What tourists should know about locals in Panama

What tourists should know about locals in Panama

It doesn’t depend on nationalities, it depends on the person Canadians, Australians Colombians are really friendly Americans also, Canadians There is no particular nationality, lots of customers have been really friendly, educated, very well behaved, and there is no particular nationality. Nordics, Germans, Suiss It doesn’t depend on the country you’re from, it depends on education whether they are respectful or not Definitely English people! For me, the best customers are the ones who know what they want and value all the effort, work and information that we give them We can’t define a nationality, but the people who are very nice are the ones that are used to traveling, who understand the work of the people, Uff, Israelis! Israelis Israelis, they are born for this! Argentinians and Israelis Spanish people…..and Israelis Germans most of all Israelis and Latinos, mostly Panamanians North Americans Gringos and Canadians but it’s also important to mention certain countries in Northern Europe Scandinavians and Australians Americans Gringos and Canadians Americans People from the US pay the best tips Americans Americans What I don’t like is when they are naive and when they don’t know what they should do so they are kind of waiting, it’s good to just wait and see, but they should at least have a plan of what to do People that are not educated, they get here, don’t say hello or thank you it should be the opposite, if they come from countries that are more advanced, they should also have more education. The fact that they always want to put a price on our work, they compare our price to those in other countries, without knowing what the operational cost is here in Panama in this case for diving. When they don’t say thank you, when I feel that they don’t value the service, or when we are giving them our good energy, and we receive nothing in return. That we give them information for free and in their language and they make us repeat the same information many times, as if they didn’t understand. when they ask us for discounts, and, when they are not responsible. when they judge without taking into account the service, clients, very often don’t take the time to compare prices and services and therefore being able to put in perspective the price I don’t like when clients are dirty, when they don’t respect the environment, when they ask too many discounts, and then want the best service when they come to Panama to to everything they cannot do in their own country. it shows a lack of respect, because it seems like Panama is a country without laws, where they can just do whatever they want, Don’t throw cigarette buds in the street! Support local businesses, and go out and explore, go for a walk, and just have fun! your decision to travel implies that you will have to spend money, I’m not saying that you have to pay the highest price for everything, but you have to accept this reality, that you will are a tourist not a local, and that prices generally are fair First of all, preserve the environment, keep the beaches clean, be educated, respectful, my biggest emphasis would be on respecting the environment and you have to be careful about where you leave your trash, Keep in mind that Panama is a country with laws, and that we all have to respect them, Panama is not a playground where you can come and do whatever you like, and do everything you wouldn’t normally do in your country that’s a good first advice, and secondly, to leave aside the stereotypes about Panama, and take into account the reality of Panamanian society, which is incredibly diverse, in religious and racial terms, Respect local surfers!

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  1. Eva, hay delay entre la imagen y el sonido y se pierde mucho sonido y el propósito de informar, a mi gusto se pierde totalmente 🙁

  2. Hmm…I'm sure that this video was informative, but I don't speak Spanish very well and missed a lot. Is there an English translation of their answers? Thanks.

  3. Always come prepared…dont go into an establishment looking for a service and then haggle or compare prices…if you think that it's too much, then just leave.

  4. Aja, pero porque uds nos tratan de enganar, aprovechar y subir los precios? Es falta de respeto tambien a su parte. Si me respetan yo respeto tambien

  5. Same for canada whites tip the best! Not all of us. French in quebec pay 20% tip in bars and restaurants. Some cultures in canada will never tip its not their culture. Thats not canadian to be cheap!So nice people here I love it!

  6. For the guy that said for tourist to respect the panamenian laws i get it. But it is hard to follow the basic laws when locals wont either. Locals should set an example. That way it would make it easy for tourists to be on the same page. Just saying!

  7. I love this video. It was full of valuable information, however, respect is a two-way street, which is a matter of giving and receiving. However, there are disrespectful persons everywhere, which also apply to Panamans just as it is in every corner of the world. The same goes for those with respect. Panama is a great country with fine people but some want to charge gringo prices and local prices which is not the same. Not every gringo or tourist from every nation comes with a fat wallet, therefore both party needs to be fair to each another consider it is not a one-way street. Out of all the countries I every visited Panama is the best in the world. Cheers!

  8. Dar propinas no es parte de la cultura de muchos paises. Los estadounidenses si lo hacen porque alla es casi obligación.

  9. I've traveled alot around latin America and I'm Latin myself. I feel like Central Americans & Mexicans are kind of "low energy" &/or depressing. I feel like south Americans & Caribbean people (especially Colombians, Puerto Ricans & Dominicans) are generally more positive and have a happier personality.

  10. There are so many things in panama that pisses me off it's unreal, I have lived here going on 15 years and I can tell a panamaen from any other person in Latin america, Just by how friendly they are, people of panama think american own them everything, When in fact we have given them to much as it is.

  11. Prefiero los Americanos 1000000000 times. They live in Panama for sooo long and we are very use to them. We had a least 10 American bases in Panama and we enjoy been their neighbors.!!

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