When a Russian lady left her seat for Indian tourist: (Altai Mountains to Novosibirsk)

When a Russian lady left her seat for Indian tourist: (Altai Mountains to Novosibirsk)

Its snowing Another day of hitchhiking I am worried about my camera Batteries drain very fast He was insisting me to take his gloves But I don’t need them I am not sure you are able to see the snowfall! I have got lift upto Maima its 11:44 am its 12:30 pm I am at Maima. Thanks to this gentleman Novosibirsk is 550 kilometres away from here I could not talk with this gentleman He didn’t expressed interest to talk, neither I wanted to disturb him Always remember to collect all your belongings while getting down from a car I am carrying 2 bags, this camera, this board…. I also remove my cap and gloves inside the car So at times I get confused while getting down Novosibirsk is 550 km and Omsk is further 650 kilometres away from there I have already got confirmation from a Couchsurfing host in Novosibirsk for tonight’s stay But nothing could be better If I can get a direct lift up to Omsk I think I should go to the petrol station to ask for lift My GoPro’s battery is draining very fast due to the cold weather Just look at this toilet! I am at the petrol station I am at Maima I can not stand outside because its raining I can not keep my bags on the road as its wet after rains I think most of the people going to Novosibirsk are just passing through this petrol station Google’s Offline translation is not allowing me to do Russian to English translation Finally I have got lift to Novosibirsk its 1 pm This family is trying to make space for me in the car Side-affects of rainfall! its 1:15 pm This family reminds me of another experience I had in Thailand That Thai family was also so kind to me The lady left her front seat and went to the back seat to make make my journey comfortable She was also sitting with her children The lady was sitting here comfortably But now she went to the back seat Thanks a lot to all of you 🙂 This Russian family is so similar to the Thai family I am overwhelmed by their gesture I don’t have words to express my feelings right now Its 1:50 pm, break time These are the roadside cafes just like we have roadside ‘Dhabas’ in India Like MH is for Maharashtra, DL for Delhi, HR for Haryana… Russian cars also follow a code system For eg 154 is Novosibirsk 04 is Altai Krai These codes can help you if you are hitchhiking in Russia Let me share an important information There are many supermarkets in Russia Thailand has 7 Eleven, Austria & Czechia have Albert stores… … There are some chain of supermarkets in Russia These are the names of the major chains You can find these two supermarkets in almost every big Russian city But if you are travelling in Altai region… Then you will find a lot of ‘Maria-ra’ stores Vegetarians can buy things like Milk, bread, butter, fruits, vegetables, etc. from these stores The current speed is 160 kmph 170 Sometimes I get scared because of high speed This is a negative aspect of Hitchhiking Now we are at 190 kmph We are almost in Novosibirsk We are facing a traffic jam but due to this I noticed another thing All the cars are following lanes I like the people are following traffic rules Lane discipline can avoid a lot a road accidents I hope we also follow this in our country Governmental enforcement agencies will implement lane rules strictly Most important, we the road users will learn to follow the lanes its 8:30 pm Now I am in Novosibirsk This is where my host stay let me check at which level is his flat! Where is Couchsurfing application!

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  1. I have asked an important question in the Community Tab of my channel. (Here is the link https://goo.gl/q6cUWw)
    Please vote your preference.

  2. Very nice & informative video. A lot of effort has been taken to do all this. Don't understand the reason behind 357 'dislikes'. Has anyone of them ever travelled like this?

  3. Yar bhaiya ap ka video mast hai… Hitch hiking is so awesome… Its difficult for u but how to make it out is so good.. matlab accha laga video dekh ke

  4. I have some Russian friends. They are just awesome, good human being, friendly, helpful.. love for Russians.

  5. hi varun pls next time go back side of camera not front side we want to see side seen more then ur face ok

  6. Russian won my heart for sure i will visit russia once in my life.
    Our true friend.
    The baby in yellow was so damn cute.

  7. Hi,this is Pankaj from Kolkata. I like your way of traveling by asking for lifts. You are a great traveler.

  8. Indian ladies or women kaphi cruel hote hay.. seat to dur car Bhi nai roke gi.. aunty to kabhi apni seat nai chhodegi

  9. Seeing the hospitality and kindness made me in tears. I don't know what I would have done if I were in your place.. maybe cried like a baby out of kindness and happiness. God bless the family…

  10. ओर ऐसे वीडीओ बनाओ यार वो भी विदेशो मे बहूत आच्छा लागता है ऐसा देखने मे

  11. Russia people are very awesome na sirf hamare Russia ke sath rajnithik rishte acche balki wha ki peoples bhi kafi helpfully hai

  12. Dude that's truly kind gesture May God bless them and u have so much difficulty with communication differences
    ?? I better learn some Russian before tour to Russia

  13. I did decide if I ever see a Russain anywhere in india ,I will help them, like I used to help Isrealities in Pushkar belt

  14. How to get deeply Information about the ways where you travel its Amazing & one thing that Your smile is perfect for hichhiking

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