What Ukrainian girls in Odessa think of foreign guys (Summer 2018 edition)

What Ukrainian girls in Odessa think of foreign guys (Summer 2018 edition)

[Russian] – Hi everyone from Odessa!
[English] Hi everyone from Odessa in Ukraine on the shores of the Black Sea!
I’m Conor Clyne. This is the Tsar Experience. – Dany here from #Gotaworldtosee travel vlog! and last year 1 million of you guys watched my video and what do girls in Odessa, Ukraine think of foreign guys. So it was such an amazing reaction that I got to that video that I’m back this summer in Odessa for about 2 months and I couldn’t resist the temptation to shoot another video so you guys get more opinions and know what to expect when you come here so let’s hit the streets! Let’s get to it! This is 2018 edition: what girls in Odessa think of you! [Russian] OK! Great. What’s your name?
– Anya. – Anya! – Anya … Yevdokiya … never heard of that name before What’s your name? – Mila. – Mila. – Today we are filming a video about what girls in Odessa think of foreigners. There are a lot of tourists in Odessa in the summer. What do you think about it? Is it good or bad for the city? – It’s very good. It’s interesting when people arrive to my home town and favorite city. – A lot of foreigners come here because of the beautiful girls. This is not a myth. – I think don’t all come for that …. many come to see the city, to chill out … and don’t look for girls. – Have you or your friends had good or bad experiences? It’s just that the mentality is a bit different. I don’t always know what they are doing I don’t want to abuse anyone, I just don’t understand it. No, nobody has been abused by anyone, just Turks are bad … but they live here constantly. – Often they are really persistent of course. – You know that probably they think that when a girl says ‘no’ it doesn’t really mean ‘no’. It means I doubt it but I agree”. – This is how we speak to girls here when we interview them. – And have you already had a relationship with a foreign guy? – No! – Yes. – Yeah. From which country?
– American. – American, yeah. – Love or money?
– Love of course! – Love … of course, love! – Love, of course. Guys, love will save the world! – Money is something that is acquired so to speak, there are many couples who don’t have much money when they start relationship. And then together they both get richer over time. I mean it’s good that they were together despite money issues. But when a man has money and a girl is with him just because of this then you can clearly say that this is not love so … – Both
– Ok – A man and a woman will live together but still… if there is not enough money, they will start to quarrel … unfortunately when it will then it will begin so not happiness but if they have means, then it is more or less… I say the truth! [English] – This is the end of the video.
I trust that you really enjoyed it and you got some great information. And some great feedback about what the girls of Odessa think of you guys out there. Dany: how did you find it? What was your reaction to the girls and their opinions? – Surprised! I was super surprised. I’ve got to honestly say. When we went out, I was like yeah. We can approach some people. We gonna probably get rejected a lot. Probably it’s gonna be hard but we’re gonna make it happen. You know? It doesn’t matter. But what I got to say like 9 out 10 people have been … It has been super interesting. They have been pretty nice. It has been pretty easy. We got rejected a few harsh times but other than that it was fun. The people were super friendly. I don’t know if in any other country it would be that easy to film such interesting interviews on the go. Just like that! As easy as the video looked, a very long as easy it was to film it. It was fun! – It was definitely a lot of fun and so what’s your opinion overall? Odessa girls for the win? – Sure! [Russian] Give a like! Hearts! – Guys, subscribe to the channel,
come to Odessa and call me! [English]- So if you want to check out more from Dany, Dany has a YouTube channel, it’s #gotaworldtosee It’s fantastic! I’m gonna link his channel below so you should definitely go and of course subscribe and check that out. If you have been to Odessa, Ukraine and you have actually interacted with girls here then please drop us a comment below. – And I promise that you’re going to have a lot of fun in Odessa with all these beautiful girls. – It is до свидания and до побачення from Odessa, Ukraine! – Do you still have any doubts?

94 thoughts on “What Ukrainian girls in Odessa think of foreign guys (Summer 2018 edition)

  1. Felicitaciones Conor por este excelente video, y bendito seas entre tantas y hermosas mujeres Ucranianas.
    Me imagino que hacer este video debio ser extremadamente estresante . jajajajaja.
    Saludos amigo Conor.

  2. ….If Santa could get me my wish list, Kharkiv…..Sumy….Kherson girls…..with a Mariupol coming in 4th….Odessa would be way down the list…I think 1/2 of all girls go to college to meet someone and get married….the University saturation in Kharkiv makes it a prize in my book…

  3. I lived in Ukraine for over 7 years and can tell you that girls from Odesa and Kyiv are not typical Ukrainian girls. They are beautiful and they know how to manipulate foreign men. If you want a nice Ukrainian girl go to the smaller cities. I lived in Kherson and there are many beautiful girls who, in most cases, have never met a foreign man. They are real. But, like all Ukrainian girls, learn quickly how to get what they want. Never be afraid to say no.

  4. Are you and Dany conversing with the girls in Russian or Ukrainian? It sounds like Russian sometimes, and the caption even shows "[Russian]" at times, but I noticed one of the girls said "Americanits" when stating the nationality of the foreigner she'd dated. That's the Ukrainian word, as opposed to "Americanyits" in Russian. (I know I'm probably butchering even the phonetic spellings, but maybe what I'm saying makes sense).

  5. Being in Odessa myself, I know there are a lot of 'gold diggers' here. Mostly the younger women, who are often just out to have fun.
    But I have met lots of ladies who are real as well, not just looking for some rich guy. It's quite easy to figure out the difference 😉

  6. I was there in 2012 and the women on the dating/marriage sites are a lot better looking than the ones I saw on the streets and in the stores. I did meet a lot of nice and interesting people from all over the world as well as Odessans there though. Odessa is a really nice place.

  7. Ты проводил опросы в Одессе. В прошлый раз девушки часто негативные впечатления о турецких туристах высказывали.

  8. they all say that love is more important then money. That's becuase they will never fall in love with a broke dude…

  9. Odessa….nice place to visit. Nice restaurants too. But guys, stay away from these girls unless your only goal is to get your ** wet. Seriously, ukrainian women are overrated.

  10. If you want to pretend to do this for a living dont be so fucking lazy. Make real subs in the video for offline use. Not shitty youtube CC

  11. Nice video Con. I could understand a little Russian especially when the girls prefer love than money. 😉 I switched on the subtitle and I hope they are telling the truth. 😂
    What is Odessa like in winter ? Should I rather visit Lviv ?

  12. Dziewczyny z Odessy lecą na pieniądze jak mówisz po polsku to jeszcze nie świecą się im tak oczy jak powinny ale jak dodasz że znasz niemiecki od razu możesz mieć seks 😀 , tym bardziej że stawiasz na ARKADII 😀 POLACY JEDZCIE TAM SEX PRAWIE ZA DARMO U NAS NAD BAŁTYKIEM PIWO KOSZTUJE 16 ZŁ A TU 4 ZŁ I JESZCZE PRZYNIOSĄ HEHE .


  14. ogólnie zobaczcie jak Ci ludzie na Ukrainie są leniwi po 2 Wojnie światowej dostali więcej obszaru byli mniej zniszczeni niż Polacy a mimo to żyją sto lat za murzynami …

  15. The girl talks about, men no need to be rich, we can become a relationship and grow together bla bla.. she is totally lying.

  16. Manipulative gold diggers. Beautiful airheads. Crash'n'burn types. If you find a rare one, keep her and she might give you babies.

  17. Ukraine is not unlimited. There was around 7 million loss in population for last 25 years (not counting people who are temporarily abroad), and most of it were young women. So really beautiful ladies are more and more rare on our streets. Kiev may seem an exception but this is only because it gets influx from all the country which makes situation in regions even more sorrowful.


  19. Whores..whores and more whores…who love nothing more than men with money…pretentious..materialistic, gold diggers..That’s what Odessa is full of. That’s a fact…The men who have been and know…will admit ..that what I say is correct !!

  20. Gold diggers for sure! To really know Ukrainian women you most spend TIME, not MONEY with them. A foreign man usually wouldn´t have the first one… with the second, chances are… well , you decide.

  21. I'm from Europe and I'm young and rich and look good and in my country and all over I been I find a lots of girls.. but odessa nobody wanted to talk to me after 3 month..

  22. Visiting Ukraine has overall been a great experience for me. Just be careful with the scammers because there are a lot of them. For example some restaurants can overcharge you, those guys with the pigeons asking you to take a picture with them etc. But overall people are nice; besides the bouncers at the night clubs lol which are really rude sometimes and won't grant you access if they don't like the way you look even if you are dressed nice.

  23. Going there next year. Can't wait.
    But I don't know. I want to avoid gold diggers so I may choose a smaller city for my romance tour.
    Jeez so many bad reviews about Turks. Wonder Why? Haha

  24. Пиздец, бабы на видео всратые. Впрочем, нормальные девушки не занимаются тем, чем занимается это бабьё. Так что, ничего удивительного.

  25. Americans and British man are not that appealing.European chicks usually dont have much interest for them.Russian and German chicks like the French and Croats for some reason.

  26. nice video. I was in Odessa last summer. we enjoyed our stay there. most of people there don't speak English, a thing which got me frustrated. I tried to approach many girls on the street and at clubs but got rejected most of the times. I succeeded to get laid once from a club.
    once I approached two girls at the street and they happened to speak English. me and my friend met with them next day at the beach and had good time together. actually we had to pay much money on them, and at the end they asked from us much money for the taxi on their way back home. we asked them to hang out the same night but they said that they were going back to their home city. we contacted on instagram afterwards, and I saw that both girls had boyfriends. they were just gold diggers!
    I started learning Russian after I came back from Odessa. Now I speak Russian not bad haha.
    actually people there have good heart. you just need to speak with them a bit and they will open themselves very passionately. actually I tried to approach Russian women recently in other country, using my Russian languages abilities. but even with Russian language I still don't really get many chances with Russian or Ukrainian girls, even though I'm good looking and self confident. they don't really trust foreigners.
    and I don't really care anymore about Russian, Ukrainian or other Eastern European girls. I don't overrate them anymore. I get much success with girls in my country 🙂

  27. 2:03 lol Just Turks are bad…but they live here constantly . We come there for long camp 😄🖕👃😘 to see mountains,museums,nature ..😄

  28. How old are you dude ? (on the left)

    You give off the vibe of the creepy old guy in the corner of the bar watching for young drunk women.

    If you gotta go to Eastern Europe to pick up then you've got something wrong in your life.

  29. I loved one Ukraine lady I judge her every way but I could not u understand her I want deliver our organization but she run how I think she was good

  30. I'm from Colombia, so sorry for my english.
    During my stay in kiev , I saw and talked with many nice kind girls, always helped me when I need , but as many people coment girls from a big cities has another mentality, I can say girls from Kiev are interested of foreign men cuz they think he has high social status, not all of course.
    The worse part is many slavic women have small ass

  31. I was in Odessa in 1976 and found the young ladies very polite and sociable. Not sure if it was my looks or the fact I was British, either way I'm not complaining 😉

  32. Dany is fluent both in Russian and English?
    A native Russian/Ukranian speaker though, i suppose – or from mixed family. His Russian is w/o accent, seem to be impossible for a foreigner.

  33. Money? If you have it you really don't care. If you don't, then stick to girls in your own hometown. What are you doing there? Shouldn't you be working, saving, investing? Some men don't care if shes a greedy little gold digger. They arent getting any younger, and that ass is worth every penny. If it's not, well bitch away fool. You got outclassed when you thought it was the other way around. An occasional lesson in humility is good for you. Welcome to the real world. If she pulls out a phone while you're eating tell her to put it away, don't ask. Shows up with friends? Tell them to get lost and keep moving. Gold diggers can be a lot of fun. You just have to know how to handle them. Tell them them to take off their clothes when they walk through the door, dont ask. Better be able to pay though, or youll be the asshole.

  34. Amazing videos but I’m not going to like or subscribe your channel.
    I want subtitles. Don’t be like some whore that is selfish.

  35. The thing with Ukrainian and Russian girls is not that they are anyhow more beautiful (quite on the contrary) than, say, portuguese or french or austrian girls, but even the worst looking one will dress up and put on thick make-up and 10-inch heels as if she was a freaking movie star. Unfortunately they also act in such way… Polish or Czech girls are far more down-to-earth, easy, talkative. Ukrainians think they are worth a million dollars and act bitchy.

  36. I married in Odessa Ukraine with a foreigner. We had a relationship before 3 years back in china and were classmates in china and then we came to a point to get marry. We used to each other so much that it was kind of hard to live with out each other. And foreigner guys are absolutely amazing, very genius and my husband also understanding me. Helped me a lot financially and I only see love and care in his eyes. All foreigners aren’t the same. Maybe only Turks misbehave but my husband is from Pakistan and also a very successful business here in Odessa and charming tanned man. Love him ♥️ 🇺🇦 🇵🇰

  37. I can’t believe how very few can speak English. When these lonely men come for a wife will they also pay for an interpreter to live with them? There language, sorry, is so unattractive sounding. The women in US are so much more attractive, a lot of women from the UK have yellow crooked teeth, inches of make up, and rather large noses. They either play sweet and coy or are experts at trying to look sexy, blowing kisses or dancing while attempting to look seductively into the camera. Why don’t these men realize they are after their 0money? Wake up, that’s what it’s all about guys, don’t get taken!

  38. I'm in Ukraine now. The girls are very savvy. They are good at separating foreign men from their wallets. They don't need foreigners to rescue them. The men are fools, the women know it – perfect scam.

  39. It’s spelled out #ODESA (one letter “S”), not OdeSSa.

    Same goes for KYIV , not Kiev
    & KHARKIV , not KharkOv.

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