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  1. #whatwouldjennwear when you want to wear high-waisted shorts or jeans but your bum has lost its shape and is looking on the flatter side? How do you make high-waisted bottoms look cute when they aren't as flattering on the bod?

  2. I used to think culottes would make me look shorter too (I'm also 5'1) but once I tried one on, I couldn't take it off and bought two in an instant lol. They are just so comfy and so versatile! I totally second Jenn's advice and wear something more fitting for the top so you don't lose shape. What I realized from this though is maybe I've finally accepted my height (I'm already one of the taller women in the family) or maybe I've just stopped letting the fashion industry dictate what I could/could not wear. Like ultimately it's how I feel in it so if I feel cute in it, then I would look cute in it. If that makes sense

  3. Hey girl my offline section is full of your vids..I mean I just want to be connected with you even when I'm not having any kinda connection..Love you so much girl

  4. What would you wear if your brother was gonna get married? Mine's wedding is on the 1st of October and I need inspo <3

  5. I have this kimono but it's like an actual traditional Japanese silk kimono past my knees mid calf lengthen. It's so pretty but I don't know how to style it!

  6. love this series so much! #whatwouldjenwear #WWJW pretty please create an outfit inspired by your favourite movie 🙂

  7. What would you wear for first day of sophomore year? I start school in a month but I just want to be prepared

  8. Hey jen! WWJW is one of my favourite video series of all time on youtube! What would you wear to a dance of some sort (homecoming, prom) that's not too generic and more on the elegant side while still fitting the dress code?

  9. <3 you! you never seem to run out of creative and well-executed ideas!!! you are by far my fave youtuber!!!

  10. Sorry Jen but I think you try too hard sometimes and the outfits look really over the top and overdone. The only save was the last outfit for culottes which can honestly be worn for a picnic (rather than a stiff overall)…..

  11. WWJW at a museum such as a science musuem or history musuem?


    WWJW for a job interview?


    WWJW for a mix match outfit? (i.e. different pairs of socks)

  12. I literally drop everything and watch these What Would Jenn Wear vids when they come out :O my absolute fav series on your channel! ♡

  13. for some reason, this vid felt like a throwback to your older videos! looooved the simplicity of it (:

  14. I have been watching your videos for years and recently thought that some of your outfit selection becomes very pricey which is not very functional or practical for your viewers (considering a lot of them are early 20s or teenagers). It is fortunate that you get to afford a $270 trendy off shoulder top, but the majority girls won't be able to unless it's a classic piece or must have item for their wardrobe. I am a big fan of you and enjoying every video you upload. I thought I would share my honest opinion as you have inspired so many girls/women out there! Keep up the good work and Good luck!

  15. Hi Jenn, I love your videos always!! Your fashion and creativity is so inspiring. Could you do a video where you do dupes of high end clothing? I love all your clothes, but for us broke college girls out there it's kind of hard to find those styles for affordable prices!! 🙁 Thank your again for inspiring everyone ❤️

  16. #WWJW What would you wear on an autumn wedding where you rather want the whole outfit to be the focus than the dress on its own, but still emphasize your beautiful bodyshape? Love your videos so much <3

  17. Any of my muslims out there that watch these, get inspired but then cant wear any of it sighs (STILL LOVE YOU JENN❤️❤️)

  18. I feel conscious about wearing white when having my period. What is a clean cut white outfit you would style on day like that? #WWJW Thank you 🙂

  19. For a while I worked in an art museum and in a store that sold athletic wear. I always wanted to know how you would style an artsy sports apparel look that would work in both environments. Thoughts, Jenn?

  20. Jenn how did you lose the weight. I gain 10 pounds since last summer. I been trying to go to the gym but I get discouraged:(. Help any gym tip would help 🙂

  21. I really love your berets, Jenn. I am an artist and I should be ashamed about not owning even a single beret!!! ??

  22. Hi Jenn! Love your WWJW #13! I like your styling ♡ and i love your tops from the Storets but i cant find it from the website!!×( Can you tell me the name of the tops plz? Thanks for making loveful videos all the time! Love from Korea xx

  23. I move around a lot due to my being a military brat. I just got back from a trip to Korea after living in England for 3 years! I'm going to an American high school now, so what should I wear to make myself look up to date with trends here, while looking fun, cute, and playful? Thank you!

  24. Hi Jenn ? Love your videos, you, and your style! ✨ How would you wear a blazer while not looking formal or going to work? 🙂

  25. what would u wear when u want to wear comfi clothes like track pants and white top or hoodie but wearing colourful kind of intense makeup ?? love u and thx u for every single videos xx ?

  26. What would Jenn wear as a camp counselor? In other words, appropriate for kids, but still feels cute and even stylish. Sending love your way!

  27. What would Jenn wear to a biology job interview centered around studying animals and being outdoors? I'm graduating soon and am not sure what would give off the right vibe!

  28. Hi Jenn! Could you kindly provide the link to the top that you had on in this video? I couldn't find it on Storets for some reason. Much appreciated!

  29. Hi Jenn! Could you kindly provide the link to the white sheer top you had on in this video? I couldn't find it on Storets for some reason. Much appreciated!

  30. I am very short and conscious of my height! And I have a date with a really cut boy but he us 6'1. What would you wear to a first date, meeting someone for drinks?

  31. I just bought a latex skirt for like 4 euros (5/6 dollars) and you were the reason I even layed eyes on it. Now i just need to find a reason to dress like a punk rock star lol

  32. HEY JENN!? i just wrote you a dm on instagram. I'm struggeling with a dress I'd really like to wear during vacation but I have no idea how to style it. ?Please check it out!!!! It would mean so much to me !!!?

  33. I love my girlfriend so much,and last month we broke up.She once told me that the clothes ,purple,you weard in "what would jenn wear #13" was so beautiful,so I am wondering where and how could I buy it,I beg for your help,please

  34. Hi Jenn! Love your videos, been following for a while! Do you wear bell bottoms? If so, I'd love to see how you would style a summer look with bell bottoms (that doesn't include a crop top!). Thanks!

  35. WWJW with a thin, leopard print bomber thats NOT an all black outfit. I know I can streamline the look with all black but I'm not sure how else to style it ? help!

  36. hey Jenn! i love these videos of yours What would Jenn wear!But unfortunately , i never got to ask you my fashion dilemma, because of bad timing hehe. i would loveeee to ask you what would u wear if you were a kinder garden teacher? for your next video pleaseeeee <3 <3 <3 love youuuuu

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