What’s In My Carry On? | Travel Essentials + Packing ✈️

What’s In My Carry On? | Travel Essentials + Packing ✈️

Hey there! Have you ever wanted to see what’s inside
of a stranger’s suitcase? I mean, you’re here, right? Okay, I’m going on a work trip for a few days, so today I thought I’d share what’s in my
carry on and what travel essentials I take with me. Let’s start with the suitcase. This is an AWAY luggage in the size “Bigger Carry On”. I pack my clothes vertically. That way, you see everything at a glance. Any clothes that don’t fit vertically, I’ll
just lay down like that. I’ll also put my socks and underwear in this
pouch that I got from a Japanese dollar store. And then I just sneak my bras in whatever
crevasse I find. So now we’re done with the clothes. Onto the next side, let’s start with toiletries. In this pouch, I have deodorant, face wash, my Summer Fridays Jet Lag Mask,
some skincare samples, toothbrushes for myself and my boyfriend because
he always forgets, some q-tips, sunscreen, dry shampoo, and sadly this is the only toothpaste I have that fit the liquid requirements so it’ll have to do. Some hair stuff and retainers. Next is my beauty pouch. So in here, I have hair spray and some more hair tools. I have two makeup pouches and an eyeshadow palette. Let me show you the makeup that I bring. Here are my brushes, eye makeup, face makeup, lippies, and miscellaneous stuff I can’t categorize. Alright, so pack that in there. I actually thought it was better
to put them on the bottom since I like to put the heavier items
on the bottom. And another pouch! Are you surprised? So this one holds my tech and my accessories
like camera chargers, external battery, tripod, phone charger, and yes, pouches for my jewelry. Put that in there. Add a hair straightener. Then my morning pages journal. Now onto my purse. Since I carry a backpack onto the plane,
I usually pack my purse. In here I just have some sunglasses,
my small camera, hand cream, a chapstick, keys, and my pouch of emergency things. Pack that in there, and yes, it fits! I was so surprised it fit so nicely, and since it’s on top, it won’t get squished. Now let’s pack my backpack. I carry my laptop with me for work on every trip, so I gotta have my laptop charger, my hard drive, my iPad and notebook, my wallets – one for cards, one for cash–, and lastly my camera that’s actually filming
this right now, but we’ll just pretend. Can’t forget my phone. I almost forgot. Okay, I think we are done! So that’s how I pack my carry on and everything
that I take with me. By the way, I made a packing checklist PDF that will make packing for your next trip
so much easier. Click on the card or go to the link down below
to download it. Thanks so much guys! I’ll catch you in the next one. Bye!

22 thoughts on “What’s In My Carry On? | Travel Essentials + Packing ✈️

  1. Open the description for all the links! You can see more travel tips in this playlist: http://bit.ly/2iEZNSq

    FAQ: You didn't pack shoes?
    – I wrote this in the description but I'll share it again here: I only brought ONE pair of shoes, white sneakers, that I wore the entire trip! The most common comment I got on an old packing video of mine was "hey you forgot to pack shoes!" but like no… I wore my shoes onto the plane. ?Lol your girl can survive on one pair of shoes for a trip that lasts 1 week or less, or that doesn't require any special occasion shoes! See my IG for my outfits from this trip: http://instagram.com/lavendaire

    And here's a playlist for ONLY PACKING VIDEOS (I now have 5 on my channel lol): http://bit.ly/2ukQEFa

  2. Thanks so much for this video! I have yet to fly and this April I’m going to Miami and have been very confused as to what to bring and what counts as a carry on bag!

  3. This is the perfect vlog I have been looking in YouTube for a rookie traveller like me 🙂 Thank you <3 This helps me a lot!

  4. That was a lot of liquids ,they need to be all together in a quart sized clear bag, hair spray and creams are liquid too as are foundations and lip gloss ….

  5. Love the way you pack, not over stuffing it. Where is your white with black grid tshirt from? I've been looking for something like it a while now

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