oh I didn’t see you there guess what I just did we prepared a new episode of the honest guide this time it will be what we love and hate about tourism in our beloved country let’s get the bad stuff off our chests and we will start with five things that we really dislike or hate about tourists that come to visit Prague number one groups group tourism in general is not good for the city or for the people that are in the group they never seem to be enjoying it they’re on their cell phones they maybe have a little earpiece in their ear listening to the guy but they’re not even paying attention they have their heads down and they’re blocking all the streets all the bridges everything we’re not big fans of that so if you’re planning to visit Prague in a group don’t do that better travel in in a pair of two because there’s no way you’re gonna get a table at a nice restaurant for 25 people or a nice coffee place it is impossible number two which is even worse than groups are stack parties guys I know it’s tempting to come to Prague and just to party and drink and celebrate but for that please go to Las Vegas if you want to do that in Prague maybe find a club somewhere out of the city center but please do not do it on the streets of downtown Prague reason is people actually live in Prague they live in the city I know it looks like from a fairy tale but imagine a family with a kid living in an apartment on old town square and you guys are partying at 3 o’clock in the morning and screaming and it’s not only you there’s hundreds of these stag parties so please be respectful number three starting a conversation automatically in your language yes most people will speak English or some of them but it’s very polite to at least ask do you speak English I don’t want to be specific but some nations are very bad at this they just come up to you and start automatically speaking their language and I have no idea what they’re talking about and yes checks can be grumpy but to get to our heart just learned like three sentences in Czech people will love it they will smile at you and they’ll be happy and then they you can switch to English number four only visiting the tourists if you come to Prague and the only things you see are totally neat crock castle and charles bridge and you come back home and you’ll say wow I saw product it was amazing well no you didn’t all you saw was Disneyland made for tourists if there’s one specific thing that falls into tourist category it’s the hats with the Soviet symbols don’t buy them or at least do not wear them in Prague we were occupied by Soviets for more than 20 years it’s disgraceful to us when we see that so please don’t and number 5 if you come to Prague for drugs and alcohol do not come you’re not welcomed we do not want to be a drug and alcohol city to visit it is absolutely illegal to do drugs in Prague in Czech Republic and you are not allowed to get shit-faced drunk on the street of Prague and consider it to be the party zone so please once again be respectful and now for the left part maybe I was too serious in the hate part the reason is that some of these cases are very serious and they need to be taken seriously but for the love things here are 5 things that we absolutely adore and love about tourists that come visit Prague number one tourists that actually want to discover if I’m in a pop or a coffee place out of the city centre somewhere and I see a couple of tourists I’m so happy that they’re there because they decided not to follow all the tourists as sheeps but to actually see how we live in the country she slowed via number two if you actually learn some Czech sentences before you come and use them we love it I’ve already mentioned that but try to learn maybe more than three try to learn four and trust me if there’s a grumpy woman in a store and you’ll use some chick sentences it will put a smile on her face and she will remember it number three I personally love tourists that are not shy and that they can ask a question I usually come up to someone with a map and I try to help them and they run away like I’m going to do something to them so I lectures that will come up to me and maybe ask me what’s a good place where to go so never be shy we will always love to help you and you don’t need to just point a place in a map you can ask hey where do you go for beer or where do you go for a coffee where would you have lunch and people will be happy to help number for both of us personally love tourists that try to make Prok a better place and we need to be very specific here especially you all the scam fears here’s a big up to you all these people went in front of the worst exchange place in Prague with the worst rate and they took the scam fee selfie with a scammer and they helped a fellow tourist pulled him out and helped him find a better place with a better rate so here’s a big loss and thanks to you and number five we just want to send love out to you any tourists that come to Prague because yes you’re helping our economy you spend a lot of money here but most importantly personally for the two of us we can make this show because without you we wouldn’t be able to do the show so thank you so much for that because this is our job and we’re having a blast doing it guys please don’t take me too seriously but tourism in Prague is serious there are 12 million people every year visiting and the last thing we want is to separate the sidewalks for you and for us we want to live here together so we do got to respect some rules and maybe learn from one another so don’t hesitate come to Prague I’m sure you will love it and we will love you and once again discover because this park is literally 200 metres from our office I’ve never been here pretty nice right subscribe to our show bye and a check word at the end gelatin AMA reduced you make us happy yell out and I’m at our dosed sometimes not but our dose is never there’s never enough overdosed

100 thoughts on “WHAT WE HATE/LOVE ABOUT TOURISTS (Honest Guide)

  1. Well, about Soviet Union… I feel compelled to remind you that your country was an ally with fascist Germany. So, maybe this " occupation" turned your nation from ruthless killers into decent people.

  2. I am from the U.S. and have traveled to 5 foreign countries with Prague being my last one that I just got back from 2 weeks ago. I always try to learn the basic phrases like Hello and Thank You and such for any country I go to and it has always worked to make the local's happier and more friendly with us until Prague. In Italy, France and Germany, when we would at least say thank you and hello in their language, they would smile and be much nicer to us than when we didn't. In the U.S. I don't like it if someone comes here and doesn't even bother trying to learn a few basic words to at least TRY and communicate with us. If they at least try to learn the basic's I appreciate that. I don't expect a tourist to be able to carry a good conversation when they were only here a week or two. I don't see why it would bother any culture for someone to say at least the basic's in their language. Czech is one of the hardest languages to learn, you can't expect tourists to learn it well enough to carry on a conversation. Clearly the Czech people do find it annoying, because this was the only country where everyone just acted annoyed at us when we would say Hello or Thank You in Czech. 99% of locals were really unfriendly to us and we were trying very hard to act friendly and smile and speak in Czech what we could. We ran into other tourists who also said they have traveled all over Europe and the Czech people were the rudest of anywhere they had been. We were not expecting this at all. We thought everyone would be really friendly from watching all these videos. We did find some really nice people in a few places but the vast majority were not. The Jewish Quarter was the best area that had the friendliest people. It was really sad that beautiful Prague was somewhat ruined by all the rude and unfriendly locals. We were there for 8 days as well and went everywhere. Even the tour guide lady that did the free Prague tours was not very friendly.

  3. Go check a dictionary for "occupation" definition. How come a so young person is so very uneducated. Better remember the "Mnichovská dohoda" and then ask yourself why the heck you people love Germans? Stupid small country mentality.

  4. I am curious to know those issues which mayor of city promise to carry out action within 5 to 6 months against those lowlife crooks and scammers..??? Any progress report???? Did they really learned some lessons from you?? Hopefully, they does????After all, you are doing the right thing, isn't????

  5. Before I found this channel, I saw a lot of videos of people who did an FMA video and most of them were 1-2 days in Prague. In almost every video it was only about the typical attractions such as Charles Bridge, Astronomical Clock or Prague Castle.

    "I / we were in Prague …", these people say into the camera and I think then; Yes, you were in Prague, but you really did not see anything of Prague itself.

    3 full days are the minimum in my view, if you really want to see something of Prague, except the tourist attractions.

  6. This is mostly fair enough but….. Czech Drug laws are some of the most relaxed in all of Europe. Small amounts of everything are decriminalised. I lived there before the smoking ban and Weed was smoked in tons of bars openly. There were bars selling it behind the bar. In autumn time with all the weed harvests, weed was cheaper than I have ever seen anywhere, working out around 2-3 euro a gram for OK stuff. Coming from a country with very strict drug laws, This relaxed stance on drugs was a massive attraction to me. At home I have to seriously worry about criminal records/getting caught by cops etc and pretty much only smoke in my home.

    On top of this the beer…. Your country is famous for its beer. It has tons of very good beers and for insanely cheap prices. Beside where I lived I was getting a beer for 24ck (around 80c euro at the time) This was 2014-2015. The shops sell booze 24/7. There is a bar nearby 24/7 if you are in the centre, even if some of them are shitty little slot machine bars, This is all new and attractive to me. I cant buy beer from the off licence at home after 10pm, and I pay around 4-4.50 euro for a pint of anything. Bars close at midnight on a Sunday. around 1am Monday-Thursday. 2am friday and saturday. People going on holidays to Prague have these things on their mind massively. It's a massive incentive to go partying there.

    It actually really annoyed me that Czechs were so bitter about people 'coming to our city and just drinking and smoking weed' Its like yeah. duh. its a quid a beer. and the beers great. What else do you expect people to be doing after 10 in Prague? And they're saving their economy. CZ is just out a complete shitshow and trying to built back its wealth and stability after soviet occupation. Tourists coming there and spending their money has been helping build that czech economy. It's close to it's main export, with Prague being a serious tourist haven. Virtually everyone i knew well over there where working in the tourist sector to some degree.

    The shouting in the streets and dick heads being loud really sucks (very often, but not always English football fans). I always hated that as well, and in fairness that's very connected to the going to Prague to drink loads of beer. At the same time though that's shitty individuals. None of my mates would be going around shouting at that time of night at home or abroad. Thats a major side effect of being a party city. Thats near universal though. even at home for me, weekends at 3am there is plenty of noisy drunks messing the place up. If you live that close to the centre of any city you will be botherd by noise. It's not going away. It's why people with families often live in suburbs. It sucks, but thats not a Prague problem, it's a city problem. At least in Prague people have somehwere to move onto and goto after the clubs. Here its literally roam the streets or go home.

    This went on a bit long anyway. I like your videos alot. They helped me operate around Prague when I lived there. It should be no secret that as long as you have the most liberalised drinking policies in the whole world, and some of the most laid back and poorest enforced drug laws (smoking weed in bars and selling it is and was illegal) Prague will continue to be a destination for people to go and drink and and yes. They pump crazy money into the czech economy and will help your future as a nation. If you really think your laws need to be changed to deal with this I would like to hear what you think would be an appropriate change. currently Czechs complain people come there to drink and take drugs, honestly its like being from Vegas and annoyed people go there to gamble. They're on a holidays there for a reason. And honestly there is fuck all to do in Prague after 9 but drink and socialise.(theres a cinema we know…) Lastly, Fuck Czech taxis. Scum of the earth.

  7. When i was in Prague I was a tourist but i also hated the things you mention. I am from Hungary and we have the same annoying western tourists in Budapest too. And I also hated tourist groups(I was there with my two friends), that were mostly Asian, because they blocked the streets and they were always coming in the opposite direction.

  8. “To get to our heart”? Correction, Czechs don’t have hearts. The world’s most unfriendly people. Lived in Prague for 8 years and it was miserable.

  9. When I step in To a shop I say dobre den and when I ask them something I see hello do you speek English or german. And then I wait for there answer and speek the language the will. (German/English)

  10. you forgot to mention something extremely important.
    Czechs hate muslims who come to visit and decide to stay to live and bring their bullshit religion with them,
    And that is why our patriots pretend to be Muslims too and work in some halal food stores across the country and add small quantity of pig blood to the food, so those motherf….. don't get to heaven. Western Europe has so much to learn yet or maybe is already too late.
    Long live the sovereign country of Czech republic with its beautifully sounding language, music and good people in heart christens, Jewish or atheists .
    The rest can return to the desert, where they belong.

  11. I coming to the Prague for the Silvester 2018/19
    for me is easy to talk with Czech people
    cuz polish and czech is the similar language

  12. Point 1 (hate) – I must fully agree, the worst situation I often witness is on tram lines 22 (mainly) + 23 (sometimes) going via Prague castle from town center, where large tourist groups are trying to fit into single tram making tram extremly crowded, getting up to +2 minutes delays and also making both tram drivers and local commuters angry.

  13. Did you say 25 years of Russian occupation ? More like 45 years of not just occupation but destruction of any development and stealing everything of value !!!

  14. I like this and very much agree, so many idiots when I was last there. I'm visiting next week and can't wait 🙂

  15. Last time I was in London, I went shopping, and workers at a shop have been taught to say 'goodbye' in many languages. And I was surprised that they knew which country we are from only looking at us.

  16. I agree but for the part where people will love to help tourist. This is not valid. Most of the time we will tell you we are not from here and do not know the place that well. Also do not ask older people, they are always rushing somewhere and are most of the time grumpy and also do not speak english. Best chance you have is to ask students or younger people.

  17. Hey Janek! Love the channel. I'm planning a trip to Prague later this year and greatly appreciate the insights. I do have a question though. While I fully intend to learn some Czech, I've heard that that using German is likewise very helpful to get around. What's your take on that?

  18. I have a friend from Prague who doesn’t speak any English so I can’t show her your videos but I love them so much!
    Thank you for doing this I wish you could expand and do some more cities!

  19. I enjoyed a few days in Prague last November, just wish I'd known about you before. I thoroughly enjoyed wandering around in your beautiful city and look forward to coming back soon.

  20. Man, I love your videos on Prague! I am planning to visit there soon (for 2/3 days) for the first time. Thank you so much for creating this content. I love it and it is so helpful. 🙏

  21. My husband and I will be in Prague next week and we are so excited! Your videos have been a huge help and a lot of fun to watch! Thank you! 😊

  22. Ok guys , he is speaking clearly just for himself. When someone approaches me and speaks Czech I expect him to speak Czech, so they ask me something I start talking Czech and then suddenly they say:"sorry I don't understand". Also you are welcome to Prague for any reason, you can drink and do drugs or whatever if you are not annoying other ppl it's fine. Prague castle and Charles bridge isn't anything like Disneyland for tourists they're traditional spots build centuries ago.

  23. I live in Prague for a while now and I totally agree, besides one point. Czech friends, too, and language courses etc. always tell me, that Czechs are happy, when you try to speak Czech. Unfortunately not my experience in daily life. I always get annoyd faces or just being ignored, if I dont find the right words immediately or cannot express myself correctly in shops or restaurants. But it is mainly in Prague.😉

  24. 1:58 I have to agree with you on this. Sometimes when I ask people which part of Singapore they visited they'll always give the same answer: Gardens by the Bay, Marina Bay Sands and Sentosa. They only visited less than 1/4 of Singapore. Which is why I decided to start a Facebook and YouTube page to introduce the local side of Singapore

  25. I am so excited and looking forward to my trip to Prague after watching your videos. Thanks for all the tips.

  26. Посмотрела видео, потом почитала комментарии, и так грустно стало… назавтра билет в Чехию, а на душе просто тошнотворно… русские самые грубые, самые необразованные, оккупанты и изверги, просто исчадие ада… да в нашем прошлом, да и настоящем есть много, о чем можно сожалеть и чего стыдиться… завидую чехам, видимо в их истории нет темных страниц, никаких скелетов в шкафу… и никаких идеологических химер на этой благословенной земле не рождалось… а мы так и живем в своем выдуманном мире, и в большинстве думаем про себя, что мы такие бесхитростные, прямодушные, искренние… какая злая ирония…

  27. I don't think it's tourist fault that they come here for drinks and parties. Look at Krakow, Barcelona, Budapest, .. It's everywhere. You know what's the common thing of all these parties? Shared economy – AirB&B. This results not only in parties. The city centres of these cities become less and less comfortable for normal city residents. Therefore I think that local authorities and governments should regulate accommodation services and tourism in order to keep tourism within some limits.

  28. I have to say, czech language is so dramatically far away from Russian! I thought polish is brainblowing, but czech is a specimen in its own.

  29. Hmmm…I had my stag party in Prague and had a great time. We didn't cause any trouble or noise, and to be honest Vegas could just turn right around right back at you and say…Dont come here either.

    If your hometown offers everything you need for a great stag do, people are going to come there for a stag do. Thats not my fault, you have great beer, clubs (Which you have highlighted before on your channel) cheap hotels, travel and more then its going to happen. Not to mention all the other issues your city has with drugs and sex houses that we didn't know was such a big thing.

    In the day I was offered drugs constantly and I was with my Dad and Brother doing touristy things.

    I love this channel, helped me a lot when I found out about going to Prague, but I feel a little bit annoyed.

    I live in a big city, and we have a big nightlight scene and yet people flock all over the UK to have a great night out, its exactly what they are doing when they come out to your city…they are having a great night out! Yes some people behave unruly but majority of groups (like my group) dont. If you go out with 6 of your mates to celebrate…how would they not know your not on a stag do!

    Keep up the good work

  30. Where u would advise to me buy the home near to center? Home prices are rising up strictly in Prague. I wanna learn which place would be best investment due to safety, transportation comfort, and distance to center

  31. I visited Prague last month (April) and really enjoyed it. I was in the Olsany Cemetery looking for the grave of Jan Palach. I had entered from another gate so I couldn't quite find it until I asked a gardener about it. She showed me the way and got to see it. Very helpful. 🙂

  32. …The idea that a bachelor/bachelorette party shouldn't go to Prague because "People live here!" is fucking ridiculous

  33. I saw groups in my city and I think groups suck there is some guy you don't understand and its like a school trip btw you pay a lot and everyone hates groups it's just uhhh stop.
    In my city there are stupid souvenirs with Dracula thats don't make sense, fake romanian traditional clothing and some Chinese toys. Sad man the city I live has an old town too and it's not crowded that much with tourists so thank god

  34. There are people called introverts. They don't like to interact with others just because it is part of theirs nature. They are not grumpy mean or don't like you. They just don't want to talk to strangers on street. This is it. 😉

  35. #6 try to befriend locals only so you can have a free tour guide. -_- Piss of im not interested in being your personal Siri.

  36. worst thing about tourists is when they only go to the capital and assume that's what the whole country is like.

  37. For the record, Prague castle and Charles bridge are NOT tourist bullshit.
    Some souvenir shops and tourist scams are.
    Mimochodem, jak se řekne bullshit česky?

  38. It's terrific to see how much you love your country and culture, and wish to see it preserved so that people from other countries may learn about it. You're a good guy!

  39. We normally travel in groups but we get free time after the tour leader takes us around, also, the tour leader stops at intervals to explain landmarks to us instead of whilst walking.

  40. Muito husband is Czech, and we live in Brasil. We are going to Prague on october, and we plan to make some vídeos too. We would love to meet you. Would you meet us for a talk, and a tea, maybe? 😊

  41. I visited Prague for the first time I tried to say something like you know thanks, hello in czech but its hard. Something that I really like about Czech people was that you are really friendly I mean its not very common that you go to a place an people look at you and smile sounds stupid but I really like that. Definitely I will go back to Czech republic to spend more days but this time I will learn to say something in czech

  42. Wearing a white t-shirt, in front of a white building… what an odd and unprofessional way to shoot a video.

  43. Jen bych rád řekl, že v současné době platná právní úprava, tedy trestní zákon, nepostihuje samotné užívání drog. Takže věta "It is absolutelly illegal to do drugs in Prague" je sice hezká z pohledu vidiny morálního dopadu, avšak VELMI zavádějící.

  44. Oh boy I used to work as a catle guide and I would get French, Germans, British, Spanish or Russians coming up to me speaking their language. I was comfortable with English and partly Russian but I don´t know more than few words in Spanish, Greman oR French. It was horrific because they would not speak English and seemed quite agiatetd by my language skills. I always tried to be super polite but I almost lost it once when one of the German visitors complained to my supervisior about my German skills. You´re in CZECH REPBLUC FOR F SAKE.

  45. In Prague now fur the third time. This time I rented a Air bob in district 5 instead of s hotel. Enjoying the local restaurants and coffee shops.

  46. I was just in Prague this week and while I truly enjoyed the overall experience, there are also a few things that we tourists hate of Prague:
    1. A good percentage of Czech people are grumpy or just plain rude to tourists even some that live off them such as waiters, uber drivers, etc. And don’t try to tell me i just had bad luck. There were enough instances over my four-day trip to arrive to this conclusion. So be ready to put up with some rudeness or to put some people in their place.
    2. The train station of Prague. What a disaster! No information office, no signs in English, no one to help you, i got there 25 mins before my departure time to Vienna and i almost lost my train. In any other station in Europe i have seen an information booth or people designated to help the tourist. Maybe i missed them but i saw neither.
    3. Some small businesses constantly try to scam the naive tourists like selling you a bottle of water for 100 crowns as opposed to 20 the price you get if you are a local. Simply dishonest! I guess its cultural. You really don’t see this in any other European cities (except for Italy maybe)
    4. Prague is such a touristic city and yet the majority of official signs are in Czech only. They get 10 million tourist a year! Maybe dual signs in English in all important places good be a good idea?
    5. I read in a couple of sources that the Czech Republic is one of the countries with more instances of racism (they are number 1 sadly according to Wikipedia). I am a dark-skin latino from the US and now I am wondering whether some of these rude people mentioned above were only rude to me because of my race.
    Here is the link to my source https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Racism_in_Europe

  47. I am so very much looking forward to coming to Prague – we are spending a week there with you. It would be so fun to meet you! Must get a copy of your book #HonestGuide when I arrive…can you get it at the airport?

  48. Awe maen. My girlfriend and i planned to go to prague (and we‘re actually there right now) and all the friends i told i‘d go there looked at me with a smirking face saying „ah yes, for getting piss drunk, right?“ :/

  49. My relative works at a historical sight in Prague. I visit her or help her at work quite often. Thanks a lot guys for pointing out the language issue. The Russians are doing this all the time. But surprisingly also people from South America. They come in and immediately start bombarding you with Spanish assuming you understand what they say. What I do in such case is I just reply in Czech. They figure out very quickly how stupid their behavior is. And then I ask: "English?" And lo and behold it turns out they know at least a few English words and we can communicate together 🙂

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