When it Feels like Summer Won’t End

When it Feels like Summer Won’t End

(Cicada sounds) We are getting killed out there. We have to quit. Quit?! Y’all wanna quit?! This battle lasts a little longer than usual, y’all ready to throw in the towel?! It’s the fifth overtime! They’ve been putting over 90 on us every day since May! This summer just feels different. Like it’s not letting up! So that’s it? Two hundred-something years we’ve been fighting this heat. Y’all ready to just give up?! We can do this! It’s in our DNA! It’s in our blood. Yeah, about that. I don’t think Louisiana has any blood left. Mosquitos ate him up. (mumbling) (mumbling) So you gonna let a couple of mosquito bites get you down? What would the other states think of y’all?! Actually…I ran into New York a couple of days ago… And she said that the high was 81 degrees. Can you imagine? I have the most beautiful scarf that I would wear. It’s so soft! Enough! Listen to yourselves! Whining about a couple of extra degrees! I hate to be “that state,” but… …you know…humidity… It’s not that bad! No, Coach, it’s pretty bad! Ok fine! We’re on a roll, now! Anybody else have something they’d like to complain about?! Florida? How ’bout you? I’m actually just a smidge cold. You know you can’t ask her. Well do you want me to ask Florida Man? ‘Cause this heat ain’t gettin’ to him! While y’all are sitting in here complaining, he’s in an abandoned Radio Shack wrestling an alligator! I’m sorry, Coach. It just feels like this summer’s never gonna end. Well, you know what? This heat might never go away. I know that’s not what y’all wanna hear, but, deep down you know it to be true. But I know that each and every one of you have trick-or-treated in sweat drenched costumes, deep fried turkeys and your skin on Thanksgiving, and prayed that the Christmas tree won’t spontaneously combust! You didn’t let the heat stop you then. And you’re not gonna let it stop you now, are you?! (together)
No. The worst is behind us! ‘Cause after that sweltering heat comes what?! (together)
Fall. And with fall comes a reward for our suffering. Anybody wanna remind me what that is? (together)
Football! Ehh… This is our moment! We do what no other states can! Now let’s get out there and show that heat what the South is really about! (cheering) Can we stay in the AC a little longer? Oh, yeah, we’re not going back out there ’til they need us. (sighs of relief) Renasant Bank. The best bank in the South. Visit renasantbank.com to learn more.

100 thoughts on “When it Feels like Summer Won’t End

  1. I just DON’T understand how southerners existed at all before A/C …i work outside a lot and this summer was brutal in Memphis, but it does give SEC teams an advantage in Aug-Sep when “yankee” teams come to play us!

  2. And then winter finally comes and you cant wait for the heat to come back, but once it does you wish it was cold again…awful.

  3. Christmas in the south: "Hey Billy! I'm gonna get the grill started after I mow my yard! Then we can open Presents and go take a dip in the pool!!!"

    So True Yall!

  4. Love Florida Man! But he's likely really throwing that gator through a Wendy's drive through window for kicks 🙂

  5. I love this channel. But could someone answer my question?Why do ya'll never mention or include the great state of South Carolina in any of your videos?

  6. We just moved to Kentucky this past summer from Upstate NY. It does get hot and humid there too. It just doesn't last as long and up north they use room, not central AC. So not every room is cool. We love it here on the edge of DBNF!!!

  7. Why isn't Arizona on their ik it's not the south but we have it worse than y'all we get 90 degree weather at the end of February y'all can't compare to us

  8. Im from Tennessee it was 99 degrees one day and the next day it snowed…… Happens every year. We've had all 4 season in a week.

  9. Y’all better come down to Indiana. Trust me, it gets as bad as Chicago in the winter and it can be sweltering hot in the summer, spring and fall is in between. It’s sick. Literally the winter flu season is horrible it’s almost like an epidemic, and then we have cicadas and mosquitoes in summer but I’m not complaining. I applaud all of you southerners.

  10. why don't y'all ever rep Arkansas? Is it seriously just too mid-south? Y'all be looking for us when the zombie apocalypse comes.

  11. I spent part of a summer in Louisianna, and the reality of this is not known to many. I'm not sure how any paper was not full of mildew before air conditioning.

  12. I moved up here to Portland, Oregon 5 years ago from GA(Fairburn to be precise). These skits make me feel the homesickness, heavy y'all. Them damn cicadas… I'm sweatin just thinking about it!

  13. The seasons according to Northern Virginia
    January: freezing

    February: freezing

    March: cold

    April: temperate

    May: warm

    June: hot

    July: scorching

    August: scorching to very hot

    September: hot
    October: warm to temperate
    November: cool

    December: cool to cold

    All 12 months: pouring rain every other day

  14. I'm from Canada and luckily I've never experienced a Southern summer, but October was Hot Enough for me in Louisiana lol

  15. Guys I just have to say we here in Virginia need to be included as a Southern state. I feel like we are Rodney Dangerfield here.

  16. My wife and I moved down to Houston, Tx from Washington DC a few years back. Now, DC is known for pretty sultry Julys and Augusts, sometimes summer extends into September, but by mid-October, the heat has definitely broken. Not so down here in Houston. On our first Christmas in Houston, I was standing outside the house smoking a cigar before going to midnight mass with my wife. I was in a light cotton suit, it was 11:30PM and I WAS SWEATING my a$$ off!!!!!!! I'm telling you, we've four seasons down here: Hot, Hotter Still, Even Hotter Yet and F'ing BROILING.

  17. Here in South Carolina, 12/24/19, yesterday it was about 44-46 all day . Not bad. Today 68 which is still too warm for Christmas! Projected to be 71 tomorrow Christmas day ! At least it's kinda cool inside the house. Lol

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