What you need to know about FREE RV CAMPING at CASINOS

What you need to know about FREE RV CAMPING at CASINOS

Good afternoon, from the highway 25! We’re about halfway between Albuquerque and Santa Fe, New Mexico….
Last night we did a Walmart stay and yesterday shared a video with you about
camping at Walmart! Today we’re going to transition into a video about: “Camping at
casinos.” This is actually something that we really enjoy doing! We started this, we
kinda started it in the Pacific Northwest right?…On our last road trip… Yeah! On our last road
trip last winter. We just kind of happened upon this… Being able to camp at casino thing. And it has turned out to be very enjoyable! They have some nice
restaurants! Ben and I both really enjoy playing blackjack for an hour or two..You know, It will take like 20 bucks each to go have a good time for the evening and ahhhh…They’re
very RV friendly so…. We thought today… We’ve been trying to find where to stay
in Santa Fe and there’s another Walmart… There are also a couple of RV parks
but they’re pretty pricey and you know us… We like to keep the cost of our
lodging down so that we can go spend money on our play instead of our stay!
So we just kept searching and we’re driving the 25 on our way up and…I saw a
bunch of the casino signs and all of a sudden the light bulbs went off like: “Hey!
We should see it! There’s got to be casinos near Santa Fe… So there’s one that we’ve
checked in with them and they’re about 11 miles from the plaza in Santa Fe.
Which is where we want to go and so… When you stay at a casino just like when you
say to Walmart, it’s wise to check in with them! Some of them want you to
actually come in and check in with them! They give you a tag to put in your rig
and they find out how many nights you’re staying and tell you where to park… And
each one has a different approach to RV guests and so you just need to call their
front desk and talk to them! They’ll give you the lowdown. But generally we have
yet to find one that doesn’t invite you to come and stay! They want you to come
and stay so that you can spend money in their at… In their Casino. Kind of makes sense for
them right? We have arrived at the casino and just
in the nick of time! As we were pulling off of the freeway, there’s a big storm
and very windy…. I wouldn’t be surprised if it starts raining soon! The clouds
look pretty ominous! But when I called and talked to this casino, they said that
there is specific parking for RVers over by the gas station. And that
we don’t need to do any check in! Now that’s not normal….
Historically, when we stayed at these places, you either check in with security
or the front desk. And they have you fill out a little bit of paperwork! So this
one’s pretty low-key and laid-back.. See you in a little while big guy!…. You know we’re getting into the
part of the country where you’re going to get like thunderstorms and lightning
and all kinds of cool weather! Wouldn’t mind getting some neat video of that!… But
not too strong because we don’t want any tornadoes…. No I don’t! Well if you have any desire doing
gambling at the casinos, definitely come and join the Players Club! So their
Players Club comes with $10 and free game play!…Steve?..Good afternoon Rebecca..Yes…We wanted to make sure to
head into Santa Fe while it’s still daylight…. Oh okay!… Thank you very much Steve…Okay…. Thank you!
So I wasn’t the only one feeling that? Okay, so Rebecca kind of confirmed what I
was thinking but… Some people develop parking sense and they get tremors. And
that driver had tremors and his car was so brand-new and so… Well handling and
sensitive that there was a lot of Oh oh… Made me nervous!… He was a funny
driver! You could see he had little ticks from early on set I would say… Still makes you a little
nervous!… Yeah…. Going 70 miles an hour down a freeway and little ah ah ah…Little arks…Cheers..Nachos! Handicrafts… We might be parting ways here… I’m really glad that I took the time to
go to the museum. I’ve always been a fan of Georgia O’Keeffe and particularly… For
her time she was an exceptional woman! Had a very unique way of seeing the
world! So…. It was enjoyable to go and see her art and read a little more about her
life!…. Alright time to head back to the RV! Oh wait, we’re going to stop in the
casino real quick! Catching an Uber. This is an interesting tourist district!
Definitely kind of expensive and kind of take every bit of your money but…There’s also a lot of homeless and begging!… There you go! You guys have fun, okay?…. Thank you! Okay guys, here’s the deal twenty bucks
each…. There you go! Thank you!…. Okay so the goal is to cover
the cost of our Uber rides to town and what?….So if we turn this forty into like
120 bucks we’re walking away!… Now it’s time for you guys to go away because casinos
don’t like cameras!… Okay! The walk of shame!!..No kidding! That was all in like 20 minutes..That was bad!
So we did this to teach you a lesson! There’s a reason why casinos let you
park for free! It’s because they take your money!… I think we just spent exactly what we would have paid in one of the RV parks…True.. Very very true….. Alright guys! Thanks for
riding along with us today. I hope you found this information useful….Be sure to
SUBSCRIBE so you can see our future adventures and we’ll see you tomorrow

52 thoughts on “What you need to know about FREE RV CAMPING at CASINOS

  1. We don't really gamble but have stayed at a few casino's, always nice and very safe. Stayed at one in Oklahoma with free hookups and dumpstation for up to 4 days, we have been told that a lot of them in Oklahoma have free hookups.

  2. I too like Georgia's work. She had such a wonderful spirit. Her work to me is so gentle. It is so good to have Becka back.

  3. My wife and daughter won't let me drive with them in the truck no more because o my trimmers have gotten to the place to where it makes them nervous, But that ok because driving the truck hurts me physically ever since the motor wreck… So it's a win win for me… LOL,LOL

  4. so perfect. Spend the money you would spend normally at an RV park, but maybe you'll make money! We stayed at Red Earth Casino next to the Mexican border as our last day in the U.S.A. it was not very fancy. Very good tip. I'm sure we will frequent more casinos when we get back.

  5. We have nice art museums in our city that we don't often visit because of the cost. A few times a year they have free admission days but, you can barely see the art because of the crowds.

  6. Seeing Remy in the RV made me wonder. How do you keep it cool in there when you're gone? AC, just the fan? I ask because I'm saving up for an RV and want to travel with my pup. Thanks for any tips on that.

  7. We plan on a lot of cross country trips and casinos are on our list of places to stop. On a side note, as a word of precaution, a lot of your drone footage would be considered illegal based on the new drone laws. The biggy is flying over people, and flying in a city. Both are no-nos unless you have written permission from the city and the people under the drone. (I do drone video professionally and have to deal with the rules all the time) The new laws are much looser than they were, but they can still take your drone away, and that would suck. Love the footage, but just be careful that's all.

  8. Was in Albuquerque and santa fe last Christmas. Loved the Georgia okeefe museum too! Glad you saw it, Becka. She was a visionary! ✨

  9. that was a beautiful place. thank you. thats ok if they get some money…there is no absolutely free lunch.. they have a nice place.

  10. Did you get to see the Camel Rock? It is a rock shaped as a Camel, I heard that most recently the erosion was breaking the rock down. It's on the opposite side of the freeway from the casino. The Georgia O'Keefe museum is fabulous! Super expensive especially around the plaza. Awesome drone view. Thanks for the great tips about Walmart and Casino RV overnighting.

  11. The driver might have had what's called a familial tremor and not Parkinson's. As for the Louvre pricing, I'm sure that the French government subsidizes it quite a bit.

  12. Another great video. Love to watch U 2 interact with each other. Just great. By the way I never heard wether or not you got to go on the boat with the Wynns or not. He could use your help with fishing. Jim in Yosemite, Ca.

  13. First time watching one of your videos. Wow, an RVer that drives in the right lane and maintains a reasonable speed. I like your style. I'm impressed. Subscribed.

  14. if you only start with $20 you will have a tough time making money, we used to do that and almost never came out ahead. we switched to starting with $100 and are way ahead, in the grand scheme of things risking an extra $80 is not the end of the world, but it usually makes for a much better and lucrative experience, just our opinion, hey you only go around once. love your videos!!

  15. We have reservations at a casino in between Gallup and Albuquerque in late July for a great rate. Full hookups. I think it is very small. Using that as a stopover before going into Colorado. Looking forward to it. I do enjoy all your videos and I love to visit Santa Fe. Loved the drone shots.

  16. I live in santa Fe and have had problems at Buffalo thunder or camel rock but Sandia charged me $33 for the night just for a spot with no hookup

  17. The Indians are getting their revenge, with the casinos and "crafts"… worthless beads, like they were given for New York.

  18. don't they have cameras in there places ? i don't understand there crying over someone having a camera, i just wouldn't bother with them, they're not getting my money.

  19. I don't know about all Casinos, But Native Americans have spiritual beliefs about photography. That's why it's not allowed in New Mexico casinos.

  20. Look out for the power lines!   You have to pay for the enjoyment factor of losing your money. The meals usually make up for the pain. HA   I always enjoyed I-40 to I-35 north to KC and on to Des Moines. Happy trails.

  21. You guys sure do a great job on your videos. I find myself looking at your videos from all over the US many times instead of Netflix even. There I said it.

  22. Love your vids extremely jealous of your lifestyle wish YouTube was available 30 years ago my life would be different, unfortunately I live in the UK

  23. I think you did a great video. I lived in Santa Fe during my Jr High and High School days. To bad you did not get to go down Canyon Road. When I lived there in the "60's" (hippies everywhere) Canyon Road was where the starving artists had all there shops. Very fun to go down that street.

  24. Black hawk Colorado is the thing but casinos and no RV or truck parking in the entire city, I kid you not I just got back from a road trip up there and by 23 foot phoenix cruiser. Also no parking in any Walmarts or shopping centers in the Denver metro area

  25. Is the long term parking permit for $200ish just Quartsite thing or are there other long term permit NLM land use areas too in other states?

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