What’s in My Travel Bag | Teddy Blake Handbag

What’s in My Travel Bag | Teddy Blake Handbag

Guy this is a beautiful bag Hello everyone, welcome back to my channel, I’m Julia a dallas-based flight attendant I get asked questions all the time as a flight attendant What are the travel essentials that I should bring with me on the airplane? so I thought it would be really fun to film this video today and talk to you guys about what some of my Favorite travel essentials are and that I bring with me on every single trip as we all know every time we travel the overhead bins Seem to fill up so I’m going to be specifically talking about your personal item These are items that I like to have with me at my seat every single time I fly I really would like to thank Teddy Blake for collaborating with me on this video and for sending me a Beautiful bag to show all of you guys that can be used as the perfect travel bag. So we are going to be unboxing This beautiful and large package when you open the box up on the inside It says Teddy Blake designer handbags made in Italy luxury leather each Teddy Blake handbag has been made with you in mind to be an extension of your unique style and Flatter your every fashion choice the bag that I got was the Alice in dark gray This is so pretty even just feeling it so high quality First thoughts of the bag is that it is beautiful. It is really high-quality the leather feels super smooth and the color is so nice another one of my favorite things about this bag is it does have An attached little coin purse and the little coin purse section is large enough that you could easily fit your passport money boarding documents and ID so anything else that you need could definitely fit in this little Attachment and as you can see the bag is medium sized in my opinion This is perfect when you are traveling because you want to still have enough room by your feet to stretch your legs out But you don’t want the bag to be so small that you can’t fit anything in it I will put a link in the description box below to a Teddy Bleek’s Website where you can check out all of their bags and they have some amazing deals going on right now up to 85 percent off first and foremost the most important item that I always bring with me on every trip is My laptop this thing is my lifeline I have the MacBook Pro 13 inch and it is able to fit in this bag perfectly I always always always make sure that I have a book with me every single time I travel right now I am reading little fires everywhere so far I am only 61 pages into the book and it is pretty good Reese. Witherspoon’s started a book club with Barnes & Noble So I have been looking into her book club because all of the books in her book club Have seemed to be really popular and about great reviews. So I’m gonna make sure that I put that in my bag another item I cannot travel without is my portable phone charger this thing is a lifesaver because a lot of times the plugs in the airport do not actually work and a lot of times the plugs on the aircraft Might not be working as well or the airplane might not even have a place to charge your phone so in my opinion This is another must-have item for when you are traveling another item that I never travel without is my passport Even if I am only traveling domestically I still bring my passport because what if I lose my ID You still need some sort of identification to get their security and right now I am carrying my passport in This cute little case and along this side. It does have slots for different IDs and in here There’s also a little pouch where you can put money on boarding passes and other documents You might need to travel this might seem like a no-brainer But I always bring headphones with me on every single trip that I take a lot of times You can’t rely on the airlines to have headphones for you. So I always make sure to have headphones with me at that way I can watch a movie on the flight and this is just another tip that I have always make sure to download something from Netflix onto your phone or your iPad tablet, whatever it is that you use Because sometimes the entertainment systems on the airplane might not be working or the Wi-Fi might be down But if you go on the Netflix app and download movies and TV shows before your flight You’ll be able to watch those in-flight even without Wi-Fi I also always always always make sure that I bring extra Chargers with me So this is my iPhone charger and this is my macbook charger oftentimes I usually bring two three phones with me on a trip I know that might seem Excessive but there are so many times where I leave a charger in a hotel room And then I’m out of a charger for the rest of the trip I have one laptop charger at home and one that I always bring in my carry-on to travel with me So I never have to take the charger out of my bag or take it away from home So I never have to remember to bring a charger from home. It’s always in my bag now These are just kind of some random items that I always seem to have in my bag with me I always make sure that I have Chapstick with me and these are two items that I just started traveling with it’s hand sanitizer in hand ball the reason why I travel with these is because I can tell you firsthand as a flight attendant that Airplanes are not the cleanest place So I always make sure that I have some hand sanitizer with me the soap and the aircraft bathrooms I’ve noticed really drives my hands out So I’ve started traveling with some hand cream and I got both of these from Bath and Body Works I also always always always make sure to travel with a reusable water bottle these are really easy because you can usually go to a Starbucks and ask them to fill it up or a water fountain throughout the airport and two really random things that I also always travel with are a hairbrush and a pen and just so you guys can see I was able to fit all of those items in this bag Teddy Blake’s joins to create handbag designs for every style choice by releasing new collections every month You can check out the website to see that all bags are made from real Italian leather Dyed and treated to withstand the test of time and maintained a luxurious Look Teddy Blake makes luxury for you at an affordable price one to two thousand dollars less than comparative designer handbags What are some travel essentials that you always bring with you? Thank you everyone so much for watching If you like this video give me a thumbs up and don’t forget to subscribe to my channel So you never miss any of my travel tips and adventures. I will see you guys next time. Bye

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