What’s in my Camera Bag? | Wild Camping Edition

What’s in my Camera Bag? | Wild Camping Edition

Hi I’m Adam and welcome to first man
photography now as you know last week myself and Gary Gough hiked up this
mountain and filmed a vlog and it was it’s been so far an incredible day but
we’re wild camping, we are taking photographs and vlogging so we’re
carrying a lot of gear so I thought it would be pretty useful to you and you’d
find it interesting to see what exactly I’ve got in my camera bag and it is a wild
camping edition first thing I have is the tents that’s
right on the top that is an OEX Phoxx Evolution one it’s a nice tent I shall set it up
in a minute in a fine time-lapse fashion for you but I’ve got walking poles on
the side here and they’re pretty handy for all sorts of things when you’re
camping you can stake him into the ground and use them as a tent pole and
you can use them as walking sticks as well so they’re pretty handy when you’re
out on a warm sunny day like today it does still get cold at night so you need
clothing which I shall be putting on in a minute. I’ve got this hoody which isn’t very interesting though
where should we start right let’s go into this bit here now we’ll talk about
the camping stuff first before we talk about the actual camera gear because I
have had to make some sacrifices with the camera gear so first and foremost
you gonna need a ground sheet of some description it’s a self inflating one
it’s 3/4 length so it’s a bit smaller and you’re gonna need that because of
this hard rocky ground you’re not gonna get a good night’s sleep even with a
tent food obviously a inflatable pillow water. We’ll talk a bit more about water in a minute and I’ve got
these military-style ration packs which I shall be cooking up very shortly
I’ve then got a cooking pot and a stove inside there as well nice and compact
that’s what you need for this sort of thing I knew it wasn’t gonna be very
windy so I did not want to sacrifice the drone you will have seen probably
already some drone footage that I’ve taken and just unbelievable unbelievable
drone footage in this sort of weather you don’t often get to fly drones this
high up. I’m at nine hundred metres at the moment with just this stunning view
behind me so yeah that’s that what else have we got here this now water if you
are camping it’s really really difficult to carry enough water to get you through
on a hot day like this you’re gonna need a lot so I’ve got this
little squeezy thing here you put this end into the water and then it squeezes
out water relatively fresh drinkable water out the other side didn’t take
viruses out but it does take bacteria out and you can literally drink it
straight from the stream so that is extremely handy…. water….. i’ve got a tea towel….ahhh…
tissue I’ve got a tea towel because you might need to dry something off if it
rains at any point then I’ve got a hat because it might get cold and I’ve got a
warm coat in there which I’m not going to get out at the moment because it’s
just so beautiful I might need that in the night though. Right, camera gear….. the bag is so heavy
it weighed about 20 kilos today when I had all the water and food on board and
it was really really difficult getting up here with this and that’s one of the
problems with filming and taking photographs and wild camping at the same
time however it’s been worth it right camera gear with this f-stop bag it gets
it all in….. I have had to make some sacrifices today with the camera gear
normally take…. I like to have as many lenses that possibly can carry with all
ranges from seventeen millimeters right up to 200 so what I’ve
done because I knew I wanted to capture this scene behind me is I have
sacrificed the 24-70mm lens so I’ve got the Canon 5d Mark 4 with the 17 to 40
millimeter lens on there at the moment and I also have the 70 to 200 I think
this is going to come in very handy while I’m up here because just getting
close tight in on those mountains is gonna be what I’m gonna do I think
that’s gonna be the tool for that…. GoPro very small and light easy to carry
around and then I’ve got extra batteries adding weight, i’ve got microphones,
extra batteries for the drone which funnily enough I need to plug in if I’m
going to fly the drone at some point soon let’s do that I’ve got a couple of
filters and then extra drone batteries and I’ve got a bit of coffee to make a
hot drink if you’re wild camping like this, especially if it’s cold, getting the
stove on and having a hot drink can really lift the spirits and keep you
going I’ve got a bit of sugar and a bit of salt in there as well just in case.
Tripod as well, that adds weight the cameras on
tripod now I have traveled as light as I possibly can so……… and that’s it nice and cozy that is
where I’ll be sleeping tonight sleeping bag, pillow, a little tea towel to cover
the pillow….it’s a bit softer, ground mat because of this hard rocky ground and then the bag will fit in that space there….. we are
going to be spending the evening or the night with this view here and it’s
just magical, absolutely magical we’ve got our two tents setup there, looks like fun
doesn’t it so we’re gonna get a few pictures taken I think because the light
is just starting to come into golden hour time then we’ll get a pot on, have
some dinner and get up nice and early for the sunrise because it’s really
misty I’m really really hopeful that that is
going to sink into the valley and we’ll get, we’ll wake up to something quite
spectacular but if you want to see that you need to watch again on Sunday….. wild
camping, heavy, but it’s worth it in the end it’s gonna be a good night. Few midges
around hopefully the wind will blow them away but ……..i’m excited basically so give it a
try be mindful of your surroundings it’s not strictly speaking legal to wild camp
so just bear that in mind you need to be respectful to surroundings respectful to
other people who want to enjoy this scenery whether they’re camping or not
that’s it’s just the most quick video for a Wednesday. I
want to start putting more videos out like this please do subscribe to the
channel if you haven’t done so already and make sure you watch that video on
Sunday becuase…… oh I’m excited about the morning right I’m Adam this is first man
photography in the stunning lake district. Out!!!

38 thoughts on “What’s in my Camera Bag? | Wild Camping Edition

  1. I can just imagine the weight of all that gear! I have the f/2.8 version of the 70-200mm, I bought that to give me some more options in my other photography. But when climbing hills I really wish I had the f/4 to save weight, and the extras on the f/2.8 aren’t used much for landscape photography.

  2. I made the mistake of choosing Whernside for my 1st ever wild camp!! Nearly killed me. Excellent vid, keep them coming.

  3. Interesting video on wild camping Adam, something I feel inspired to try one day soon I hope! Need to get my fitness up for carrying that kit up the hills though!! I think I’d sleep through sunrise if I’d carried 20kg onto the moors!!

  4. good to see you back on mid-week Adam, really stunning light at the end. Only thing I can see missing is the hip-flask. With views like that a little tot of whisky would be a great way to end the day 🙂

  5. Nice kit and that long zoom is becoming a staple piece of kit for landscape work.
    Wild camping totally legal in Scotland with the exception of an area of the Loch Lomond and Trossachs National Park where there are local guidelines because of over use.

  6. As always Adam.
    Many thanks for taking time out to provide us with relevant, valuable and interesting information. Mark 👍

  7. 20kg is good going with all that gear! Must be a super light tent! Good to see you in a tent man! 😊👍🏻📷 ⛺️

  8. Nice vid Adam. To save weight, have you thought about dehydrated meals? As long as you are near a water source, no need to carry extra. I used that sleeping mat for a while but it was so uncomfortable for me. Check out the alp kit numo, packs down small and very light.

  9. Great video Adam, wild camping with my photo gear is absolutely my fave thing to do, I have the OEX bandicoot 2 tent which is a bit bigger and the extra comfort is well worth the added kilo or so, cool location i'm looking forward to Sunday's edition, best regards Del

  10. Nice Adam, I hope you had a peacefull night and enjoyable hike down hill….. Bringing up all that gear is really a pain that's why I hope it was worth every single gramm. 🙂

  11. Timely Video Adam, I'm wild camping for three nights in the Lakes at the end of June and have just had a one night trial run in the peak district. Your kit list may iron out a couple of kit issues!!!

  12. Great little informative video Adam. It's always good to what other people take on a wild camp as it give the rest of us mere mortals ideas as to what is required for a night out in the wilds!!

  13. Well done it’s hard work sometimes but worth it. Can’t help feeling that you would be better off with a large rucksack rather than your camera bag. I have an f stoppers bag but would not consider it for a wild camp the Osprey is much more comfortable with better weight transfer

  14. Thank you for the video, Adam. I am going to Iceland in August and I was wondering if f-stop Sukha, which I own, should be my companion, or a bigger hiking bag. I think I will stick to Sukha. I will be camping for a few nights and I think sukha will just do fine. Your video helped a lot. regards from Cape Town. Muji

  15. Anyone have problems watching this with lag. It's the only one I have trouble viewing. Good vlog though Adam.

  16. Great video, even with the sacrifices in kit you still had a lot of weight. I don't think I'll be trying it here in (this part of) Spain. Wild Camping is certainly frowned upon due to the concern about wildfires (even small stoves are a big risk) and the water purifier wouldn't be a lot of use here as it's very difficult to find water in the mountains due to the climate and I would need to carry an awful lot to last a couple of days.

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    the entire The National Park experience, which includes a safe habitat for its animals.

  18. Superb vlog Adam. Really informative, as long as people follow the tips you mentioned at the end wild camping can be enjoyed by everyone who's willing to put that huge extra effort as the rewards are stunning. Looking forward to Sundays episode!

  19. Beat me to it. Was putting a film together of what I take into the mountains but taking an age to edit. Also just had a week in Harris which I recommend a visit to if you haven't been. Great helpful vlog.

  20. Oh my god you was not alone Adam. Go to 6:02 and you will see the face of the mountains looking up. So spooky mate.

  21. Great video Adam. As you’ve mentioned wild camping and landscape photography are match made in heaven.
    It’s not easy carrying all of that gear but the end result really is worth it.
    I find that some of my b-roll ends up being sacrificed because i just want to get on to the top. It’s a habit I really need to get out of.
    I really liked your b-roll in this series of videos.

  22. If it is a two-man expedition, why not carry all the photo gear you need and want and the other member carries the camping equipment, food, water, etc..?

  23. Great video. I bought that Phoxx tent (black stealth version lol) the other week, and I'm really impressed with both the weight and relative space it affords. I know what you mean about sacrifices that need to be made to wildcamp whilst still remaining safe and as comfortable as possible. Keep up the great work, love watching your videos, it inspires me to get back into my photography again. ATB Andy

  24. Great video, Adam. Thanks for sharing with us. We love to see what essentials photographers can't live without.

  25. One tip I have taken from you Adam is pretty much dispensing with ND grads in favour of bracketing. A bit of extra effort in post processioning but the results are better, more precise and a heck of a lot less of a faff.

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