another Feminine vibrant number to stand out in. so this is the mint chip dress. I Absolutely love soft minty colors like this. So, of course, I don’t make a dress in this color It’s in a really comfy ribbed material and it has one bow in the chest and the other near the stomach. you can make the bows as tight or as loose As you want so it’s totally adjustable to your size. This dress is called wrapped up I am rocking the cobalt blue but it also comes in a coral. This is just your classic mini dress silhouette it’s got adjustable spaghetti straps and it has this cute crossbody wrap so you can make a bow on your left hip I Love ruffles and so we made this really fun coral dress called the orchid It’s got the ruffle strap details all around and a cute sweetheart neckline. I love that It’s an a-line So it’s flowy and flirty and I just I’m just like obsessed with this coral shade So this is probably my favorite dress in the collection and this is called the Magnolia It’s just like a flowy white little dress with the smocked waist and puffed shoulders. There are two ways you can wear the shoulders You can just wear it up or down depending if you want your shoulders exposed or not The last dress I have for you is called the yarrow This is a simple classy but sassy dress, it’s super fresh looking and I love that It has these buttons that run across the dress. The sleeves are 3/4 length, and they have this lovely black trimming on it So now that we’re done with the dresses, let’s move on over to the tops. This is the party mom shirt this is like an inside joke that happened a while back because I mean every group has one. they have there’s that one person that just parties super responsibly is making sure that everyone’s okay and everyone got home safe and honestly every group should have a party mom But regardless, I thought that this would inspire in this party mom movement if we made some shirts about it So here we have just a classic tee with this print party mom It’s in like this 3d puffy paint and it’s just fun to have your shit together and party responsibly And of course, we’ve got the party dad shirt. We couldn’t leave any guys out It is in the color black and I feel like the paint and the lettering really contrasts well, these come in standard men’s sizing. So I’m wearing an extra small in the clip So just sized accordingly that way. next up, I have the eggie long sleeve This is a spin off on those old-school day shirts that we used to have. this comes in two colorways It’s the speech one that I’m rocking here, but it also comes in this lovely black So you choose whatever speaks to you most. now, we have the Chaz. this is a cropped oversized button-up tee with a bunch of stripes I love button downs and how wretched they look. this comes in two colorways and it’s in this nice loose fit Now here I have the crop it hoodie I wanted to include some pieces where you can you know wear on summer nights out when it gets a little cooler But this is just like a cropped hoodie with embroidery detail lining on the pockets This comes in two colors white and red. next up, We have the Helana top. This is a really trendy white scrunched crop top . The section around the chest is super stretchy and the sleeves are puffy and romantic This is another super soft white top and this is called B Belle blouse. I love how comfortable this top is it’s really lightweight and it has these cute buttons all around and it’s just finished with this like adorable lettuce trimming this top is gonna have you feeling like a princess for sure So this next top is called the Regal and it’s super fancy feeling, it’s a knit long sleeve with a little cold shoulder action There’s this really unique triangle drape on the shoulders and the front and back and it’s just a really beautiful top that you can wear when you want to Show a little bit of skin, but still stay reserved So this next top is actually a bodysuit and it’s in that same custom floral print from the poppy dress But I just love that it’s cute and flirty. And of course, it’s off the shoulder. I love that it’s a bodysuit. So it’s super easy to tuck under everything. I am in love with this next blouse This is the Amelie and it’s kind of like a modern casual corset because of the lace details in the front The sleeves are kind of loose. So they’re meant to like fall down But since the chest is so tight like it’s gonna keep you covered. Now, This white top is a lot more casual It’s got like a full lace detail in the front and it finishes off of the bow I love the hook and eye clasp and they’re functional so you can wear open or closed depending on how you’re feeling So this is the last top and it’s called the Daffodil It is a one shoulder bust with an oversized ruffle on the side. It’s in this like really fun yellow striped fabric that is perfect for the summer and I can’t wait to rock it more on days where I want to just feel more jazzed up So now we are moving on to the jumpsuits and matching sets And the first jumpsuit I have is called the Camila This is gonna make you look like a delicious snack at your favorite picnic spot This is in a beige gingham print and it’s got a large bow on the front It’s got pockets on the sides and the fit is nice and cropped. now we have the Jasmine set. This is also in that cute gingham print and I love that this can be worn in three ways. First you can just rock it as a halter with the straps around your neck or you can take the straps off and tie them across your chest and a knot and The last way you can wear is you can tie the straps in the back for a more clean minimal look, there are also the bottoms which are high-waisted and they have like a little triangle cutout in the front You can buy this as a set or separately depending if you want to mix and match I am wearing the yellow version right now And I am rocking it with the straps on the back and I just love how clean and minimal it looks The last jumpsuit I have is called the Iris and this is in a light wash denim and I’m obsessed with this color It’s a halter. So you just tie the straps around your neck and your back is exposed This is also high-waisted and it cinches a perfect spot And of course, I had a slap on some pockets on the jumpsuit for some functionality So now if we’ve reached the bottoms and so the first pair of jeans that I want to show you are the misty denim These are in a medium wash and they’re super high-waisted mom jeans They come a little oversized because I wanted to make sure that they feel like relaxed Now I’ve got the Morning Glory skirt This comes in two colors in a light wash and the other is in white and this is just like a a wine denim skirt It’s got cool lacing details on the sides and I love like the little metal details that it has This is just like a super cute skirt that you can wear with the graphic tee or just any basic on top So here I’m rocking the white striped shorts. These are high waisted and I love the black and white pattern It’s got like a really interesting layer detail. So it’s kind of like an origami cut So next up I’ve got the white striped pants. This is kind of like the shorts but just revamped it to a pant These are very body hugging and I love the little cross wraps that hook for your hips You can just tie them together to create some cute little knots and these are so fashion-forward and definitely not for the faint of heart Now we have the oxford shorts These are just like in a nice blue wash denim and they’ve got like a panel around the belt loops These are kind of stretchy. So they’re comfy. They will become your go-to short for sure The last item we have is the beige base skirt. Now, this is actually a skort. So it’s very very practical It is neutral So it’ll go with everything and it’s just a fun way to show a little leg, but you still have a lot of freedom So those are all the items in my Eggie haul I can’t wait to see these pieces on you And if you guys are interested in shopping, feel free to open the description box because I’ll put everything there also I will put all the sizing that I’m wearing in the downbar as well because some items run true to size Some are a little bit smaller. Some are a little bit bigger So I’ll make sure to put all that details in the description box And if you go on the website, you’ll look at the little info section and I’ll explain it there as well But I want to thank everyone for all your support throughout eggie and it just means so much to me This has been one of the biggest projects that I’ve that I’ve ever done in my life and so I Really appreciate all the feedback and the love and the support that you’ve given me and I can’t wait to just you know keep knocking them out. I want to thank you guys so much for watching and I’ll see you guys in the next one. Bye

26 thoughts on “What To Wear This Summer | Eggie Haul

  1. At first I was like dang, why she going so fast. Then I was like holy shit, that means there's gunna be hella new things. Everything is amazing! Way to whip out so many good designs.

  2. Everything looks so good but only on you…. Not realistic to be worn by ordinary people like me.. Sad but the truth…

  3. Okay, all of these pieces are to die for!! I love how unique and feminine they are, but at the same time so simple and elegant. Just UGH ? However, something I noticed is that most of these necklines appear to be pretty low cut, and I have no boobs at all. ? I’m just worried that some of these might come to far down for my liking with nothing to really hold them up. Is that something I should be worried about??? Also ps I just bought one of the skirts and I AM SO EXCITED ???❤️❤️❤️ I can’t wait for it to arrive!

  4. Jenn! I’ve been so happy with all my Eggie pieces in past drops, and I was so excited for this collection BUT I just got my dresses in the mail today, and they were both WAY too short, neither covered my butt! I chose my sizes according to your advice and what the website said, and was really disappointed with the fit this time. Why don’t you have a section for reviews on the Eggie site? I feel like it would be helpful for instances like this.

  5. I was never interested in your early collections but damn you killed it this time! I witnessed your personality throughout the designs, kinda reminds me of how you dressed back then hehe I'd love to support you but unfortunately can't, my parents are skeptical towards buying stuff online 🙁 hopefully someday! I wish you all the best, jenn.

  6. Collection is beautiful but does not cater to everyone….:( Nothing negative you have worked really hard, but please don't forget what makes women different from each other.some of us want to support you but can't because the clothes are only for the skinny girl and not someone with curves.just kind of makes you feel left out.much love and congratulations on your success! ?

  7. I totally understand people's concerns about the sizing, and I'm sure you will work towards improving it as the brand expands. But I don't think people understand that 1) it's really hard for short petite girls to find flattering cute clothes and 2) its difficult for a new small company to immediately cater to every audience! It makes sense that you would start with designing things for your own shape, and I'm excited to order from the collection!

  8. They’re great ? clothes but it seems they’re just for this years items. Next year it will not be in season. You need to create clothes that last a few more seasons.

  9. Been curious for a long time now but how do u do ur hair? It looks sooo effortless and no matter how u flip it it looks so good?

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